Good good links #167

Sunday, Sunday. You have a way of sneaking up on me week after week. Luckily, I’m  prepared better in terms of links this time and in fact found so many I’ll save some for the next week. This is also because I won’t have as much time for blog reading in the week to come, the reason for which I’ll tell you more about in tomorrow’s Week in Review. I hope you had a great weekend so far. Any Halloween parties?

Here’s another roundup of fantastic posts I gathered in the past seven days. Let me know any great ones I missed in the comments, too!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links


Good good [food for thought]

Why The “You Have to Love Yourself First” Rule IS True via Ravishly

Not spilling too much because I really want you to read this yourself but: “you can’t give what you don’t have”.

Why Living “Presently” Could Ruin Your Entire Life via Benjamin P. Hardy

Obviously an exaggerating title but this advice controversial to what we usually here it actually quite thought-inducing.


Good good [advice, inspiration and other interesting posts]

13 Things 20-Something Need to Hear via Build your Bliss

Our twenties are about figuring out many things about ourselves, our relationships, goals – all of which can be rough. [Also: yay, Emily’s back!]

Confessions of a Dietitian via Hummusapien

Failing to sum this up in just one sentence I’ll just send you off to read this. Yes, you want to.

10 Commandments for Happier-Ness via Happiest Mama

So simple, so true. Little things we could call take reminding of at times.

Find a Job Description and Get those Skills! via RD Refresh

Something I wish I had read/thought about way back when I was still in school/college.



A Complete Guide to Replacing Eggs via My Darling Vegan

The question of what to use instead of eggs in cooking and baking is one of the most puzzling for many people – this post is really helpful.

Why We Do The Switch Witch For Halloween via Real Mum Nutrition

A great idea on how to handle candy overload and gently teaching a lesson on valuing what you have.




99 Food Photography Tips To Blow Your Mind via two loves studio

A truly amazing resource of advice by many experienced bloggers/photographers. And: who else can relate to the struggle when not adhering to #27 ;)??

October Writing Prompts via Hello Neverland

Too late? No, most of these work just as well in November.

How to Deal with Conflicting Opinions via Forever Amber

It’s impossible to please everyone. Here’s how to decide which criticism to take into consideration and where to follow your intuition.


Good good [food]

Pumpkin Spice Twix [gluten-free and vegan] via love me, feed me

Because regular Twix is totally boring and these contain no weird ingredients = they rock.

Paleo Chocolate Almond Slice via Southern In Law

Just a handful of ingredients but a lot of [healthy] deliciousness in these vegan bars.

Almond Joy Granola Bars via Delish Knowledge

Never mind the fact Almond Joys are unknown over here – these sound amazing in their own right.

Cheezy Vegan Taco Skillet via She Likes Food

Tacos without the effort of stuffing and rolling? Cheesy vegan pumpkin sauce? This has my name written all over it.

Curried Cauliflower Rice Kale Soup {Paleo} via Cotter Crunch

It’s definitely soup season and this vegan one doesn’t just sound super comforting but packs all kinds of good-for-you nutrients.


Happiness-inducing today: Receiving the new issue of my favourite magazine in the post and today being a lovely autumn day. No rain = happy girl.

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