Good good links #187

Oh hi, yes, I’m still alive. I know I was MIA on here for quite a while and not really active in the remainder of the blog world, either. Can I offer you up a collection of read-worthy posts to  make up for my absence? These are some amazing ones for sure. Once again, I found more than I could include in trying to keep the size of this list manageable and giving every post the chance to shine [aka: be read by at least one person]. Enough rambling here, though. Enjoy your Sunday and these posts!




Good good [food for thought]

Levels of Stimulation: Where Is Your Sweet Spot? via My little tablespoon

Knowing where you fall on this spectrum can help you develop a better understanding of your reaction to certain situations and be kinder towards yourself [and/or others].

On Living Your Unicorn Life via Hummusapien

Alexis’ posts have been a breath of fresh air in the healthy living blog world lately and this one is no different.  Reminding out that life is meant to be fun and embracing the ebb and flow of it the best way to truly thrive.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How Choosing Not to Drop A Dress Size Improved My Life & My Bank Account via The Financial Diet

Right in time for summer:  strong and practical arguments for not stressing about shedding any pounds like just about every magazine tells you to.

4 Ways You May Be Stressing Your Body Without Knowing It via Bucket List Tummy

Work and family aren’t the only things that can stress you out. In fact, you might do some of these with good intentions, not knowing they’re not working in your favour.

Fitness Pros Have Bad Body Image Days, Too. Here’s How They Cope via hello healthy

A lot of great tips you might not have thought of yourself before. Especially that final line!

Satisfaction vs. Fullness  via Avocado a Day Nutrition

This! Eating a million vegetables might fill us up but won’t ever leave us feeling truly satisfied.

No need to detox via The Muffin Myth

This! Complete with a list o things you should do and eat instead.



Ramadan 101 via wit and delight

Especially in today’s world, trying to get a little more insight into other cultures. Posts like this one help [read the comment section, too].



FULL GUIDE: How To Land Sponsored Travel as a Blogger via Helene in Between

If getting paid for traveling or even just a meal out sounds like a dream to you: here’s how. Helene did an amazing job at answering all questions you might have.

Why You Can’t Start A Blog In Just Minutes via Coffee with Summer

What the countless posts telling you it was possible forget to mention.


Good good [posts to make you smile]

21 Pinterest Cooking Fails You’ve Literally Never Seen Before via Buzzfeed

Once you’ve seen these you’ll never feel bad about your cooking skills again. Ever.


Good good [food]

Vegan PBJ Muffins with Peanut Butter Streusel via Elephantastic Vegan

If you’re –so- over sandwiches, this fabulous recipe offers you a both dessert- and breakfast-suitable way to enjoy the classic combination.

Vegan Magic Cookie Bars via Feasting on Fruit

Double the magic in these ingeniously fruit-sweetened bars. Try and guess the secret to refined sugar-free caramel here – it’s not dates!

Baked Alaska-Inspired Tofu Pudding via Healthy. Happy. Life

Chocolate and peanut pudding topped with a toasted marshmallow – could this get any better??

Fattoush Nachos with Crispy Za’atar Roasted Chickpeas via The Full Helping

Definitely not your average nacho platter this sounds like an amazing fusion of different cuisines.

Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Chili [vegan] via Fannetastic Food

Fruit in chili is always a great idea but I’ve never tried berries in it. Consider me intrigued!

Happiness-inducing today: The first strawberries of the season from my mum’s garden.

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3 thoughts on “Good good links #187

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Thank you for sharing my link, love. Means a lot.

    I really took a lot from the satisfaction vs fullness article. Its amazing how we can “know” something, and yet reminders like this are consistently important. I’ve been doing work on the very topic so it came at a pretty good time. Also, being paid to travel and/or blog? Oh god could there be a better dream?

  2. Kaylee says:

    I really enjoyed those tips for bad body image days. I’ve been having more and more of those lately and trying to shift or reframe my focus has really helped. Slowly learning to accept myself at the present moment rather than base it off of the future or past.

    Always fun to read what you have to share!

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