Quality [time] not quantity

Manic Monday – that’s exactly what I expect today – or actually our first week back at the office – to be like. I wouldn’t mind another day off 😉 … But today’s post isn’t about the future [much less stressing about the latter], it’s a recap of what we did during the past week so let’s go on with that. Meg, thank you for starting this wonderful link-up again months ago and encouraging us to see the good in every week.

As the title might give away already I don’t have many accomplishments to talk about. Rather, I was lucky to spend quality time with my family, filling my second bucket and my heart with joy. I’m sure many of you noticed the missing cheer in my previous week in review and even disappointment. Looking back I see that I was even more appreciative of the past seven days’ happenings so the low I found myself was the rain I had to go through to see my rainbow. <- don’t ask where that came from. My mind goes places when I allow it to take the lead while writing. Moving on for real now!

Week in review

In the past week

Worked two days. That bit about the holidays? Still true. Only that my boss [for those who don’t know: a relative] called me to start again a bit earlier me smile that pretty much all of Wednesday and several hours of Sunday were spent working.

Published a week in review and some Good good links.

Did a second photo shoot of the recipe I mentioned in my recent post already. Sorry for the delay. I wasn’t entire happy with the outcome of my first batch of pictures, still hoped to publish the recipe on Thursday but then came the unexpected call into work and all plans dissolved. <- what I meant when talking about necessary changes  [better time management for after work to-dos]


Vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Ick. [Funny side note: auto correct suggests ‘Ickenham’ here. Where is that?]

The biggest chunk of the week revolved around the best thing possible: quality time with the family. Some of the happenings included:

Helping my sister bathe P. As if he wasn’t adorable enough this revealed a new level of cuteness to me. Maybe I do want to become a mum after all one day still. Minus the … ahem … backdoor shenanigans [shamelessly stealing borrowing Meg’s terminology here].

Baking baby cookies/banana oatmeal fingers [my sister practices baby led weaning hence the solids along with breastfeeding at six months already]. Vrdict:  not  as popular as fresh fruit. Which I, even being the baker [not my own recipe, though], actually found awesome. Fruit is definitely my favourite kind of candy, too. No worries about the oats in the ‘cookies’, though: I still plan on turning P. into an oatmeal [and nut butter] fiend later on. Just watch me on my mission ;).

Baby nephew

Lots of peek-a-boo playing, ‘conversations’ and cuddles with my nephew. Still obsessed with that boy and I’m afraid you might hear me talk about him a little longer still. Just until he hits those sassy teenage years, you know.

Having a spontaneous longer conversation with just my grandparents on Saturday night. It was lovely to talk about all kinds of things, past and future. We don’t get to see each other and share moments like that often enough.

Giving a little shutout to family members: my grandpa and dad took down our very old garden shed and started building a new bigger one. It looks promising.

Going for several walks with the family. These happen way more regularly now there’s a baby supposed to nap in the afternoons [because walking motion = falling asleep quickly].

Doing the final round of proofreading for my sister’s thesis. She’s about to hand it in.  Fingers crossed for her!

Sitting here on Sunday afternoon/early evening I’m a bit sad my sister and P. left again, not stoked about the prospect of work being more than just hectic for at least the first week – and wistful. Thinking of all the things I didn’t do – not entirely by my own choice – and wishing for some more time. Then again: don’t we all -always- do? It’s about living in the now and that’s something I need to practice a bit more again.

That’s enough about my life already. Tell me about yours and don’t forget to head over to Meg’s and everybody else’s blogs to find out about their recent achievements and fun happenings.

Happiness-inducing today:  Carrying my nephew around a bit more before he and my sister left. A nice walk home from the pffice.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

How have you been filling your second hunger bucket [hint if you didn’t read the post: emotional hunger]?










14 thoughts on “Quality [time] not quantity

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Quality over quantity is something I am really trying to work more towards – in everything. I’m definitely a quantity junkie, which usually ends up in a slew of half started projects, overly filled closets, and a thin spread spirit. I can sense a real shift in your spirit this week, which makes me very happy. No doubt time with your family and nephew are the golden stars in your life right now, so keep holding on to those moments and know that they trump any other “achievements” you hoped to have gotten to. They are the most important
    Thinking of you as you return to work and hoping it’s not too stressful!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Give yourself a big pat on the shoulder for achieving so many more things than the average person [including me] even in those weeks you feel you hardly crossed anything off your list. I hope the time in Scotland will be one of quality not quantity for you <3.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I love the little baby pictures and I’m so glad you got to spend so much time with your nephew. Baby walks are a huge thing over here too, along with baths. Ave loves her baths so we do them fairly regularly now.

    That bread looks to die for and I will eat whatever oatmeal cookies P doesn’t like. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Baby pictures are the best – and I’m not just saying that about those of my nephew. I’m very glad you decided to show Ave on the blog because … cuteness.
      Trust me: those baby cookies are really just for babies [i.e. little humans who have yet to get a taste of actually sweet delightful treats]. I can share the recipe with you for Ave, though.

  3. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    I am so glad you get to spend so much quality time with your sister and nephew! What a perfect way to cheer you up!

    When I need to fill my second bucket I usually need lots of time with Jesse, my family and friends – that’s always a guaranteed way to pick me up!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Time with loved ones is truly the one surefire way to fill our bucket. I’m glad you get to spend so much time with the people who make you feel best every day.
      I’m trying to convince my sister to come visit usagain soon.

  4. Ellie says:

    I must wait patiently till I can see your recipe Thursday…Grrrr 😉
    I filled my second bucket this past week by making a few new friends IRL and on social media. I also got a few emails from some beautiful people who make my heart smile. I’m happy to hear spending time with your family fills your bucket 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Making new friends in real life?! That’s amazing and: tell me more! Coincidence, especially since you asked for my tips on finding new friends just this past week. Share your secrets :)!
      Mails by lovely people from all over the world brighten my life, too.

  5. katalysthealth says:

    Im so glad that you had some quality family time!! Family time if what gets me through the week. Even if everything else is going to crap around me just a smile from my siblings or a hug from my dad can set everything right again.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      That’s so true. Seeing the people I love smile or getting a big bear hug by my grandpa are little things that immediately make me feel better, too. It’s a wonderful you no longer live too far away from your loved ones to get in family time on the regular.

  6. MaryEllen@VNutrition says:

    Can’t wait to see your recipe! So cute you got to spend quality time with your nephew. 🙂

    I noticed the “Simply” vegan spread in your picture. I found a number of their products I liked on my trip by them. I love going to Germany and finding fun vegan treats in biomarkts. 🙂

    I’m sad to be back in work again today but trying to make the best of it.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Mary Ellen! It’s funny you’d mention the Simply V cream cheese as I’d meant to try it for a while but only bought it a day before the photo was taken. Living in the countryside I don’t have by as easy access to specialty vegan products as you may have had in the big cities you visited. This cream cheese hasn’t been available here until the past week. Did you get a chance to try it while in Germany?

  7. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    I’m so glad that you got to spend time with your sister and nephew, despite having some downs this week. Going back to work after vacation is so hard! Hope you’re able to get back into the groove of things.
    Are those muffins? Biscotti? They look amazing!

  8. Emily Swanson says:

    All the time you got to spend just enjoying your sister and her little one sounds precious. I’m really realizing that those moments are such treasures. 🙂 That’s why slowing down, savoring, and really soaking in each one is so wonderful. ❤ And that sounds like that's what you did.

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