Seeing the glass half full

Only five more days until Christmas?! Pinch me, please. Not just because the number of presents bought is rather … unsatisfying but also because I feel Christmas time/Advent rushed passed without me fully experiencing it. Or maybe we just won’t ever get to as much as when we were children anymore because of those ‘perks’ of being a grown-up [work, household tasks … you know it]. A little bubbly Bublé helps, though.
Forgive me if parts of this post aren’t cohesive or grammatically flawed – I’ve been sick the whole past week and my brain feels a little … off, too. Can I maybe get another day of weekend just this once? That’d be great.

Feeling weak and blah aside this really wasn’t the worst week to have. It had some better days and some worse ones but none of the kind where nothing works out or you can’t cross at least a few things off your to-do list. Speaking of lists it’s obviously time to link up with Meg and her little night owl Ave again.

Week in review

Some of the previous week’s happenings. I …

Worked. It definitely wasn’t the best week to be sick – not like there ever was but you know what I mean: long days where work wouldn’t stop coming in [not to make this sound whiney: I actually like days like this; it was just being sick that made them harder]. I’m happy I made it through and didn’t take a day off so my colleagues didn’t have to take up any of my work.

Gave a spontaneous pep talk to a colleague. I’m not mentioning the pep talk to make myself look any wiser but because I was so happy she noticably lightened up as we walked out. Respecting her privacy I won’t go into all the details but it was interesting for me to see that somebody far older than me – twenties vs. Forties – can still struggle with some of the same insecurities and self-doubt. Interesting for me as I – naively? Overly optimistically? – had assumed that at a certain age we were “automatically” feeling steady and self-confident in who we are as characters.  It might not have given me reassurance about the natural development of self-confidence at a certain age. But it showed me it’s okay to struggle with these things still even ten or twenty years from now. We all go at our own pace and – hopefully – will always have people in our lives who listen and put our minds at ease.


Did some research for my dad which unfortunately yielded no positive findings. Just as an FYI: Never loose your spare car key because getting a replacement – unless you’re up for some not quite legal action – is hella expensive.

Published two blog posts: glimpses into a night owl’s life and the good good links. I’ve been pondering to stop doing the latter for some time and might talk about the reason a little more soon.

Prepared meals to take to work Monday to Friday and another batch of healthy Nutella on Monday. Some of this became a little gift to the client who gave me the almond butter a few weeks ago.

Dropped a retoure package off at the post office for my mum after work, luckily not running into long queues as can happen these days leading up to Christmas. Which reminds me I do still need to take another trip there this week …

Baked another kind of [vegan] Christmas cookies that had the benefit of filling my kitchen with a heavenly Lebkuchen [= gingerbread] scent.


Cleaned the apartment. For some reason wiping the floors wasn’t quite as bad this time. I probably won’t ever be one of these people who really enjoy cleaning but don’t absolutely despise it anymore.

Found a Christmas gift for my brother. For some reason the usually hardest-to-buy-for people [read: the men of the family] are the easiest this year. Now what to get my mum and sister?? I’m at a loss.

Went on a walk with my mum. She called to ask if I was up for it spontaneously and since that doesn’t happen too often I was all game.

Went to a kind-of Christmas concert. It wasn’t actually that Christmas-y but rather a show by a local ensemble. My mum’s friends with one of the two singers and he’s a really fun guy so while I wish they’d played more Christmas songs it was nice being there either way.

Food prepped today while listening the Nutrition Matters Podcast featuring Kate! It was interesting to learn more about Kate and her story as well as a topic we surely all have an opinion on: diet culture.

It’s only now I’m actively reflecting on the week as a whole that I remember one happening that threw me off in that moment. The fact I forgot about it until now is proof that – to a certain degree – we have the power of letting something influence us or let it go. And being sick? It sucks but hey, my week still wasn’t terrible. Before I go on forever I’ll just end this saying it’s nice to see the glass half full rather than empty. It’s not a mindset I’ve always had but I’m glad I got there.

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Getting quite a lot done despite being sick and the concert.


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9 thoughts on “Seeing the glass half full

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    Ah so glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast! Also, way to go on the pep talk for your coworker. I love that feeling of being able to see the mood change for someone.
    Omg a new key for my car was over 100 dollars! I was so annoyed when I had to buy it.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    Wow, if I didn’t know you were feeling sick, I’d have no idea by the amount of stuff you accomplished. You had a perfect reason to curl up in the fetal position (like me) and yet you forged ahead. I’m impressed. Send me some of that happy willpower please. I’ll also take some of those Christmas cookies too; they look divine.

    Happy Monday and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    You’re correct–it’s not a great time to be sick. I’ve said this before, but I love how your posts focus on the moments when you were able to reach out and care for others. Your colleagues are so lucky to have you!
    I have the most random question–what is the difference between Pfeffernusse and Lebkuchen? They both seem to me to be gingerbread–are they just gingerbread in two different shapes? Sorry, that was totally random. Your baking adventure looks wonderful; isn’t it awesome when the whole house smells amazing, too?

  4. Ellie says:

    It’s really interesting and mind blowing to me when adults (oh wait, that includes me now too?) open up, are vulnerable or admit they don’t know something. I am also amazed (unfortunately) when they act immature or remind me of high school. Passive aggressiveness is adults always gets me. I try really hard not to do that.
    Happiness of my week: I made chocolate peanut butter cups as my “Christmas cookie” of the year. I have no oven, so no-bakes it is!

  5. chasetheredgrape says:

    Sounds like a good week, well despite feeling sick! And those cookies look amazing – I can just smell the spices in them right now. Heaven!
    In some ways I feel like advent has passed quickly, other times I think it has been just right. I think it’s because most of my parties happened at the beginning of the month… That has meant that the past few days (since I came back from my hols) have gone so slowly!

  6. mylittletablespoon says:

    Your observation/comment about you talk with your older co-worker really spoke to me. My best friend – literally – is almost 50 years old. We text and chat and talk all the time, and really a lot about vulnerable things that we each feel/experience/or are learning about ourselves. Even though she’s much older than me, we still have a lot of the same struggles. Obviously she’s taught me so much just based on the years she’s lived and experiences she’s had, but it’s been amazing for me to learn, like you, that these things are just part of being human – and that even “adults” still have struggles and unanswered questions. Haha – I guess that means we are in it for the long hall! But at least we know we won’t be alone in it.
    Well done this week – with everything – but especially keeping such a positive outlook. Seeing the glass as half full is a wonderful feeling (in more ways than one). I hope your cold has left you!!

  7. Claire B. says:

    Happy holidays, girl! Those cookies look INCREDIBLE. This year, gift-buying pretty much went as usual for me: everyone was pretty easy to buy for except for my dad. He’s just one of those people (not a bad thing, but it’s the truth)!

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