Running [out of space], my fall must-have + pizza craziness

What do you do when a) Thursday arrives before you actually got acquainted with the new [or not so new anymore] week and b) your brain is technically not out of post ideas but rather jumping from one to another, leaving you with about half a dozen semi-written posts? Well, you thank Amanda for inventing Thinking out loud Thursdays and make lemonade from life’s lemons. Or just a post from random thoughts.


  1. Rather than running with spoons I have been running out of space lately. Everywhere. On my blog [hello, limited data]. On my laptop  [that state has been a ‘current’ for, ahem, months] and my phone. The latter issue will hopefully find a good end soon with the memory card I ordered earlier today. The laptop situation? Trickier yet. Not because I wasn’t ready to buy a new one after having this one for about seven years. It’s my incredible indecisiveness causing the biggest trouble. If you have any awesome laptop recommendations [think: fast, neither too huge nor so small it makes typing for longer a pain and (!) a good battery duration]. The blog situation is a story for another day, really, but at least my phone will hopefully be running smoothy again soon.


2. As I only thought to add it very last minute I didn’t say much at all about the song I included in Monday’s post. What I did mention, though, was that it’s not my usual taste of music. It was only this past weekend when it played on the radio while I was driving that I started to like it. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have had it not been for the moderator introducing it as a song about mobbing and using the hatred of your ‘adversaries’ if you will as fuel to the fire that is your strength. Or at least that’s how I interpreted his words. That made me give the song a chance and yes, it’s been on repeat since.
This also rings true regarding other songs for me. Many times I won’t like a song upon first hearing it but only after finding out the story or deeper meaning behind them. Or when I can connect a memory to a certain tune. Love takes over by Kelly Rowland? I thought it was terrible and would quickly switch radio stations when it came on. Until I made that one memory of what Meg would possibly paraphrase with ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ that I happily recall. Do you have any songs that you only started enjoying at second ‘look’/listen?

3. It’s the season again! So I’m one of – so it seems – the few bloggers that aren’t super excited about the start of fall [or autumn as I prefer]. The daylight fading way sooner? Not a fan. Cozy sweaters? Sound nice in theory but in reality I  feel about them the same way I do about pants. Yes. What I do like a LOT, though? Scented candles! Granted, I’ve been lighting one every now and then in summer, too. Yet it’s only now they’re a daily necessity and coming to their full coziness potential.y favourite? Since I’ve yet to find the famed Yankee candles I’m still fond of my lovely – and reasonably priced! – IKEA vanilla ice cream ones. Honestly, they’re so good!

Vanilla candle IKEA

4. While everybody in the US is running to the stores to stock up on canned pumpkin – which you will not find over here at all – vegans here are currently searching high and low for this pizza.

Lidl released the first ever grocery store brand and very affordable – think: less than 1.50 $ – vegan pizza a while ago, sold out immediately  or even the day before offical sales started in most stores, causing uproar among vegans. Hence the store bringing it back once again. Me? Not buying it. For one, I just enjoy cooking myself  too much and then I also rarely buy limited time only items for fear of liking them too much. Yes, I mean that. Feel free to laugh – I know I have my quirks.

5. If I usually comment on your blog and haven’t in a while: the WordPress spell continues. I’m still unable to comment on the majority of blogs out there – including Amanda’s –  and it’s not cool.

6. Okay., not ending on a bad note here. In good news my sister and the little one visiting us again this weekend. The ‘bad’ part is that she expects me to have some new delicious goods at hand and my mum has been demanding another batch of her new favourite cookies. Which might just mean I’m in for quite some baking today. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to leave work in time/earlier today!

Happy Thursday!

Happiness-inducing today: A calmer day after the week started out rather stressfully.

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That’s it from me today. Tell me your random thoughts on music preferences, candles or whatever comes to your mind!








13 thoughts on “Running [out of space], my fall must-have + pizza craziness

  1. sweetandstrongblog says:

    I love seasonal candles, Fall scents are my favorite. I’m not really into the pumpkin or apple scented ones though, I like scents that smell like nature.

  2. Ellie says:

    I absolutely love the candles my roommate bought and lights when I get home. It smells so good and is really comforting. When it comes to music, I am a take it or leave it person. If it’s on I listen but I don’t need it to function.
    Fall is something I enjoy, but also know that it means snow and winter is coming hahaha

  3. Claire at My Pink & Green Life says:

    Haha, your phone and your nails and your shoes are so very pink! You have excellent taste. 😉

    I have been thinking how nice it’d be to light candles lately, but unfortunately the smoke detectors in our dorms are wayyy to sensitive for that and the fire alarm would go off. Ugh! Next year when we’re in an apartment, I will light ALL the candles!

  4. mylittletablespoon says:

    I always think candles is something id like to use much more of. I so love them. But then i never buy them, or if I do I burn them twice and then forget. Maybe one day I’ll finally become the candle person I aspire myself to be 🙂
    Yay for investing in the phone stuff – you deserve some technological ease in your life!! Running out of room is what officially lead me over to going self hosted. Does this mean you may be thinking of making the switch soon? As always, I’m here if you have any questions about it.
    Ps I would have been all over grabbing those pizzas. I’m embarrassingly weak when it comes to sales

  5. jayhawkjoyce2016 says:

    Kein Kuerbis? Wie traurig! Vielleicht kannst du ein ganzes Kuerbis kochen? I have the randomest taste in music. I like folk, bluegrass, and cheesy 80s pop. Go figure. Viel Spass mit deiner Schwester under deinem Neffe!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Danke, Joyce! It’s so nice they’re here for a short visit again.
      Bluegrass? I need to look that genre up as I’ve never heard of it before!
      Und: jaaa, theoretisch könnte ich selbst Kürbispüree kochen, aber meistens bin ich zu faul ;). Nonetheless I eat my fair share of pumpkin/squash as is.

  6. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    That vegan pizza looks pretty epic, and I’m with you when it comes to Fall. While I certainly like the hibernation part, I miss the sun in the mornings and late evenings. Also I’m not sure what to do with Ave since she can’t have blankets in her crib and it’s getting cold at night.

    Enjoy the weekend with your sister and nephew. 🙂

  7. Liv @ Healthy Liv says:

    My laptop recently ran out of space, too, but after I deleted tons of videos and old pictures (blurry outtakes and things), that took care of it for now at least! My phone is another story…I’m constantly deleting apps and pictures to free up space!

  8. masala girl says:

    the blog commenting issues still STILL continues?! so sorry 😦 as for th other stuff, my phone has once AGAIN run out of storage. i took it in and the guy said that it’s basically phone pre-installed stuff or something i cant remove, soooo i’m not sure what to do, haha.
    and i’m with you on the pre-made food. there are a few things i buy (amys tamales & enchiladas), but frozen pizza? stir fry? oatmeal even? nah. never.

  9. ktsmalzz says:

    If summer included pumpkin flavored everything, I wouldn’t need fall in my life. I hate cold weather and thick clothing and puffy jackets. I’d much rather eat cinnamon apples and pumpkin pie in the warm weather too!

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