Good good links #185

Confession: I was super late in assembling today’s post. With family around and my mind pondering many things lately, I’ve been neglecting the blog and blog world as a whole lately. Sorry for just disappearing at times. I’m not going to give up blogging, only need some time to figure things out here and there. Ah well, no more vague-rambling but some great posts for your reading pleasure. As always feel free to drop links to posts that made you think or feel inspired lately in the comments.

Happy reading!

How to Attract a Man … via Ally in Blunderland

Newsflash [for the males out there]: Women aren’t constantly trying to be eye candy for male gazes and definitely don’t need anybody’s stamp of approval for any choices they make [clothes, make-up or whichever else ones].

You Will Regret These Choices in 10 Years via Huffington Post

True. Powerful. Some might be a little hard to swallow if you already made them [raising my hand]  but also provide the chance to better yourself in the future. Not too late yet.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

It’s Time to Embrace Slow Technology via Cait Flanders

When social media does more harm than good – hi, anxiety and stress- we might need to rethink our relationship with it.

What To Do When Your Friend Loses a Baby via Pinch of Yum

An important and in-depth post on how to be a good friend in one of the hardest situations a couple can experience. As much as I hope as few mums/dads as possible have to experience this, having a support squad would be so needed.

Things I want every to Tell Every College-Aged Woman via Clean-Eating Veggie Girl

Wise beyond her years, Hannah shares some lessons many of us will find relieving to hear.

6 Ways to Calm Digital Overwhelm via hello glow

#1 has been key in my life for the past months and the others listed here are really good, too [who else needs to work on the tab situation??].

Why Authenticity Is So Important In Social Media via Coffee with Summer

So much yes! Authenticity is a core value and what draws me to other accounts on social media.

If You’re Still Doing These 10 Things At Age 25, It’s Totally Freaking Okay via The Financial Diet

Don’t tell me I was the only one feeling relieved reading through this list!



5 Major Health Benefits Of Gluten (This Is Not A Drill) via Mind Body Green

Finally some research proving gluten is by far not the evil its made up to be.



Having a structure of spontaneity with movement. via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Getting to the [mental] place where working out and moving in general are gentle and in line with what we need that exact day [= intuitive] can be hard but is so worth working on.

How to Not Stress Over Exercise On Vacation via Healthy Hits the Spot

A great addition to the above post, this one helps figure out if working out on vacation is what you truly need [i.e. enhancing the experience] or forced.

A Thank You to My ED via Katalyst Health

As horrible as they are, EDs can also have [major] positive impacts on some people’s lives. Kat’s story is a beautiful example of one such case.


Good good [Instagram account]

Jennifer Rollin

Body-positivity, recovery inspiration and guaranteed to make you feel at least a little more at peace with yourself.


Good good

Are You Normal? Via ASAP Science

Well, after watching this I’d say I’m semi-normal ;).

7 of the Best Mood-Boosting Websites We Could Find via Hubspot

Because who doesn’t ever need some happiness-inducers in their life?!


Good good [food]

30 Super Chocolatey Vegan Chocolate Desserts via It doesn’t taste like chicken

Don’t click over if hungry. Or just get ready for what vegan chocolate-filled dreams are made of.

Creamy Millet Porridge with Roasted Strawberries via Naturally Ella

Millet usually isn’t my favourite grain but this looks so dreamily creamy.

Easy Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Pudding via Paleo Running Momma

Sometimes it’s the simple things and this looks incredibly luscious while being made from natural ingredients and without refined sugar.

Nut-free Satay Sauce via Five Beans Food

A really creative alternative for those with pesky peanut or nut allergies.

Broccoli Quinoa Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing via Well Plated by Erin

Neither a fan of salads in general nor quinoa the fact this really appeals to me says a lot.

Quinoa Taco Bowls with Guacamole via Plantings and Pairings

These might just be one the easiest to prepare taco bowls out there –and still so flavor- and beautiful.

How to Make Marbled Rainbow Toast via A Beautiful Mess

Now I might not be a bread person but this? You eat with your eyes after all.


Happiness-inducing today: Babysitting P. No more aunt gushing here but damn, that little guy stole my heart.


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  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Ah! I am sooo missed your round ups as I cannot get to ALL of the internet by myself 🙂 I am also thrilled you came to visit me again cause I definitely have missed you! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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