Truth be told …

Oh hi there! It feels like forever since the previous time this little blog here saw some action. Avout time to change that. eh? Thursdays always feel like the perfect opportunity for returns from [un]ntentional breaks. The day we’re wholeheartedly encouraged to just share some random thoughts, no further explanation needed. So here’s getting back into the game with a few current truths in my life.

Truth be told  …

This post was supposed to go online – and get written – yesterday already but then my sister and P. arrived  at my parents’ a day earlier than expected so … priorities ;).

Truth be told

I’m still heads over heels in love with P. Maybe even more so than before if that’s even possible. He’s starting to actually talk more and more now – he has been communicating with us for a long time but it’s now his vocabulary seems to broaden by the day. It’s the. cutest. thing. ever when he says his own name, pronouncing it in a somewhat Swedish way. Melts my heart. See: I’m already gushing again. Somebody stop me. Well, …

Truth also be told …

As much as I love – look at me making an exception and using this word – the little boo, I had to resort to my cheater ways when he wouldn’t stop crying for his Mama during babysitting time. Sometimes, a sleeping toddler is cuter than an awake one. Anybody agreeing?

Truth be told …

One of the main reasons I haven’t been posting a lot anymore these past weeks is that right now is a time in my life that wasn’t made for sharing. It’s not my intention to appear as a negative Nancy yet I also didn’t want to paint my days in brighter colours than they actually are right now. That’s still not to say I didn’t have my happy moments. Just that my heart overall has been feeling a little heavier.

Truth be told  …

We don’t need hundreds of friends if we do have a few really good ones. Meeting one of this amazing kind on Friday evening was a definite highlight of my week. She’s a friend from school days and has the ability to both make you laugh and pour your soul out to, building you up while sharing her own insecurities and struggles. I’m not a small talk person – well, most of us Germans aren’t – so these deep conversations are my favourites.

Truth be told …

Despite having done my fair share of healthier baking before, I was doubtful of the success when I sent my sister the link to this Peach Streusel Cake. You might remember my family being super picky and critical towards healthified baked goods. And my sister might want to eat a little healthier but she still won’t eat anything she doesn’t like [which I can honestly fully understand]. Verdict? It’s her new favourite cake.

Truth be told …

Fly swatters are worth their price times a million for me right now. I might be a vegetarian but mosquitoes are the one exception I make in killing other living beings. #sorrynotsorry

… and that’s it for me right now because – truth be told – it’s pretty late already around these parts and I need to make an effort at getting to bed earlier still. See you on Sunday for some good good links!

Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Time with the family.

Stay in touch!

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4 thoughts on “Truth be told …

  1. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    Agreed. Sleeping kiddos are very cute, especially after a long day of not-so-cute behavior. I love my nieces dearly, but they do wear me out. Sorry that life lately has been heavy. For me, seeing other people’s seemingly worry-free lives while I’m feeling down can make me feel guilty. I also empathize with wanting to blog about only joyful things but then feeling disingenuous because that’s not how I really feel. A break can be very helpful, but I’ve also realized that blogging about feeling low and experiencing sadness that we can’t quite place (or maybe can place) can be encouraging for other people who are going through the same thing and afraid or ashamed to talk about it.

    Truth be told…I love your writing and honesty. It isn’t shallow or hurried. It’s very calming ❤

  2. Kristy @ Southern In Law says:

    Sending big hugs your way, girl!

    Hmmm, a truth from me…. lately I have been procrastinating like crazy because I’ve been working with two really difficult clients who are driving me nuts and because of that I’ve lost all motivation!

  3. Kaylee says:

    Glad you have been enjoying your P-time. Nothing like little hands to warm one’s heart and soul. And I agree! Quantity < Quality when it comes to friends. We need to surround ourselves with people we look forward to spending our time with not those that drain us.

    Truth be told…
    – It is wonderful to hear from you even though it's not-so-wonderful to hear that you've been down lately. Hope you get a chance to lighten your heart this coming week. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to email.
    – I haven't been as moody lately, which makes me worried I may be avoiding feelings. I also haven't been as mindful and reflective as I would like to be.

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