Good good links #189

Would it be very wrong to start this post saying how much I despise [finicky] technology at times? Because a) I really do and b) it’s the main reason you haven’t seen any new posts on here lately. Two drafts ready to publish, plans nixed by either the internet or my laptop crashing on me. [Insert as many swearwords as you can think of here].

Today, however, is not the day to complain about but cherish the amazing ability of the internet in allowing us to find great posts by many wonderfully creative people all over the world. Without further ado, here are some of my recent favourites for your [Sunday or whenever you see this] reading pleasure.

Good good [food for thought]

This Is Me, Existing via Authentically Emmie

Reducing somebody to their size and shaming them to core of their very existence is the most horrible part o the body shaming that sadly is part of our society these days.  There are way too many quote-worthy and important statements in this post that I highly encourage you to read it yourself.

Are the Health Benefits Worth It? via The Real Life RD

Another amazing one by Robyn. The one question all people considering to implement a dietary change or elimination diet should ask themselves.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

5 Things To Say In Awkward Situations Instead Of ‘I’m Sorry’ via Huffington Post

Raise your hand if you, too, are apologizing too often. Her ideas might take some time to remember putting into practice all the time but they’re great.

Don’t check every box via The Happiness Project

Such a good reminder especially for the perfectionists among us [myself very much included].

15 Easy Ways to Go Plastic-Free in the Kitchen via Just to Claireify

Truth: I have a long way to go here but little efforts here and there are totally doable and Claire is an expert on those.


Food and recovery

Not every meal has to be a gourmet experience: A conversation on (sometimes) eating boring and unexciting food. Via Yeah … Imma Eat That

A great post on something I admittedly still struggle with a lot myself. Sometimes, food really has to serve the sole purpose of filling you up, giving you fuel or the experience of a shared meal.

Healthy Eating on A Budget via Running On Real Food

An incredibly thorough guide on how to make the most of your money, avoid food waste [storage, meal planning an organizing tips] and still eat super delicious + nutritious meals.



5 Popular Pinterest Tips You Should Just Ignore via blog clarity

Busting the myths behind some tips you’ll likely have heard many times before. As usual: what worked for others might not for you and vice versa.

How To Find Hashtags via Bonjour, Blogger

A nifty tool to help you discover hashtags related to those you already use and see whether the latter are actually effective in the first place.


Good good [others worthy mentioning]

6 Reasons Pulling Out of the Paris Climate Agreement Was Totally, Definitely the Right Move

Very fitting with the G20 summit happening this weekend, this post is spot on. Whether or not you like the brand, they broke down the reasons why ignoring the facts of global warming was oh so smart.


Good good [food]

Black & white cold brew coffee cream pops + white chocolate magic shell via Oh, Ladycakes

Definitely one from the ‘I can’t believe they’re homemade!’ category. Made from simple nutritious ingredients with no refined sugar, too,

Vegan Strawberry Beet Gummies via Blissful Basil

Reading this post is worth it for the wonderful announcement alone but these maple-sweetened real fruit gummies sound pretty amazing, too.

Pumpkinseed Caramel ‘Twix’ Bars via Golubka Kitchen

Sorry but after seeing these: what even are Twix?! Not only are these packed with nutritious ingredients but so pretty to look at, too.

15 Healthy Frozen Desserts Made in a Popsicle Mold (Paleo, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free) via Beaming Baker

Honestly? The worst part of this post is that I want one of every ‘sicle right now.

Vegan Almond Milk Yogurt via Full of Plants

Dare I say this is revolutionary? A vegan yogurt without soy, icky additives or lots of sugar.

Vegan Cheesy Mexican Tortilla Bake via The Vegan 8

Do not (!) click this link if you’re just remotely hungry because trust me you’ll crave this instantly.


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6 thoughts on “Good good links #189

  1. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    Your blog has one of my favorite link round-ups! Such interesting reads. I loved the ones from Robyn and Emmie especially. ❤
    I saw the Ben & Jerry's one a while ago. Oh my gosh. The sass. But seriously. So disappointed in my country right now. 😦

  2. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    The title of the article from Ben and Jerry’s made my heart rate skyrocket for about 2.3 seconds until I started reading. Feelin’ a little embarrassed of my homeland right now. The tortilla bake from the Vegan 8 is dangerous. I know you warned me, but I clicked. I even watched the video. Now I need some, like yesterday.

  3. mylittletablespoon says:

    So I was talking to my dad on the phone yesterday. They, too (much experienced by me when I was home the other week) have AWFUL internet connection. And, to which, I definitely complained about. They’ve been trying to get it fixed and he was just recently on the phone with a man from the USA who was trying to hep them. My dad told him how slow it was for them, to which the man replied, “yeah…. but I bet you live in a beautiful part of the world,” ….. my dad told me this and we were both like, “Hmm. Well shucks ain’t he right?” The man raised a good point Its amazing how reliant on technology we become.

    Still though, that being said, technology woes really suck.

    These links do not though! I need to catch up!

  4. Kaylee says:

    Boo to technology being a pain in the behind. But all the yes to these links! That apology article! Definitely something I am trying to work on in my own life. I particularly like the reframing ‘I’m sorry’ to ‘Thank You’ technique because it also allows me to practice gratitude.
    I also really want to learn to leave boxes unchecked more literally on my to-do list. You know you’re a perfectionist when you have to work on leaving things undone… Siiigh

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