Good good links #191

Some thing never really change, no? Like the fact it’s super late around these parts as I’m finishing this post. Or the fact there’s always one mosquito hiding too well when you’re actively looking for it only to suddenly pop up next to your ear when you’re sitting down [not like you could tell what’s happening for me right now …]. Anyway, while I haven’t been online as much as usual lately, I did find some great posts worth your time once again. Tell me about any you’ve been enjoying these past weeks in the comments and:

Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

The Worst Thing You Can Eat: Part Deux

The one ‘ingredient’ that unfortunately accompanies way too many meals for way too many people these days.

What an Eating Disorder Looks Like via The Hungry Caterpillar

Just like health comes at every size, eating disorders do, too. And just because somebody has gained back to a healthy weight doesn’t mean the struggle inside is over yet, either.

How I Define Health via Bucket List Tummy

A thorough walk through what true health looks like in all areas of life and why it’s not as ‘simple’ as some people might think.

The Problem With Health Food That Nobody’s Talking About via Mind Body Green

This really is such a sad and in a way oxymoronic to the image of health and sustainability we believe we’re investing in.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Pursuing stillness via Yeah … Imma Eat That

Are you able to sit and really get in touch with how you’re feeling, even if uncomfortable? Kylie also shares an interesting metaphor on how the same concept can be applied to recovery.

The Steps to Intuitive Eating via The Real Life RD

Intuitive eating is for everyone [because it’s how we’re naturally wired to eat, duh] but there are a few exceptions when we need to take a few intermediate steps before starting the actual journey.

17 Tiny Changes That Make Life More Interesting via Yes and Yes

Shaking out routine up just a little every now and then can make a huge difference.

When You Stop Caring About What You Eat via The Cookie Chrunicles

The amazing point in life when food and decisions surrounding it are no longer dictating any part of your life.

My Best Break-Up Yet via Hummusapien

So much yes! I’m admitting it can be a scary break-up, possibly with occasional steps back, but so worth doing.


Blogging and life in general

10 Times I Did It For The Gram {and what I learned} via Damsel in Dior

Hearing ‘big’ bloggers honesty about the stories we don’t see behind their posts always brings back some of the reality we so often miss online.

10 People On The One Thing They Waste Money On Without Even Realizing It  via The Financial Diet

Wonder why your bills are high? These are a good reminder for how the ‘little’ things we mindlessly spend on can really add up.


Good good [food]

Clean Classic Apple Pie via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Yes, I’m aware it’s not apple season yet but I stumbled upon this and couldn’t get it off my mind.  Plus, who doesn’t like apples?!

Snickers Hummus with Cookies via Full of Plants

Sounds decadent but is actually made with natural sweeteners and given there are beans it’s essentially a salad, right ;)?

Spicy Vegan Chickpea Breakfast Bowls  via Yup, It’s Vegan

Being a huge fan of both savoury breakfasts and chickpeas in general, this sounds immensely satisfying.

Green Lentil Salad that’ll have you come back for more via The Healthy Foodie

You know a salad’s looking promising if I – the non-salad vegetarian 😉 – find it enticing and this one definitely fits the bill.

Margherita Pizza Soup via Vintage Kitty

Flavourful and garlicky tomato soup with cheesy breadsticks? Sign me up.


Happiness-inducing today: Repeat offender but … having  P. around.  I can never get enough of his cute personality.

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8 thoughts on “Good good links #191

  1. Kaylee says:

    I love that Yes & Yes article among the others (e.g. Immaeatthat, Hummasapien, Hungry Caterpillar, Real Life RD, etc)! I am definitely the type who falls into a schedule as much as I would not like to admit it. My planning and rigidity has held me back. I actually tried to mix things up this past week by sleeping at a different angle on my bed. The smallest of changes.

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