Good good links #163

Hello there!

Unlike previous weeks Sunday didn’t come quite as out of the blue for me. Much to my surprise, I actually have more links to share than I expected. The week didn’t go as planned – okay, I didn’t really plan for it to go any certain way other than ‘normal’ [whatever that means] – but life threw me several curveballs. Which led to less time to read blogs but – long story short –  here they are: some of my favourites from the past week. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on any of them if you’ve read them before already or afterwards.

Happy Sunday!

Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

Thoughts on Feeling Deserving via My little tablespoon

Take these wise lady’s words to heart and treat yourself well every day – unconditionally.

It’s okay to quit via Diary of an Ex-Sloth

When something doesn’t work or feel right anymore for you there’s no shame in parting ways with it.

How to Know if You Are a Good Person via Psychology Today

An interesting look at trying to find out how we measure up – the answer might surprise you.


Good good [advice, inspiration and other interesting posts]

Some thoughts on helping you get out of an exercise compulsion via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Another awesome post by Kylie that I’m sure will be enlightening, maybe hard but also very helpful for many. I know it’s one I’ll be re-reading as those tendencies are hard to get rid off,

10 Non-Food Ways to Treat Yourself – For Less Than 20 Dollars via In It 4 the Long Run

With these ideas at hand there’s no excuse not to treat yourself daily [or at least regularly]!

8 Free-Or-Cheap Autum Things You Probably Haven’t Thought To Do Yet via The Financial Diet

Okay so  #1 is definitely not for me but #4 an 5 all the more.


This is the Real Secret to Being Mentally Tough via My Domaine

It makes such a lot of sense when you think about it.

3 Myths About Being ‘Too’ Emotional via Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers

Opening up about our internal struggles can actually create deeper relationships so allow yourself to show you’re not “all wires and battery”.

10 Things You Can Clean in the Next 15 Minutes via Apartment Therapy

Breaking the cleaning up into tiny tasks makes it way more manageable.




Five Blogs Tips That Didn’t Help My Blog via Forever Amber

It’s always interesting to read about others’ experiences and this once more goes to show there are no hard and fast rules that work for everyone.

31 Days Of Writing Prompts For October via The SITS Girls

I’m not always intrigued by these but this month’s offers some really good ones like #19, 23 and 31.

 What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging – 14 Successful Bloggers Share Advice via The BGB Community Blog

Great advice and it’s always relieving to see that if you made any of these ‘faults’ when starting out it’s totally okay.


Good good [food]

Vegan Snickers Cheesecake | Paleo & Vegan via A Saucy Kitchen

Devilishly decadent” really describes this best but see for yourselves.

Two Minute Sweet Potato Brownie via Running with Spoons

Does this one even need an explanation? Just look at that amazing texture!

Curried Sweet Potato, Carrot and Red Lentil Soup from She Likes Food

Judging from appearance alone this is –the- definition of comfort food.

Harvest Quinoa Bowls with Maple Almond Rosemary Sauce via Fooduzzi

All kinds of delicious fall flavours in one bowl – it doesn’t get any better.



Good good [blog]

Hop over to Snixy Kitchen. Just know you’ll spend ages browsing through all of her recipes. A fair warning for fellow veggies: this isn’t a fully vegetarian blog yet Sarah has a lot of veg and vegan recipes, too.



Happiness-inducing today: Not even sorry for the repeat offender but my nephew’s here for the weekend so you know it [insert aunt gushing].

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5 thoughts on “Good good links #163

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Kylie’s recent post about exercise was so, so good. I really related to the notion of “not really having a plan or regimented way” of stopping, or being able to explain how it happened… and I think this is the case with all sorts of recovery. It isn’t “by the book,” it just.. happens… when you are ready. Georgie’s list for non-food related trips is also a really good reminder for us all not to make food the centre of our lives. Thanks for all these!!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      What you said about everything in recovery ‘just happening’ is so true and what can make it so hard to figure out.
      I found Georgie’s post to work well with yours – all the little ways we can treat ourselves well just because.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Kylie just has a way of getting the message across and – like she said – recipe-style leaving it up to every single reader what to make from it.
      I hope you’ll have a wonderful week, too!

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