Good good links #192

Oh hello there! Yes, it’s been a while since we ‘talked’ again. Now I could come up with a dozen and the some excuses but I don’t think that’s cool so no. Life has been happening. The good, the bad. Blogging didn’t and yes, I missed it. So until I come back with fresh posts of my own, here’s some of what made me think, smile or get hungry from all around the blog world lately. If you’ve read any share-worthy posts lately, too, let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

What is healthy?  Via Delish Knowledge

 Unsure if you’re making a decision because you want to or feel like you should? Reflect on your intention!

Does Wearing Old Clothes Make You A Bad Influencer? Via work work work

Yes, if caring for the environment, being more relatable for your readers and sharing what you actually like and wear makes you one. As in: all.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How Having a Daughter Affected My Self-Esteem Issues via Popsugar

In a world infested by diet culture, this was sweet and encouraging to read.

Disordered or Healthy?–questions to help uncover your motivation. via Naomi: Why Roots?

Similar to the post on Delish Knowledge, this one offers a great toolkit to figure out your motivation for ‘healthy’ choices or where they might cover up disordered behaviour.

What Each SATC Character Taught Me (and It Might Not Be What You Expect) via The Everygirl

No need to be a fan of or even having watched the series: these are great takeaways for everyone.

I Want to Skip Right to the Raw and Real via Elephant Journal

What if we all asked ‘how are you?’ and actually meant it?

Because this is important via A Beautiful Mess

Quoting a commenter here because she summed it up so well: “Love wins. Truth wins. Hate and fear are profitable.” Let’s spread love to trump hate.

Why We Experience Decision Fatigue via Man Repeller

Sounds familiar? Ego depletion is very real but there’s a way to work around it at least most of the time.

How to find rest if you are anxious all the time via Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers

Some simple ways to calm down when your anxiety keeps your mind spinning and hinders you from doing just about anything.

11 People Over 30 Share Their Regrets About Their 20s   via Bustle

Because we can’t go back in time ourselves but learn from others mistakes and experiences.

The 411 on ‘Health Pros’ and How They can Help via hello healthy

RDs, nutritionists and health coaches-  Let’s face it: all those different terms are confusing. Another great post by Sarah outlining the differences between the various health experts plus when to consult which one  [and whom not to consult ;)].



The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Bloggers via In the Frow

Full-time bloggers will definitely nod their heads while reading this and want to forward this to anyone ever asking annoying questions.


Good good [food]

Sweet Corn Polenta with Roasted Tomatoes and Avocado via Naturally Ella

If you haven’t had fresh polenta before, you’re in for a real treat and this version sound a-mazing.

Summer Roll Bowls via The Fitchen

Why mess around with finicky rice paper when you can have the same delicousness in a less stressful way? Brimming with fresh raw vegetables and drizzled with peanut sauce these look so good.

Date-Sweetened BBQ Sauce via Elephantastic Vegan

Store-bought versions usually contain a hefty amount of sugar so this one sounds a million times better.

Date-sweetened Rice Krispy Treats via Feasting On Fruit

Move over, Kellogs. You can’t compete with these perfectly acceptable-for-breakfast-yet-still-dessert-y  bars.


Happiness-inducing today: It’s the weekend! And just having an overall good day when I somehow didn’t expect it [don’t ask me why; moods are weird.]

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4 thoughts on “Good good links #192

  1. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    The article from the Elephant Journal was wonderful. I need to be more mindful about when and how I ask “how are you.” It looses meaning when we ask it as a formality.

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