Week in Review: Hello there, November.

Oh hi, new week in a still-new month!  Because my past week involved both traveling for three days and getting sick [fun times … not] I don’t feel like I have a lot of achievements to share with you. Let’s see if I can find some by following Meg’s prompt of acknowledging every little thing. An excuse in advance for possibly not making sense at times but my brain still feels a little foggy from the sticky cold [that I’m hoping will disappear soon]. As always fill me in on your past week in the comments!

Week in Review

In the past week I …

Worked three days or rather two and a half as Friday turned out to be a shorter one. Truth is I felt guilty. Guilty for taking time off to attend the funeral. In theory, I know this is ridiculous but as I didn’t exactly –do– much on those days off parts of them felt like undeserved holidays while my colleagues had to cover extra work due to my absence. I don’t like taking time off, no matter what the reason. Feel free to call me crazy.

Realization: Time management in private life [work is an exception] isn’t my strongest vice but a healthy dose of stress works wonders. This related to two things:

1. I published three blog posts. A Week in Review, the weekly feature of worthwhile reads and this Healthy No-Bake Millionaire’s Shortbread. The latter was my biggest struggle as I knew I’d either get it up – involving the proper link to the round-up – by Tuesday morning or not have a chance to correct it until our return late Thursday night. Stressed definitely described my feelings there but hooray, it worked smoothly. And  I …

2. Packed my suitcase not only in time but also didn’t overpack. Those who know me in real life are aware of how huge of an accomplishment this was …

Traveled for seven hours on Tuesday – leaving right after work – and nine on Thursday, getting back shortly before midnight. This was hard as my cold had been in development since the past Friday and spending this long in confined spaces as well as without hot tea to soothe my throat: far from ideal. Add in a serious delay on our journey back that involved standing on a platform in the cold for almost an hour. Thanks for nothing, Deutsche Bahn  [German readers will know the struggle with the German railway company]. However, over the years I developed the ability to stay [mostly] calm even in these kindof situations. In this case I focused on how much more enjoyable getting home was going to be after the delay and a nice conversation with a fellow traveler.

Realization: Vegetables cravings are legit.

This is an overall realization from a week of traveling and being sick. For some reason, vegetables were the one thing I still craved. That and peanut butter, because, well, peanut butter.

apple_peanut butter_snack
Ate [lots] despite a severe lack of hunger. I don’t want to talk about recovery and these kind of things too much but will say this was a big win for me. Right now I’m at a point where – while I’m not incredibly underweight and could probably handle it – loosing weight is undesirable. It’s a step back I don’t want to let myself go. Seeing this with Cora’s post in mind: it wouldn’t be in line with my core desire of getting stronger and reaching other goals. Eating way beyond my point of fullness was uncomfortable, yes. But nobody ever said recovery or anything worth pursuing was easy. And as a sweet friend reminded me even in non-recovery terms: Starve a fever. Feed a cold.

Gave many hugs. Listened for hours, wishing I could do more.  It’s hard for me to face sad situations and be unable to change them.

Took a semi-social media break during the time of my travels. While I did have my phone and excellent internet connection I didn’t feel like using it much. It’s nice to see I’m not as dependent on it as I worried I was becoming.

Went on a long walk through the woods and hills – my legs are definitely not used to those – where my relatives live.  This was made even better by a very inspiring and interesting conversation. These kindof encounters light me up and truly brighten my days. No small talk for me.

walk_fallen tree

Lost and regained my voice. Can we please consider this a win? If you ever spent a day without a voice, particularly at work, you will agree. As of now it’s still a bit croaky but we’re getting there.

More things I got to cross off my to-do list:

  • Blended up a new batch of peanut butter.
  • Cleaned my apartment because I luckily am not too sick for that.
    Did some laundry. I guess I’m okay with it as long as I do it in smaller batches.
  • Slept for way longer than in average weeks. Two nights of 10-11 hours?! Craziness. Maybe that’s the one upside of having a cold. Always look on the bright side of everything.

Looking back the past week flew by. Actually, the whole of October did before that. Do we have any proof that month really happened?? Weird, weird. My brain is still feeling a little groggy I’ll end this already too long post by wishing you a good start into the new week!


Happiness-inducing today:  Getting more than I excpected done. Productivity makes me happy.

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22 thoughts on “Week in Review: Hello there, November.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ha, I know, right? My family tells me I was making those cravings up but they’re real. Sometimes I even wish they didn’t arise that quickly when I have to get through a few veggie-lacking days.

  1. sweetandstrongblog says:

    Boo for feeling sick and having to travel, that’s always so hard. And I always crave the strangest things when I’m sick, glad you’re still wanting your veggies. But I would like 10-12 hours of sleep please!

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    I’m glad to hear you’ve arrived back safe and sound – that was some long journey! I really hope that guilt about taking time off has subsided. Life, and especially family, are much more important than anything that takes place at a desk (in my opinion).
    I’m also pretty elated to hear you mentioning this mindset about goal making when it comes to eating. Its one of those examples where you do need to look at the long term picture and what you want for yourself in your life – not just in the short term of present moment. Those can be the hardest decisions to make, but when keeping those desired life feelings in mind, its easier to remind ourselves why we need to make each small step. Proud of you. And YAY for sleeping!

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    So I read a recent article that suggested giving peanut butter to small ones between six months and a year. Apparently, they are now saying it reduces their risk of developing a peanut allergy by 80%! Your homemade PB making reminded me of this. Maybe pass the tidbit along to your sister and little P.

    I’m right there with you on the cold front, and I think Ave has caught it too. She’s been a little more fussy and restless the past couple of days and I think that’s to blame. Poor babe, although it was a great excuse to sit in the tub together and try to clear our sinuses.

    Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Ah, that’s good to know. I don’t usually share my peanut butter but would make an exception for P. ;). I don’t know if my sister is aware of this so I’ll tell her because we can’t risk letting this little boo get a peanut allergy.
      It’s been a few days since your comment so I hope Ave’s feeling better again. Mum-and-daughter tub baths don’t have to be limited to sick days 🙂

  4. Claire @ My Pink & Green Life says:

    Social media breaks are THE best! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better from your cold, too. Achievements from this past week: turning in a big paper, being there for a friend who needed me, and getting all of the food prep that I wanted to done this weekend. 🙂

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Lending an ear and a shoulder to a friend is a wonderful achievement. Congrats on the paper, too. I remember the relief of getting those done.
      Social media breaks should be a more regular thing but it’s easier when you’re ‘forced’ into them.

  5. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    Ah, man. Between the cold and the funeral this sounds like a tough week. Of course, I could tell you you don’t need to feel guilty for missing a day of work under the circumstances, but I know that wouldn’t help. So I’ll just say hang in there, and I’m glad you’ve been taking care of yourself with plenty of fuel and sleep. Also, it sounds nice to get out for a long walk. I went for a lot of those when I was in Germany.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Walks are good for the soul. The last thing I want when I’m not feeling well is sit inside all day and let emotions overwhelm me.
      Thanks for the kind words, Joyce. I’m working on the not feeling guilty issue.

  6. Lyss says:

    hope you are feeling better girl! Don’t feel guilty for missing work either- taking days off is fine!

    Yay for a social media break too- I think we all need those from time to time!

  7. chasetheredgrape says:

    Freshly made peanut butter, walks in the woods and lots of sleep – now they are definitely wonderful aspects to have as part of your week.
    Hugs and listening are wonderful gifts to give, especially at tough times. You should feel wonderful about putting your love into the world 🙂

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