Life lately: Cookie dough, music and social media

Oh hello there!Is it really Thursday and the final (!) day of November yet? This week flew by – I know I (we?) always say that – but it’s been a bumpy one. I’d planned on posting twice this week but … you already know how that went. It’s a “shorter” week for me already in that I’m off to my grandparents’ house for the weekend tomorrow for a family gathering but I stiill wanted to pop in before  left.  Because my mind is running in a hundred directons at once, I’m  gladly following Amanda’s invitation to pour out some random thoughts. 


  1. Current favourite song/stuck in my head? This one:

Yes, I know it’s German so you might be tempted to just skip it but would you do me a favour and give it a listen still? When I was younger and couldn’t understand English yet, I already liked the sound of and found myself humming along songs from the UK and US, too, so who knows? You might just enjoy this, too. It’s a kind-of love song, albeit a sad-ish one. My favourite part of it is when he sings “I am fucking Yoko Ono, my heart is broke, oh John!” I can’t quite put a finger on it but that bit is so beautiful. Yoko and John – forever united? Fun fact: yes, Mark Foster is indeed allowed to use the f word. No censoring either on TV or in radio stations over here. I honestly can’t imagine how some more explicit songs or movies must sound like in the US. Constant beeping? Well, you know it: we neither mind nudity nor swearing over here ;).

2. Semi-news: my mum got an iPhone – a major update from her previous age old flip phone. Actually, she’s had  the new one for a few months already and …  Constantly on the phone texting her friends – even at work [yes, I caught her ;)]. And on a recent walk it was her pulling out the phone for a picture when I steered her attention to the sunset That  young lady’s clearly a little phone obsessed ;). It’s quite funny since my mum’s – to put it nicely – not well versed regarding social media. She’s an expert at so many other things but internet and phones? Not. Yet now that she’s in the iPhone crew of my family, she’s joining in the choir of my siblings and dad trying to pressure me into buying an iPhone, too. Which in turn makes me even more resistant [did I mention stubbornness runs in the family?]. Also, replacing a phone after only ~ 4 years seems … wrong.

3. Cookies! While not these vegan Zimtsterne that I highly recommend you add to your baking list – they’re vegan and naturally gluten-free – but plenty of other [new] favourites. I’ll be honest in saying I’m more of a dough that finished cookie eater, though. And seeing as I see [healthy and not-so healthy] cookie dough creations on Instagram, I know I’m not alone here.

4. Speaking of social media; everybody’s always sharing or [not-so?] secretly watching funny cat videos. I can’t say I did that but I recently stumbled upon this gem. Thanks to my sloooow old phone, it took a while for the video to start so I read the caption already, thinking “yeah, sure,  I bet the man hugged the animal so stop lying because we all know they can’t actually hug …”. Oh boy was I wrong. No, it’s not a cute kitten video but all the more special.

Happiness-inducing today:  Baking. It truly is therapy in the way of distracting me from the less pleasant happenings in life. Nothing like kneading dough, shaping cookies and listening to another podcast.

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What’s your parents’ relationship with smartphones/social media like?

Cookie dough or baked cookies? Always the dough for me.

Did you listen to the song? If so: how did you like it??







7 thoughts on “Life lately: Cookie dough, music and social media

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Hahaha okay…. Mom’s and technology. A couple of years ago my mother was the FURTHEST from understanding anything about the technology/social media world. But I swear, as soon as they get an iPhone, they are just HOOKED. Now, my mom knows more about phones and macs and gadgety things than me. I mean, I am not a tech person so that isn’t too hard, but it is so funny to see their generation get totally excited when they finally join the “app world.” Sigh.

    That song is beautiful. Since I don’t retain/listen to lyrics anyways (seriously, I never know the right words…I just make them up), the difference in language didn’t affect me a bit.

    Baking has been an extremely helpful bit of therapy for me lately, too. It’s a distraction, plus its creative, you get to spread love, and see a finished product. Have a wonderful weekend with family ❤

  2. chasetheredgrape says:

    They dont do censorship over here in Australia either – even on morning TV they have the hosts swearing! It just makes me laugh! I couldnt cope in the states with all the beeps.
    I’m sure the baking bug will hit me soon. I don’t tend to have it all year round and then Christmas hits! It makes David happy for sure!

  3. Kristy from Southern In Law says:

    That song is actually so interesting to listen to and the imagery is beautiful! Even gloomy weather can be beautiful!

    I actually don’t really like cookie dough – but everyone else in my family does! I’m all about the fresh from the oven cookies 😍😍😍

  4. Kaylee says:

    Completely unrelated to your post, I just want to say that I absolutely love the snow falling all over your page. Oh so festive. I hope you are staying warm on that side of the world though!

    Tried to listen to the song but apparently it’s not available in the US?!

    May be the unpopular opinion but I prefer baked cookies 😉 Glad to hear you are relaxing with baking. A win-win-win for your mind, your heart and your tummy!

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