Week in Review: Silver linings.

To write or not to write a Week in Review? I don’t think I pondered this question for this long any time before and I’m sure you remember me saying I thought about skipping it before. The reason is that the past week was hard. Mentally very, physically on several occasions, too. While the latter part is better after this weekend the mental one is somewhat permanent. As much as I want to be honest on here going into detail would feel wrong due to other people being involved. I’m not a fan of badmouthing others online, even if they hurt you deeply.

What I can say is that Meg choosing self-care as this week’s theme is ironic for me verging on opposed territory multiple times. To make this clear: I’m not looking for sympathies but just wanted to be honest about the current situation and . It’s not something that ‘will be okay soon‘ [though I’m efinitely guilty of saying this to others when they were struggling before, too] but that makes it all the more important to invest in what Meg stresses: self-care. Pushing my own needs aside or ignoring them for the sake of getting more work done is going to backfire [learn from my bad example …]. Enough of that. I left some of the not so great happenings out despite them taking up a good chunk of time but here are some recent gping-ons. Because I really don’t want to turn into a pity party definitely share a few or your recent wins and happenings in the comments!

Week in review

  • Worked five days again with some of those feeling never-ending and frustrating.
  • Published three blog posts, one of them thinking out loud about this and that as well as another recap of favourite posts from the past week,
  • Baked granola for the family. Not this exact Maple Buckwheat Granola but two variations that were a huge hit with everyone. Also, baking and the obvious snacking are some kind of self-care for me.
  • Went on walks, alone and with the family. One of the latter ending quickly through an unexpected heavy downpour. And that’s why I swear by looking up the weather forecast ;).

autum walk

  • Got back into more of a ‘workout’ habit. At this point having this low-intensity short routine actually does feel like self-care in that I’m making the time to fit it into my days.
  • Slept in. Much -much- needed rest. Given my late bed times this led to equally late risings that I found hard not to feel guilty about. Eight hours are eight hours no matter when you get up, no …?
  • Cleaned my apartment. Thoroughly. There are always some closets, nooks or crannies we overlook on the regular, no?
  • Learned more about the Raspberry Pi. Read: talked tech with my brother who was also visiting and works in IT. We don’t get to see each other often enough so it was really nice to have him around.

Grandma's cookies

  • Tested a new cookie recipe. An old family favourite veganized and slightly healtified. As I’m writing this the judgement on them is still out because it was another late night baking spree [and I had to recycle an old picture, too, as the lighting situation is rather unfortunate right now, too]. Told you I was a night owl.

Looking back it wasn’t the best week. Seeing my siblings and the little one was a definite silver lining that I wish I could have enjoyed more. Sadly, I tend to take things to heart [and head; read: overthinking continues] a lot and couldn’t quite let go. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful for the

… and with that I’m off to try and make some more memories before everybody’s packing and leaving again.  Happy Monday to all of you!

Happiness-inducing today: Seeing P. get all excited about the tiniest things. Children are wonderful in reminding us to find joy in the details.


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7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Silver linings.

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Hmmm…. this does not sound like what I like to hear. What ever has happened/is going on, all I can say is prioritize yourself. Like Meg wanted us to focus on this week, find any little moments you can to show yourself that you deserve good things. Maybe do some journaling to sort out your thoughts? It also sounds like maybe you need to have a good conversation with someone else – out loud – about whatever is happening to get your thoughts out and not let them fester in your head.
    My favorite part, though, was reading that you slept in!! Yess!!

  2. Claire at My Pink & Green Life says:

    I hope this week is better for you! Watching kids enjoy the simplest things is such a good reminder for us to do the same. My little brother (and my dad and stepmom) visited this weekend and it was so refreshing to be around NOT college kids for just a few hours and just soak in life without the stress of studying!

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Sleeping in regardless of what time, shape, or form it comes in so very much counts. We all need sleep and we also tend to need some down time or alone time which is probably what those late nights are for you. I’ve had a few myself lately mainly because it’s when I get them.

    Hang in there, head up and remember this too shall pass or at least work itself into something different. I’m glad you still focused on some silver linings and were able to get your bake on (me too again). Enjoy your sister and P. Ave found her feet last week. It was fantastic.

  4. Ellie says:

    I hope you have a better week this week 🙂 Feeling frustrated is never fun especially when it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. ❤

  5. chasetheredgrape says:

    I’m glad you had some rays of sunshine in the week just gone. Tough times are hard but seeing the delights amongst the issues is such a strong and positive focus. Big hugs and love, keep seeing the stars! 🙂

  6. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    Know that I am ALWAYS here for you, my sweet friend. With my crappy German and horrible way of explaining things and other side of the worldness.

    I am sending you a HUGE hug and hoping that you had plenty of chocolate to counteract your not so great week. I’m so glad that it turned out better for you (with your sweet neffe around, how could it not?!)

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