Decisions [to make, already made and not even up for discussion]

One of the biggest mistakes one can make as a blogger, it seems, is failing to plan ahead. Or actually, this is considered [one of] life’s biggest mistake(s): Fail to plan, plan to fail. Following this logic today’s post shouldn’t go live as yes, I didn’t schedule my blog posts ahead of time on the weekend. Assuming I’d have a few hours to finish them in the upcoming days. Well, we’re here and this clearly didn’t work out. In keeping with my statement of honesty I’ll admit I contemplated skipping blog posts – the link lovin’ aside – for another week. Not because I hadn’t been looking forward to returning. Rather, this week unexpectedly turned out to be a mentally draining one and work busier than the past. Yet I know blogging is a source of great joy in my life I don’t want to go without for longer [read: as cheesy as it sounds I missed you guys]. While not with any of the posts I’d planned to publish this week I’m linking up with Amanda to get some random thoughts rolling – it’s been a while.


Is anybody else always seeking patterns or themes in what’s going through their mind? Well, at least the parts that end up written down? As I wrote this post I noticed that tendency again. I can’t deny being slightly chaotic in real life but my posts or letters need structure. Selective OCD? Anyway, the overarching theme of today’s thoughts turned out to be. .. decisions. Those I’ve already made, those I’m contemplating and a few that aren’t even to be questioned. You’ll see what I mean in a second …

  1. So: did you catch the news of the third Bridget Jones movie, “Bridget Jones Baby”, being released? I’m not sure how I missed this before but after watching the trailer [three times] I know I need to watch it. If you’re like me and haven’t heard of the movie before: Patrick Demsey aka McDreamy is starring in it. Now if that alone isn’t reason enough to watch it. .. Fun fact, though: I actually wasn’t a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. But when it comes to hot guys Patrick Demsey still makes the list for me. #definitelydreamy

2. Hashtags are what leads to a second thought that’s been on my mind for a while already: Instagram. Or rather: Instabots. Why on earth some people pay for commenting robots is beyond me [yes, I know it’s in hopes of growing their number of followers but I still find it ridiculous – it’s not all about the numbers]. actually, Here’s the deal and where decisions come in again: all of us with Instagram accounts will know the kind of automated comments I’m talking about. ‘Cool’, ‘awesome profile’, ‘keep up the great work!’ Or just a bunch of random emoticons. How do you react to them? Maybe there’s a blogger’s guide to handling these in style and not look like either a fool or an ignorant jerk. But I simply ignore them and respond to genuine, real person comments only. My actual point here, though, are the many accounts of people who don’t seem to know the truth behind the  [usually bigger] accounts that tell they ‘loved [their] feeds’ or let them know ‘you rarely see such great accounts’. And reply to those in an at times overjoyed manner. Okay, I think you might have caught my drift here. The question is: would you tell those people about the automatism behind the comments? Maybe it’s just me but I feel bad for those people being fooled.

my Instagram feed

3. Foolish – that would be me for eating chocolate at work. Why? Because it’s been more than once somebody noticed a little crumb or smudge of the dark deliciousness adorning my lips or chin. Learn from my mistake: always (!) look into the mirror after you ate chocolate. Because there’s no decision to make about whether or not to eat chocolate.  Or else people like my colleague today might assume you’d hurt yourself without noticing. Nope, no blood there. Just a wild harmless little chocolate addiction.

Mint chocolate II

4. Another decision I’ve been pondering? Whether or not to get a Netflix account for December only. The reason: Gilmore Girls!! I’m just a little [too] excited to see Rory and Lorelai – and all the others, obviously – again. So: should I make that investment? If not I’d have to hope for the episodes to air in free TV at some point but that wait … [read: it’s hardly a decision anymore – unless our internet connection stays flunky because interrupted movie streaming tales away from the pleasure]. Are you going to  [unless you already have a Netflix account, obviously]?

Seeing as I’m writing this very last minute on Wednesday night and staying up late to blog is a decision I’d be wise not to make I’ll finish here. Not without wishing you a happy Thursday, though!

Happiness inducing today: My sister continually texting me pictures of little P. – he’s on his first beach vacation and it’s crazy adorable [sorry, aunt mode on].

Stay in touch!

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What are your thoughts on the Instagram issue? Bridget Jones? Or any other thoughts coming to your mind right now!*

*unless they’re robot-generated 😉









18 thoughts on “Decisions [to make, already made and not even up for discussion]

  1. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says:

    The Instagram spam comments are kind of annoying 😦 I don’t know if I should delete them or leave them up!

    I’m glad you’re back! I know life can get crazy and sometimes it’s hard to get a post up but I always love hearing what you’re up to 🙂

  2. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    Yesss! I totally agree with you on the instagram comments! I never reply to them but then wonder if other people think I’m rude because I reply to some comments and not all – but I mean, really?! Am I supposed to thank someone for calling my cup of coffee “so cute” or my picture of grass “life changing”? 😛

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      So you don’t think of coffee as cute or grass as totally life-changing, Kristy? Maybe we can learn from those spam comments after all ;). Honestly, though: some of these are so inappropriate I really don’t get why people are using them.

  3. katalysthealth says:

    Insta spam drives me nuts. Like, why does it even exist? I just don’t even understand. I totally ignore those comments and followers!!

  4. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood says:

    I ignore instaspam. It’s so obnoxious. I know that people set it up to comment on certain hashtags, but I always think – what if they wrote a really insensitive comment on someone’s post about their dog dying or something?
    Also, go for the Netflix, but maybe do it in January when you have more free time (no holidays) and can binge watch alllll of the shows. OR just do what my brother does and find a generous, gorgeous, beautiful, patient, loving (yes, I make him call me all of these things to get my password ;)) sibling or friend to give you their password.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Haha, you’re right on having your brother call you all of these things for being such a generous sister. Unfortunately, Netflix by far isn’t as popular around here as it’s in the US so I don’t know anybody with an account. My sister’s husband ended his long ago.

  5. Ellie says:

    I’m probably too small I get Instaspam, but I do randomly get messages from fitness or weightless supplement companies to apply for their programs to sell stuff…I don’t respond.
    I saw the trailer for Bridget Jones and it looks amazingly cute!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Well, getting messages from companies you can’t be have thar small of an account ; ). Or do you mean the ‘you’d be a perfect fit for our team comments’? I luckily haven’t gotten any of these yet because not responding to them would surely appear rude to other commenters.

  6. Emily Swanson says:

    OH, so I usually delete the really spammy comments on Instagram; I’m not sure about the less spammy ones. What do you do with them? 🙂 We used to have Netflix, but now we buy movies off of Amazon Prime occasionally. HOwever if you want to do a TV series, it’s probably a good idea!

  7. Claire Branigin says:

    And happy Thursday to you, too! (If my comment finally goes through, argh.) Those spam comments are so annoying. I used to respond to them out of courtesy but I hardly even do that anymore… especially the people who just comment random emojis. Like, why?!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Happy now Sunday to you! In a way I think the people commenting just emoticions are still choosing the safest way because it’s harder to be inappropriate with those ;). Honestly, though, all spam is annoying. It’s sad so many people are just trying to grow their follower count instead of fostering community.

  8. Miss Polkadot says:

    As I said above so far I’ve just been ignoring them but unsure on how to keep going. I think you’re right on deleting those you personally find too spammy.
    We’ve never had any kind of online movie subscription account. Well, unless you’d count Lovefilm which allowed you to borrow DVDs but I hardly got a chance with my parents’ endless wish list :D.

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