Week in review: Back with many words [and some pictures].

Ikind of” because it mirrors my head still spinning with too many thoughts, regrets and oh well … let’s get started.

Has it really been two weeks already since we talked about life and everything? Time. flies. by. The reasons why I didn’t post a Week in Review this past Monday … for one I wasn’t feeling it. Also, I felt vain talking about myself after all the terror the world has seen lately. Does it ever end?? My heart felt and still feels heavy for the many lives lost, people hurt. I had and have no words for this but knew talking about my life felt off.  I have so much to feel more grateful for and yet I was in a funk for a few days.

As odd as it probably sounds to jump back in with a post about my life Yet another blogger reminded me to go on with life and what better way to also get chatting with you than a Week in Review? Thanks to Meg for encouraging all of us to see the good things in life week after week.

Week in review

[Not including much of the my week from July 11th to 17th as this post is getting too long already]

Here’s some of what happened in my life lately: I …

Spontaneously visited my sister on Monday. It was a good way to kick off the week and included another visit to the restaurant mentioned a while back. Fries with vegan cumin aioli? Not complaining.

Visited my sister and nephew once again on Thursday. Because: why not?! Honestly, these days have been my saving grace lately. Which is somehow funny when you take into consideration the fact I [thought] I like my routine and don’t fancy completely overhauling it. Now, though? I can’t wait for my next little venture out. Especially when it includes time with my nephew who has now mastered crawling. And he’s fast.

Finally tried ice cream at a popular all-vegan ice cream parlour. My mum and I took over babysitting duties so my sister could work on her thesis and leisurely took up the long walk to Liberty. While I was hoping for more interesting flavours than were available that day we enjoyed scoops of melon lemonade, double chocolate and coconut peanut butter. My mum – vegan-skeptical when it comes to dessert – couldn’t tell the difference.

Forced myself to read several chapters of three books. Forced not because I didn’t like reading books in general but these were bad aren’t recommendable in my obviously very subjective opinion for different reasons [though the one on top here aside they really are bad …]. I’m a smidgen frustrated. Luckily, one of them aside I didn’t buy any of those but was handed down one by my sister [an unwanted gift; understandably so] and another is one borrowed from a colleague. Who highly recommended it so I feel pressured to finish it regardless  … Yes? No?

Semi-important question, though: I consider ordering “Me before you” today. Did you read it? Thoughts? I have high hopes for it lviing up to its praises and can’t take another disappointment. Exaggerating here but still.

Summer books_2016

Went back into the office for an hour to take care of important faxes that apparently didn’t get through after all on Friday. I actually appreciated the feeling of getting work done on a day off.

Proofread an important document for the business of my sister’s husband on Monday night after returning home.

Proofread another part of my sister’s thesis on Tuesday. Completely in my element and happy to get a pile of work. I might be that odd person who’s actually stoked to work here and there during her holidays. Don’t ask about the current stateof my apartment, though ;). Priorities.

Ran errands for my sister while at her place.

Took care of my mum’s vegetable garden {this is a current one, actually – help!]. I still don’t understand the watering system which is a pity as it’s been pretty warm. Taking care also included harvesting …

Garden vegetable haul

Now I’m a huge fan of vegetables but: those are entirely too many zucchini and cucumbers [many are missing from the picture]. The tomatoes are fine with me but any takers for the green guys here?

Baked a batch of cookies for my mum while she was hosting friends. No, not a healthy kind of cookies but we all know balance is where it’s at. Getting stung by mosquitoes while baking wasn’t quite as fun but that’s just part of summer.

Baked another batch of these healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my sister. Note to self: bake a quadruple batch next time because they were gone in minutes.

Practiced a lot of self-control when visiting Veganz, the German all-vegan supermarket chain, in Hamburg. Any guesses on how much money I spent on things for myself? None. While a brand new peanut butter and chocolate protein powder did tempt me I walked out only buying rice syrup for my sister and a bar of rice milk chocolate  [Hazelnut Brittle] for my parents. Well, for my parents, you know …


Saw my colleague’s baby daughter for the first time. Granted, they only stopped by our house for a few minutes as the little girl got hungry soon but it was nice seeing her and the baby. Hopefully for a bit longer soon.

… and that’s about it for now. Especially as this has gotten way lengthier than planned. Ooops. Make me feel less vain by telling me abour your life!

Happy Monday!

Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Proofreading. Pictures of my nephew.


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15 thoughts on “Week in review: Back with many words [and some pictures].

  1. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) says:

    Oh boy, if I lived closer, I would totally take all that zucchini, because I have all these ‘zoats’ and ‘zucchini bread’ recipes I want to try, but zucchini at the store isn’t the cheapest. I have to wait patiently on our zucchini plant. And why have I not visited your blog more often? I need to really compile a list, so I don’t miss posts. I understand the self control it takes when grocery shopping. It’s hard.

    And Vegan products have just gotten AMAZING. I have one vegan friend, and I’m amazed at all the vegan options. If I ever tried it, I’m thankful that it would be a really easy transition.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      You’re so sweet, Emily! I hope you enjoy stopping by more often. Actually, I recently tried to comment on one of your posts but it didn’t gp through.
      There really is such a huge range of vegan products out there these days. Many more than when I first delved into vegan eating years ago.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Welcome back. It’s nice to have you, and I understand how hard it can be sometimes to talk about yourself when there is so many horrible things happening lately. It hurts my heart too.

    As far as the veggies go, shred the zucchini and freeze it. No need to drain it either. It will lose all it’s water when you defrost it later. Toss cucumber slices in your water glass. It makes it so refreshing. Also make a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and Kalamata olives. Toss it all in a little EVOO and balsamic and you’re good to go.

    I’m so glad you got to spend some good time with your sister and nephew. Ave is nowhere near the crawling stage (we took a break from tummy time for a bit there – bad mommy, although we got back on track last week), although she’s a champion head holder upper. She also loves to chatter which is fantastic. 🙂

    Disappointing books are such a let down. Here’s to hoping you find a good one soon.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thanks for understanding, Meg! I’m still hesitant about how to get back to posting because anything feels vain yet doesn’t when it’s on other blogs.
      Also thanks for your tips. I didn’t know zucchini can be frozen that well – unless for smoothies which we don’t drink :D. I’ll leave it to my mum to take care of the cucumbers.
      Being a great head upper-holder is a big success. Chattering is the best – “conversations” with my nephew are so much fun so I know what it’s like for you. Only you get the chance every day.

  3. Ellie says:

    I am slacking on the reading majorly. It’s because I started watching Lost and am really into that story. I also read a lot more articles online now with the presidential elections, shootings and my attempt to learn about feminism, privilege and all that jazz. So I guess my good reading is from Everyday Feminism 🙂

  4. mylittletablespoon says:

    I feel like there are so many good books out there to read that if I’m really not enjoying it part way through…. it’ll get the cast aside. I get it though when you feel you “should” read something just to say you did. But your time is precious so I’d say stick to only things that you truly enjoy.
    And now.. darling… next time you go to that FABULOUS sounding market, I am going to ENSURE you buy something for yourself!!! If I have to fly down there and block off the cash register until you do…

  5. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    I’d totally take the zucch’s, but it would probably be pretty expensive to ship them from Germany to the U.S.
    Glad you got to spend the time with your sister and nephew. Does he call you Aunt Polkadot? Because that would be the best thing ever!
    I saw Bill Bryson speak at my university last semester and have been curious to read his books. But sounds like Road to Little Dribbling wasn’t your favorite, huh?

  6. katalysthealth says:

    GIVE ME ALL THE ZUCCHINI! I could use that stuff in endless ways.
    Shredded into oatmeal, muffins, cakes and breads
    Chopped into a stir-fry
    Spiralized into endless dishes
    I just adore that veggie!

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