Good good links #169

Another week has passed way.too.far.  Monday feels both like it was just yesterday as well as a long time ago. Which I realize doesn’t make sense from the outside but I guess time passes by faster on those days lots happens. Moving on …

Links! It’s a coincidence Amanda mentioned it in one of her posts this week, too, but  I’ve also said it before: some weeks these posts don’t come together easily. Probably when I have lots going on in life, don’t happen to read as many posts I deem share-worthy or else. I’m not saying this to complain but simply state this as in: I might skip a week every now and then because sometimes life just happens and I don’t want these posts to become randomly pulled together collectons of links I barely read. I hope you’ll understand. Until then: enjoy your reads and


Happy Sunday!


Good good links



Good good [food for thought]

It’s going to be okay via Wait But Why

While I can’t say anything could relieve my current worries about this topic this does give some hope.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

The Day After the Election, Will We Still be Friends? via Psychology Today

Obviously written pre-election this is a great reminder of how to go on from here, especially in regards of friends/family members/neighbours who don’t share your view.

9 Real, Actionable Things We Can Do About Trump via yes and yes

This isn’t just for US readers or only after these elections but a great inspiration for everyone. German readers will find this relatable with the rise of the AfD’s popularity, too.

7 Unrealistic Expectations To Let Go Of In Your 20s via The Financial Diet

I’m fairly certain this article will speak to many of us – and maybe we can collectively let go of [some of] those ideas in ours minds.

Little Ways To Care For Yourself Today (Even If You’re Low On Time, Money, And Patience) via The Financial Diet

Self-care isn’t selfish because it makes you a nicer person to be around and all these little things are great ideas to practice it.

How To Make A Great First Impression In Under One Minute via Career Girl Daily

Because we all have lots of first impressions in life – at work, dates, …  I particularly like #3 and 5!

The Truth Behind 5 Trendy Hot Beverages via hello healthy

Bulletproof coffee drinker, matcha, yerba mate and others – as healthy as you think they are?

6 Easy Tips for Cooking for One via Healthy Liv

Not as hard as it might seem! Smart ways to make solo cooking faster, simpler and more fun.



5 More Blogging Mistakes to Avoid via Forever Amber

It might take some conscious effort but they’re key points to keep in mind to write an awesome blog.


Good good [food]

Flourless pumpkin marshmallow peanut butter chocolate chip blondies via Purely Twins

These egg-, grain- and refined sugar-free bars look as unreal as their name promises. Could be veganized by swapping in vegan marshmallows, too.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Monkey Bread Mug Cake via Feasting on Fruit

The mug ‘cake’ to beat all mug cakes.

Two-Ingredient Soy Yogurt in the Instant Pot via Glue and Glitter

For those lucky ones owning an InstaPot this is a great option for homemade  dairy-free yogurt.

Autumn Pumpkin Pasta via Well and Full

For the recipe and her words on the election that resonated with me so much.

Maple Bourbon 13 Bean Chili (Vegan, Gluten-Free) via Diary of an Ex-Sloth

The more beans the merrier and vegan chili is a dish I’ll never tire of.

Sweet Potato Souvlaki Bowls via Making Thyme for Health

Creamy-tangy kale, roasted potatoes, pickled onion and olives – so much goodness going on here.

Vegan khao soi soup via Lazy Cat Kitchen

This looks so pretty and warming – just the right for this cold and grey season.


Happiness-inducing today: My sister and nephew being around. He’s so freaking cute!

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