Good good links #190

Dear Summer,

I miss you. Please come back and bring some sun, okay?


Sun-hungry girl

Okay, fair enough: it’s still kind of summery around these parts but only if you focus on the temperatures, disregarding the heavy endless downpours that have been a little too common these days. However, that gave me some more reading time to gather posts. If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have hardly had anything to share. So if today’s a rainy one in your neck of the woods, too: here are some fabulous posts to bridge over the time until the sun returns.


Good good [food for thought]

Hunger Shaming via The Real Life RD

The ability to feel – and satisfy! – hunger is a beautiful thing, not something to feel ashamed of/shame others for. You’re not better than others if you can suppress your hunger – it might be for your worse, actually.

The irrelevance of being a people pleaser via Fit Swiss Chick

Truth. At some point, we all need to stop caring [so much, at least] about other people’s opinions.

The Greatest Public Health Crisis of Our Time via The Hungry Caterpillar

Not what you might expect but a topic we need to talk about more – before it’s too late.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Life gets awesome when you opt out via Yes and Yes

Just because everybody else seems to be doing [insert activity] doesn’t me you have to, too, Living life according to our own preferences is so much more fun.

On letting your stomach pooch out as much as it needs to. via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Our stomaches deserve us giving them the right to take up as much room as they need to and just rest.

3 Simple Ways to Tune Out the Noise and Enjoy a Body-Positive Summer via Verily Mag

It might take some time to get to #3 but implementing the first two tips already pave the way to getting there.

How to Practice Intuitive Eating As A Vegan via Emilie Eats

A lot of these tips apply to anybody but if you choose to follow a certain diet, they might be particularly helpful on your journey to food freedom.


10 Little Secrets I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self via The Financial Diet

These kind of posts are some of my favourites and while I’m still learning some of these things myself, I still agree with them as a whole.

Even Your Favourite Stuff Is Just Stuff via Be more with less

Something at least I definitely need to remind myself off when declutting [or attempting to do so].


Cooking and food

How to Eat Seasonally (and Why It’s So Important) via The Everygirl

Yes, this can be boring [in winter] but it’s so much better for you, the environment and – cha-ching! – your grocery bill.



Blogging through the bad times via Forever Amber

Sometimes, life gets in between you and blogging. If you’re a full-time blogger, you can’t just take time off to restructure so these tips on how to prepare for the [un]expected come in helpfully.


Health and fitness

The Sneakiest Strength Exercises to Do at Your Desk via hello healthy

Sitting for hours is neither enjoyable nor amazing for our physique.  Here’s how to engage not “only” your brain but muscles, too.


Good good [food]

S’mores in a jar with vegan chocolate mousse via The Fitnessista

Can you say decadent?! The clou: it’s actually packed with nutritious ingredients.

Simple and Sassy White Bean Tomato Basil Salad Recipe via Clean Eats, Fast Feets

Not just a delicious salad but the sweetest sexiest – probably rated R 😉 – ode to summer’s bountiful produce in here.

8 Minute Pantry Dhal: Two Ways via Oh She Glows

Faster than fast? I’m in! Especially if we’re talking deliciously spiced healthy comfort food.

3-Ingredient Plantain Tortillas via Minimalist Baker

Living in a country where non-icky-ingredient-filled tortillas don’t exist, I was even more excited to see this recipe. Now to find plantains …


Happiness-inducing today [or actually the whole week already]: Getting to help my sister with a little ‘project’ we started together. It’s nice to pay her back for all the times she’s helped me before.

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6 thoughts on “Good good links #190

  1. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar says:

    Hey thanks for sharing my post, Miss Polkadot! I’m so glad that you agree that climate change is such an important topic.
    I *loved* Robyn’s post about Hunger Shame times 10 million. And I’m super-curious to try those plantain tortillas! I mentioned that I was a food blogger at supper with some cycling friends the other night and one lady went, “Oh, like Minimalist Baker”? I was like, “lol I wish!”

  2. mylittletablespoon says:

    Dear Summer, it sounds like you are giving BOTH me and my lovely German friend a wet and crummy time. …. its awful here too. So much rain. Or if its not raining, it is teasing us that it is going to rain. Guess the world is in alignment on this one.

    I’m totally making those plantain tortillas!! How cool, eh?

    Hope you had a nice week girl.

  3. Kristy @ Southern In Law says:

    Oh no! How frustrating that the weather hasn’t been very nice for you lately! We’ve been having really warm weather for winter lately (21 degrees Celsius and sunny most days) so I wish I could send some sunshine your way!

  4. Claire B. says:

    Joyce’s post got me all fired up! Love it. I wish that there was more dialogue around climate change; right now, at least in the US, it seems to be such a politically charged issue that conversations quickly devolve into name-calling. Hopefully that will change soon!

  5. Kaylee says:

    All the applause for Robyn and her post on hunger shaming. Also digging that post on opting out. It allows us to live more intentionally and divert on energy to things we want to focus on.
    Okay I feel like I’m seeing that dal recipe everywhere. It’s a sign that it must be made!

    Glad you and your sister are spending some good ol’ quality time together. There’s nothing like sister time. 🙂

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