Virtual Coffee Date

It’s been a while so some catching up on each other’s lives seems in order. And what better way to do so than over a cup of coffee – or tea in my case?. So if we were having  coffee, tea or any beverage you prefer, I’d tell you that …

The end of summer always brings up lots of feelings for me.  While the sunshine and warmth of mid-summer days brightens my mood and lightens my thoughts, the shorter and colder the days get, the more melancholia sweeps in. Resentment about chances passed and not taken because there always seemed to be so much left of summer – until there suddenly isn’t anymore. Longing for a move, a different job. Melancholy, thinking about summers past when this was the time of the year school or later on university were about to start again. A time of change and the excitement it brings along – something I’m craving in my own life, too.

Monday felt like the first day of autumn and I wasn’t neither a fan nor prepared when I headed for work, dresses decidedly summery. Oh summer, please come back and stay with us for at least a few more weeks. Will you, please?

Tea_Cafe Gleichklang

After taking a sip because I don’t like my tea to cool down too much, I’d also tell you …

That we celebrated my dad’s birthday with pretty much the whole family the other weekend  [i.e. 10th through 12th of August]. It was a big gathering and really nice celebration despite the weather literally raining heavily on my dad’s parade. Nothing that would have dampened our overall mood, though. The family spent the whole weekend together and friends joined for the ‘official’ celebration – concert (one of my relatives is a jazz singer), dinner, dancing – at one of my parents’ favourite restaurants. Given this isn’t the most accomodating place for vegetarians, I, I wasn’t expecting much from the buffet. involved eating the most amazing vegan lentil ratatouille that I’m set on recreating. So good. No pictures because I apparently got so lost in a conversation I didn’t even think about it.

Speaking of my dad’s birthday weekend, I’d also tell you that …

I may or may not have changed my opinion on cheesecake [I wasn’t a fan prior to this]. I think this actually was my first time ever baking cheesecake, at least the American kind [German cheesecake is made from Quark rather than cream cheese and I’ve always found it too dry this way]. Using Amy’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cheesecake Bars,  I had my first encounter with this classic. While I couldn’t try a slice of the finished cake – no eggs for me – I sampled my fair amount of the filling before adding the egg and if that alone is any indicator of the finished products taste: so good! I quadrupled  the recipe with just a few changes:

  • Using lower-fat instead of non-fat cream cheese [we don’t do the fatfree thing in this family ;)]
  • a good tablespoon less sugar
  • a whole egg because it’d have been wasteful to use just the whites [white for the crust, yolk for the filling]
  • And it turned out beautifully.

Mmh. It was a hit with my whole family and my colleagues – I brought a few leftover pieces to work – despite it being a ‘healthier’ option. We have a winner here and I’m keen on trying to find a good sub for the egg here because I want to have my [cheese]cake and eat it, too. If you have any ideas – Aquafaba? Flax eggs? More cornstarch in the filling? – let me know in the comments. Egg-free cheesecake has to happen.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you …

that I bought a new cake pan. This is an accomplishment both for the fact I spent money on myself without much contemplation and for the fact it’s my first 8 × 8 inch pan. Now this might not sound exciting or special to you but we simply do not use these size pans around here. Try finding one of them in stores – or spare yourself the frustration and order it online. Now I just need to decide on the first recipe to bake in my shiny new pan. Anybody else finding those ‘first time’ uses weirdly … exciting?

If we were having coffee, I’’d …

Tell you that I harvested the first kabocha of the season in my mum’s vegetable patch on the weekend. Yet also that it’ll also have been one of the last. For some unknown reason, my mum’s kabocha plants – she’s been sweet enough to grow them for me for years now – are dying prematurely, leaving just a handful of mature squashes. It’s particularly sad as kabocha is very hard, at times impossible to find in stores over here.

Homegrown kabocha squash

And then – or actually as the very first thing; we had this conversation in reverse order – I’d ask you how -you- are. How you really are. Because I deeply believe that a true friendship is built on sharing the good and the bad in life with each other. No need to pretend there was sunshine where you currently feel clouds hanging over your head. So: How are you?

Joining Amanda in letting the thoughts dance today.

Happiness-inducing today: Reading out in the sunshine after work – it’s colder but not yet too cold for this.

Stay in touch!

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What would you tell me if we were having [insert beverage of choice] today?

Coffee or tea? Which kind/flavour?














12 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date

  1. Claire B. says:

    Happy belated birthday to your dad! It sounds like a wonderful weekend. And those cheesecake bars look divine, wow!

    If we were having coffee or tea (peppermint tea, no cream or sugar for me), I’d tell you that the past few weeks have been frustrating on the job search front and that I’m already missing cold Minnesota fall weather. However, I’d also tell you that I’ve had lots of free time to pick up old hobbies and try new ones, and that’s been wonderful.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Peppermint tea, using fresh leaves, is my go-to tea order at restaurants whenever it’s available. No sugar or cream for me, either, because the unadulterated taste is magnificent enough.
      Even though I haven’t mentioned it here, I -so- hear you on the job search frustration. It’s great you’re seeing the positives in this unfortunate situation still. Which hobbies did you pick up again?

  2. sweetandstrongblog says:

    OMG you must create a cheesecake you can eat, it’s one of my fav desserts. And totally understand the excitement of a cake pan, I need to buy some 8 inch pans because I want to make some three layer cakes!

  3. chasetheredgrape says:

    I always remember this time of year back in the UK and feeling really down… But then I remember how often we would have these amazing September and October days when the sun shone more than it did in the summer! I keep my fingers crossed that you get some of those.
    Well done on the squash! That type is my favourite but so rare to find in the stores, what a perfect idea to grow your own!

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Oh, absolutely. Those “golden” autumn days have their special beauty, too.
      It’s truly hard to obtain kabocha in stores over here while it seems so easy even year round in the US. Pity our plants did prematurely and my own kabocha season might end soon already. I hope you’ll be able to find some on your side of the planet!

  4. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    Maybe if we both ask Summer to hang around a little longer, she’ll listen? I’ve been practically protesting fall, but every day it gets darker earlier and just a tad chiller. Happy belated birthday to your dad. Getting so caught up in conversation and visiting that you forget to take pictures is an excellent thing. The cheesecake looks beautifully scrumptious. I believe it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a recipe without eggs. Many of the no-bake cheesecakes only use whipped cream, sugar, and cream cheese for the filling.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Did you ask summer these past days, too? Because she decided to bless us with an amazing weekend of sunshine and warmth around these parts. I hope it was the same for you!
      Ah, I see the part about the cheesecake was really confusing. There are definitely some egg-free cheesecakes. My aim was to work out a way to get it done for this specific one because the whole pretzel crust idea was so up my alley. The egg white in the crust is what’s challenging me :).

  5. mylittletablespoon says:

    Sigh. We havn’t even had a real coffee date (yet) and I was already missing having one with you! I miss reading your words… so this was such a pleasant and lovely way to start my day. *clinks mugs*

    Your thoughts revolving around the end of summer…. I get it. Absolutely. I resonate with the same feelings. I resonate with this longing for change. It seems to spark its head up even more powerfully at this time doesn’t it? It’s also all of a sudden gotten to be fall weather here, too. Out of no where suddenly we are in jackets. I really wouldn’t mind a return of at least a few hot days. I’m absolutely not ready to say goodbye to the hot.

    So, I’m confused. Could you eat the cheesecake? Is the cheesecake portion vegan? However you managed it, I hope you had a good share. It sounds sooooooo good.

    • Miss Polkadot says:

      Same, lady, same. Your recent coffee date post – or actually: all of your posts – made me wish we could sit down and have a long conversation over tea [and maybe cinnamon rolls?!], too.
      Big sigh regarding summer ending. I’ve been protesting the colder temps, leaving the house with just a cardigan rather than fleece jacket under my thin rain coat. This won’t be enough much longer, though. It must always come to an end …
      I should have really re-read the paragraph about the cheesecake because gee, it’s confusing if you haven’t seen the recipe [which I’m not expecting everybody to do]. So I was able to sample the cheesecake part before then adding the egg yolks to it pre-baking. The finished cake isn’t egg-free anymore and I’m hoping to find a way to sub for the egg whites holding together the crust.

  6. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I do not want summer to end either, mainly because it’ll be tougher to entertain a toddler when we can no longer just play in the front yard or skip on over to the park.

    Sorry about the squash. I’d send you some but I don’t they travel well.

  7. Kaylee says:

    No coffee or tea for me! But I will definitely be taking a scone for our date.
    What is this magic I hear about vegan lentil ratatouille?! Sounds delish. I’m glad you were able to find something for yourself. Crossing my fingers that your recreation turns out successful (partially because I want to make it too!).

    Hmm, I am alright. Have been questioning my life choices and my career path recently but also don’t feel I have the time to fully reflect and feel things through; thanks for asking. 🙂 So I can definitely relate to your desire to move–for a change of pace, for a different job. Is there anything you can plan for the upcoming weeks/months to look forward to? That usually helps me feel more enthusiastic and excited about life.

    Yay for treating yourself to that cake pan! As someone who also struggles with buying things for myself, I know that this is really something.

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