Creating new habits, recipes and memories

Dear Monday,
You could have really come a day later and allow the weekend to last just that bit longer. Is that asking for too much?

Rather than voice my disbelief at it being a mere few more days until December 1st, how Christmas is pretty much tomorrow and how I still haven’t bought or made a single gift I will keep the intro short and get straight to the topic of this post. Like every Monday it’s time for a Week in Review with Meg. Thanks so much for hosting and inviting us to reflect on the previous week! As always don’t forget to share your recent accomplishments and happy moments with me in the c omments!

Week in Review


Some of what happened in the past seven days: I. ..

Worked five days. Same game as usual.  I’ve been pushing myself to rush and answer the phone more often. It’s going better than I expected and can be quite rewarding. And I know my colleagues operating the front desk appreciate it. They’re some busy busy ladies and at times it’s hard to get anything done when the phone won’t stop ringing.

Published three posts: a Week in Review, the good good links and one some fun and surprising differences between Germany and the US. It’s amazing how many there are so I might just turn these posts into regulars for some time. I slacked in replying to comments but will get to it this week, promise.

Treated myself to a new book. It had been way too long and like I said before: books are one of the best things to invest in.

Allowed myself some more probably not entirely necessary purchases like a magazine and the cutest polkadotted lids for my nut butter jars. Okay, the latter were totally necessary ;).

Gilmore Girls_DVDs

Watched the first two episodes of the final season of Gilmore Girls (!). This was unexpectedly made possible thanks to my sister and her husband renewing their Netflix account and allowing me to use it. I had originally planned to get a membership for December but obviously appreciated not waiting any longer. I know some – many? – people watched the entire series this past weekend but I want to fully enjoy it throughout the next weeks. Making it last just that bit longer. No spoilers, please.

Created two new recipes. One of them is a spin on a classic candy favourite and the other a basic ingredient so the “recipe” is actually more of a tutorial.  Please excuse the terrible picture as these were another night time creation and gone too fast the next day. Hint: no peanut butter in there and also no other nut butter most people are familiar with in this variation.


Finished “Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell which is one of the best, if not -the- best book I read this year. It’s the perfect mix of informative and entertainment. Reading it felt like nourishing my brain because none of us ever stop learning, no?

Meal-prepped as usual. Since I mentioned the size of my fridge limiting me there and some of you asked about it: 80 cm/32-33 inches from bottom to top. Technically not mini mini but it’s still filled faster than you might guess – especially if you like vegetables …

Spent time with my nephew, sister and her husband. P. is growing so fast that I wish I could see him more often to experience all of it.

Went on a morning walk with my mum, sister and P. who fell asleep on my sister’s back shortly after we left the house. I wish I could say the same about myself at night. Anyway, it was really nice us ladies got to talk through a few things while taking in the autumn sunshine and fresh air.


What the title of this post is all about? The little things. Again, yes. If we look at it closely life in its whole is based and relying on lots of little things. Think: Butterfly effect.
As such, I’ve – intuitively, no intentional plans here – been introducing [or at this point I might still have to say: practicing] small new habits.

  • First change: I get up, pack the food I’ve prepared into my bag, brew my tea [in a can I take to work] – and lie down again for a few minutes. This will probably sound silly to most of you but this little allowance to curl up again in the middle of my morning routine is really nice.
  • Second: Changed my phone’s alarm clock ringtone. Here I was going with the same one for more than a year and hearing it evoked negative emotions. My new one is like a ‘hey, let’s get moving and dance into the day’.
  • Third: Walked in silence. Usually, going out for a walk after leaving the office meant plugging in my earphones pretty much immediately, sinking into the tunes of my playlist and letting my thoughts wander. Or so I thought until I – for whichever reason – didn’t get the earphones out on Monday afternoon and walked with no distraction. It’s an entirely different experience. Now I was actually listening to my thoughts and truly letting them flow. I still like listening to some music but will spend more time in silence, too. That’s when creativity comes about.

Looking back it was a week of many good moments and the weekend in particular helped fill those happiness batteries a bit again. Yet in full disclosure – once again the bits we don’t share on social media weigh in here – I can also see quite a few points requiring change. Time is flying and like everybody else I want to make the most of it but feel I’m not. While I don’t think we need the start of a new week or month to change our ways I will still take today as an opportunity for just that. Let’s pretend the fact it’s Monday is merely coincidence ;).

Happy Monday!

Happiness-inducing today: The time with P. and his adorable laugh, Shameless repeat offender.

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7 thoughts on “Creating new habits, recipes and memories

  1. Megan (@aprnstrngsandsf) says:

    I only just started watching gilmore girls so I’m powering through the episodes now. I love it so much.
    This week I’ve been on holiday which has been nice but I’ve been trying to keep busy. I’ve done lots of spring cleaning and reading.

  2. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    Sounds like this week brought a lot of joys. First, I think polka dot lids for peanut butter jars are absolutely the perfect thing for you–definitely highly justified, if not technically necessary.
    Nice work answering the phone at the office. I know that’s a responsibility everyone kind of dreads in most jobs.
    Those candy cups look delicious! 😉
    Finally, I’m totally with you on the walking in silence. I always have the radio on in the car, but when I’m out on foot or on my bike, I like to be able to hear the birds and the wind.

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    P’s hands are just the cutest. Please have him send some of his sleep vibes Ave’s way. She has decided she no longer wants to sleep at night. Instead, she wants to stay up and play because playing is the best. 🙂

    I watched the first episode of the new GG’s last night and I’m going to hold off on the next ones until my friend and I can get together again. It’s better this way and I can savor them.

    Also, great job on answering the phones more….see, things do get easier the more we do them.

  4. Claire @ My Pink & Green Life says:

    I’m intrigued by that candy recipe! It looks like something I’d love! 😀

    Three achievements this week: getting a lot of Christmas shopping done, making it through alllll the festivities of the week (Thanksgiving, early birthday celebration with my dad, getting trees with both my mom and dad’s family), and lots of cooking!

  5. mylittletablespoon says:

    I think the small little changes can feel the most powerful. I should really change up my alarm… maybe that’s why it’s been taking me a whole 45 minutes to get up lately – my ears are way to used to the sound.
    I actually never walk with music/earphones. I feel quite uncomfortable with it, like I’m not connected to what’s happening around me so the thought actually makes me nervous. But also, I just really use my walks for that time to let my thoughts wander as much as they need to. And take note of the sounds and everything going on around me. I’m glad you experienced this for yourself.
    Sounds like you showed some real confidence with some things this week… I’m smiling my biggest smile for you.

  6. chasetheredgrape says:

    I love focusing on the little things – they are often, collectively, the most rewarding 🙂
    And sometimes I love to walk without my headphones in – it’s like you awaken to the world and your surroundings a bit more – it’s so rewarding for your senses!

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