Week in Review: When stressed is best.

Once more I was tempted to skip writing a Week in Review at all as things went well until Wednesday – and then my sister and little P. were waiting for me when I got home after work on Thursday. The rest, as they say, was history. /family time. Well, for the most part at least.  Truth be told I felt bad for hardly getting a thing done when they were here. It felt like time was passing in the blink of an eye, probably faster. Laundry*? Cleaning my fridge? Meal prep? None of that happened. Guilt level? High. The question is why I can’t fully appreciate the truly wonderful time I spent with my family. Especially now that my sister isn’t visiting that often anymore I should literally call it a day weekend and not get stressed over to-dos.

*granted, this was also because I’m not the only one using the machine so couldn’t use it at all times plus sun hours for outside drying have been limited

Yet I struggle with calling quality time an accomplishment. When my sister said she expected me to send her off with some homemade sweet treats in a playfully disappointed way I felt genuinely bad and considered a late night baking session. I’m not writing this asking for sympathy but because it’sthe only honest way of summing up my feelings about the week. Don’t get me started on forgetting to take a single picture for the blog. Which, thinking about it now, though, is at least proof I truly valued the short time I got to spend with my sister and P.

And because I value your time, too, let’s dive into some of what I -did- manage to get done after all. Don’t forget to share your recent accomplishments in the comments, too!

Week in Review

  • Worked five days. Same old, same old. Aside from that one day when my stomach decided to make use of its veto card regarding breakfast. I still worked some more after that unfortunate incident because I was feeling better and didn’t want my colleagues to be laden with extra work.
  • Wrote three blog posts, published two.
  • Wrote a post for one of the recipes I told you I’d created in the past week. And close before it was ready to go online I noticed I hadn’t uploaded or edited any pictures for that but the other of the two. Face. Palm.
  • Ran errands on Saturday. It’s my one big shopping trip as I only get to use a car that day and as much as I like riding my bike it’s not the best vehicle for a big shop. Especially not when getting a six-bottle pack of mineral water  [or two huge bags of apples in addition … ]
  • Cleaned out my portemonnaie [using the German/French term because that’s just what I like better]. Think old receipts, shopping list and the likes. This might be embarrassing if I’m the only one who has that bad habit.
  • Went to bed earlier several nights and as a result felt a smidgen better in the morning. Just a little, though, as I simply am not a morning person.
  • Bought lunch – really just a pastry as that’s what she likes – for a colleague. It might not be what I’d choose but I will neither force healthy choices onto anybody nor criticize their current ones. Just a thought here.
  • Kept my orchid not only alive but got it into a magnificent bloom that rivals my mum’s again. Never mind that she has at least ten to take care of …


  • Wrote two emails I’d meant to send off for quite a while already.
  • Went cow-watching. It’s not like I hadn’t walked past the herd of cows close to our house many times before. But with P. in tow it was an altogether different experience – watching him watch the cows was adorable – also opening up a good conversation with my sister. In fact, I felt closer to her than I had in a longer while this weekend. One of those moments I never want to forget.
  • Prepared peanut butter. The addiction is still going strong.

Peanut butter_homemade

  • In a frenetic moment of feeling terribly unaccomplished cleaned my apartment probably not polished but the sinks are clean the floor isn’t dirty anymore. It’s a start.
  • Meal prepped after all. I was worried it’d get super stressful but I managed surprisingly well. Maybe I need to be short on time more often?

Looking at it now I’m surprised I still got to cross more than I expected off my to-do list. Which I’ll thank both this link-up [think: ‘I need to get some things done to fill that WiR post!’] and my ability to work better under pressure for. It’s always been that way. Stress in excess might not be healthy but a little bit of it at least for me means increased productivity.

If you made it through all of my rambling here: thank you! I wish I could offer you a cookie now but alas, baking didn’t happen  ;). Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Spending time with P. and my sister as well as crossing a few more items off my  to-do list, too.

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12 thoughts on “Week in Review: When stressed is best.

  1. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    My sweet friend, you need to be kind to yourself! There’s only so much you can do! I am sure your family would much rather spend time with you that having you disappear to do chores. Plus, I don’t think anyone ever said “I am so glad I got my laundry done and didn’t see a soul” 😛

    You totally reminded me of one of my favourite german words 😛 When I learnt portemonnaie was wallet/purse in French (is it also the same in German?) I started using it because it sounded nicer haha!

    Sending hugs your way! xo

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      True, true, What I lacked in the to-do list achievement sense I definitely gained on the happiness battery-recharge side. Thank you for your kind words, Kristy!
      Ah, you caught my little language revelry ;). Saying purse just doesn’t feel right to me – among other German words I might drop here and there on the blog – so portemonnaie it was, And you’re actually using it in daily life, too?!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I second what Kristy said. You need to be kind to yourself AND I think you should schedule some relaxing activities into your typical day to day, like hang with P and sister, read book, watch TV or a movie with family. The more you do these things, the easier it will get and the more you’ll recognize their value without all the guilt. Also working five days a week is exhausting and makes it hard to do anything else. Been there, done that.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Thank you, Meg! It’s a little ridiculous to think that some people could find relaxing hard, no? Even though I do have relaxing activities in my days they’re hardly happenng guiltlessly. Aside from baking because I can do others a favour with the outcome :).

  3. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    Thirded–spending time with family is not only an accomplishment but a blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy. I’ll bet it’s one of the highlights of P’s week. 🙂 Although I can also empathize with feeling down for no good reason. Heaven knows I’ve been dealing with that this week. Your orchid is incredible!
    Sorry about the recipe thing. It sounds like the sort of thing that would have been pretty discouraging at the time, although reading it now, it actually sounds pretty funny.
    Hang in there!

  4. Claire at My Pink & Green Life says:

    Yay for getting things done–but spending time with family and/or friends is a much bigger accomplishment, in my books! My achievements from this past week: finishing a poster I had to make for a poster session in a few weeks, meal planning and grocery shopping, and still managing to make the “blog rounds” twice despite all of my homework. 🙂

  5. mylittletablespoon says:

    I’m “four-thing” the above ladies. I get that sense of guilt when you don’t feel like you are doing anything. But we have long lives to live. There’s a lot of time to do things. Seeing our family and spending time with others – even if it is simply sitting in the same room not really talking – is an accomplishment because it is a life accomplishment. Not a “week” accomplishment like getting your laundry done. Those things fill our satisfaction in the short term, but its the other things – including forms of self care and relaxation – that are going to work to satisfy our needs in the long term. I’m sure your sister and P were very happy that you were spending time with them rather than exhausting yourself – or even instead of baking!
    I have guilt from my Scotland trip for not spending enough quality time – even if it was in silence – with my family. THAT guilt is far, far worse than “to do list” guilt.
    Congrats on going to sleep earlier! Even a “tiny bit better” is BETTER. Love.

  6. Ellie says:

    Stress does make me work harder, but I don’t really like that feeling. I like working hard and efficiently while feeling confident, not flustered. I have done really nice work when I start out stressed and then get into a flow. Usually I start baking something stressed, and then get going and find a happy place.
    This week I accomplished somethings, but the best part of my week was spending time with my Uncle. He just lost his wife, my Aunt, and although that’s tragic, I think it will bring us closer together.

  7. Kate Bennett says:

    Sometimes I need a little stress to push me through. There is definitely a difference between good and bad stress for me.
    You seem to be doing many productive things! Spending quality time with family is productive too. you’re building meaning in your life!

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