Currently … July 2017

Diving deep into the archives of the blog would tell me my previous Currently post happened a long time ago. In terms of the blog/online world: forever. About time to change that, don’t you think so?!

One more note: This is my fourth or so attempt at uploading this post as my laptop and/or the internet connection fluked out on me so I’m hoping every part of what I wrote was saved.  Now let’s get chatting!

Current book/reading material:

Where do I even start? It’s a wild mix. Kristy was ‘shocked’ to find I’m double-, even triple-dating here, depending on how you’d count. The reason for reading multiple books simultaneously is – as I explained before – my probably quirky habit of savouring literature. Also, I reserve certain books to certain times. I.e. right now I have one I only read in the mornings and change things up regarding what I read after work. The logic is that I as the absolute non-morning person need at least something to lure me out of bed early in the day [and I don’t drink coffee so there’s that ;)].

Nevertheless, I’m actually short on new books right now and have none I fancy re-reading already again. I’m doing the latter until I can decide on new ones again. Long story short: I am reading books but no English ones at the moment so none to mention here. However, one I read a while ago and can recommend is Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods wherein he – one of the funniest authors around – shares his experience of hiking the Appalachian Trail. With a good dose of humor but also focusing on the impact mankind had on nature over the past centuries.

Current quote:

Because the world needs more kindness. Always.

Listening to:

Podcasts! It’s only taken me about a million years to jump on that train but now it’s safe to say I’m hooked and understand everybody’s fascination with them. Truth is, podcasts don’t seem by far not as popular around here than they are for those of you on the other side of the pond. My current favourite [new discovery] is Talia’s Party in my Plants Podcast. As the name gives away, it’s all about having more fun with plants [get your head out of the gutter;)] but not in a preachy vegan way [Talia’s not vegan herself]. I’d actually heard of it/her way back already but wasn’t into podcasts at that time. All her puns, anecdotes and not taking things too seriously make this feel like having a conversation with a friend.

A side note: If you’re in recovery from an ED (not necessarily just but maybe particularly so orthorexia), this one might not be for you. This isn’t to take from my recommendation but if you’re easily shaken from your path to true health, some of the conversations might make you feel “unhealthy” or not good enough [i.e. the use of the term ‘crap’ for processed/fun foods or lengthy discussions of superfoods and exercise].

Current foods:

Call me weird but: carrots. Like crazy. I don’t know what it is but shredded carrots + almond milk + puffed spelt + coconut flour? Yessss. It’s like an upgraded cereal bowl. Don’t worry, I’m not subsisting on that – peanut butter and chocolate cravings are just a constant hardly worthy repeating anymore.

Also, anything tomato-y. My salsa kick is going strong and I plan on trying to make my own using this recipe  once I can steal harvest some tomatoes in my mum’s garden. Because while you lucky ducks in the US have a wide variety of salsa available, we’re seriously lacking here. By that I mean that – and this is if the store offers any at all – you’re limited to mild, medium and hot salsa or just two of those. All of which contain a good bit of sugar. Meh.

Current needs:

Good news. It’s been a rough time lately and I’m not seeing an upward trend yet. Still counting those silver linings –  I just don’t like pretending life was all sunshine and rainbows when it’s not.

Also: a new laptop. When I think my current one has hit its low, things are getting even worse. Just getting a blog post uploaded is a serious struggle.

Currently watching:

Fun fact that I may or may not have mentioned before: I do neither own a TV nor do I have a Netflix account. Sounds sad? Well, the latter is a little unfortunate. What this leaves me with is Youtube which is hit or miss. One of my favourite channels is this German one [Mr Wissen2Go; explaining important current (political) issues and general knowledge in a non-snoozefest-y way] and Jen Brett. I only found her channel recently and recommend it for anybody struggling in recovery, feeling like they ate too much/too unhealthy, like they needed to exercise 24/7 to be in shape or . On the first look, Jen appears to be your typical ‘fit girl’ but once again, first impressions can be misleading. She’s super sweet and encouraging so if you struggle with the above issues, definitely check her channel out.

This post is getting too long already so I’ll cut it off here, wish you a wonderful Thursday and am curious to hear about your current …

  • Book
  • Food
  • Needs
  • Accomplisments
  • Favourite YouTube channels?

Happiness-inducing today: Heading out to town by bike despite returning soaked wet thanks to the consistent downpour we experienced – getting  outside is a daily necessity for my happiness.

Stay in touch!

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8 thoughts on “Currently … July 2017

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    That quote…

    I found another one similar recently. Something about celebrating the joy of someone else doesn’t mean there will be less of it for you. There is enough for everyone. That one – and now this -are really sticking with me.

    I hope you get some good news soon too. And a new laptop!! You’ve been struggling with that one for far too long girl. You deserve it!

    Oh and thank you for the podcast recommendation!! Excited to look it up.

  2. Kaylee says:

    I watched the movie of A Walk in the Woods and really enjoyed it! Might have to pick up the book upon your recommendation now. ☺️I definitely second that current love for carrots & tomatoes! Literally just made a savory carrot cake for dinner tonight. GMTA moment for sure.
    Not a YouTube channel really but when I need cheering up, watching Ellen, Jimmy Fallon or James Corden videos on YouTube do just the trick!

    • Kaylee says:

      PS I hope you keep your head up and continue to search for the smallest moments of happiness in your life. Crossing my fingers that the downward trend picks back up soon for you. 😦

  3. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    Now I totally get the multiple book thing! I feel like I could probably read more than one at a time if I had set reading times for them, haha! 😛

    Here are my currents;
    Book – Eliyahu’s Mistress which is turning out to be very very very romance-y and not what I was expecting… which is silly considering the title… but the blurb threw me!
    Food – peanut butter toast. I’ve been too busy to bake anything lately (no baked oats! 😦 ) so I’ve been having peanut butter toast for breakfast which has actually been all sorts of delicious!
    Needs – a holiday?! Luckily we’ll be in Hawaii soon!
    Accomplishments – 4 new clients in a week – and it looks like i’ll have 3 more by Friday. YIKES!
    Favourite YouTube channels? – I don’t actually watch youtube videos ever! I’m not really a video fan.

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