Good good links #194

Oh hello there, it’s me again. My posting schedule has been a little erratic lately – some weeks going by, then two in one again. The previous post’s title might have scared some of you away. Politics, eh? But in a funny way, promise – it’s all about the differences between Germany and the US. As in: did you know we actually have a president, too, but you wouldn’t really be aware of it in everyday life? Well, what I also have are many great posts from all around the web for your Sunday reading pleasure. Let me know any thought-provoking or elsewise insightful you’ve stumbled upon in the comments, too.

Happy Sunday!



Good good [food for thought]

I’m tired of apologising for my (non-controversial) opinions via Forever Amber

The blog world should be a place to openly share whichever opinions we have and – as readers – keep an open mind towards others’.

On Growing Up In Front Of The TFD Comments Section via The Financial Diet

Not just an individual case but something that’s happening all around the internet and has to change.

You Can Have Hard Days via The Lean Green Bean

A must-read because we all have those days [occasionally stretching over longer periods, too]. Also this: “Me struggling with stuff in my life does not trivialize what is going on in the lives of others.”


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Why You Crave Carbohydrates via Bucket List Tummy

A scientific [but still easily understandable] explanation for our cravings and why we should stop working against them.

Learning Your Body With Fertility Awareness Methods via The Real Life RD

While probably not the topic you’d bring up over dinner with friends, Robyn is right in knowledge about it being empowering for us women in being the experts of our own health. Even if you don’t decide to use it as a contraception method.


How to Be a Better Listener To Your Friends via The Everygirl

Having that one friend who you know will listen to you with actual interest and empathy is so very important – just as much as being that one to others.

Why “Eat Only When You’re Hungry” Is Terrible Diet Advice via Summer Tomato

So much yes to this! Eating isn’t just a biological response but so much more and even if not all of these are ‘brilliant’ reasons for eating, they are –okay- .

Do Calories Actually Matter? If So, For What? via Mind Body Green

Yes, I know, I know, the terrible ‘c’ word. But this article was surprisingly differentiated in showing a variety of opinions and coming to an overall – in my mind – good conclusion.

What You Need To Know About Food Sensitivity Tests via Hungry Hobby

With many different kinds out there, this is a handy guide to understand the limitations of each test method and determine the one that will give you the best results [should you ever need to get tested, that is].



Is Sugar Vegan? via Fitsugar

While old news – hello, oxymoron 😉 – to me [plus, all German sugar is vegan in anyway], I thought this might be an good heads-up if you hadn’t heard about it.

Is Diet Ice Cream Bad For You? via Fitsugar

Want to know how good your Halo Top, Artic Zero and the likes are? Read on [or go with ignorance is bliss; no judgement].

We Asked Health Experts to Share the Worst Nutrition Advice They’ve Ever Heard via Greatist

Now the question is: To laugh about these or to be shocked by the BS some people recommend?


Good good [food]

Healthy Vegan Cookie Dough – 3 Ways via Veggiekins

Because let’s face it: cookie dough > baked cookies. And cookie dough so nutritious even mom would approve of you eating it for breakfast? Sign me up.

19 Dairy-Free Ice Creams You Don’t Have to Churn via Greatist

Ice cream season is over? Well, I’m afraid I don’t care because I – and I bet you, too – still want a scoop each of these.

Black Lentil Enchiladas with Zucchini via Naturally Ella

If you asked me what drew me in here: where to start? Lentils, flavourful sauce, cheese – what’s not to like?!

Vegan Pizza Burgers with Mozzarella Cheese Sauce via Catching Seeds

Just reading the ingredient list, I can imagine how good these are. Plus how could they not be with a description ala “like a pepperoni cheese pizza in burger form”?!



Happiness-inducing today: My morning walk and trying a new recipe for lunch.

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4 thoughts on “Good good links #194

  1. Kaylee says:

    Loved that Summer Tomato article on eating when you’re hungry!! Honestly, that’s what I originally thought intuitive eating was about–eating when hungry, stoping when full–and yes, thought it does also help one be in touch with hunger and fullness cues, it’s also recognizing that eating goes beyond physical purposes. The social and emotional aspects of hunger play a role too! Also digging The Lean Green Bean’s post. Struggles are all relative but that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggles.

    Have a lovely week! 🙂

  2. katalysthealth says:

    Love this list of link-ups! Though I’ve gotta be honest, I’m alllll about that cookie dough link right now.
    cookie dough >>>> cookies

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    My favorite “diet” ice cream is wink frozen desserts which I think needs more press -however, some might not think it’s all that good because they don’t eat it right – ie: leave on the counter to melt for at least 5 – 8 minutes, ha! But it has 100 calories per pint (some flavors have more but I can’t eat those)… And it’s completely EVERYTHING free – ha! Including sugar, which is a rarity in these diet ice creams. Not going to lie, I eat a pint a night on most nights and it just works for me! 😉

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