Good good links #200

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This is probably the most unprepared I’ve ever been regarding these posts. The weeks flew by and I found myself with maybe two or three links collected on Thursday. Meaning I did some more intense reading these past few days to come up with enough for a post. Right now, I have many more tabs opened in my browser that I’ve yet to read so I might add those to the next good good links.   As always, share any must-reads you’ve come across in the comments.

Good good [food for thought]

Please Stop Complimenting Me On My Body  via Refinery 29

We do not know another person’s story so even a well-meant compliment can have the reverse effect. Aside from the fact that comments on others’ appearance just need to stop.

Meal Kits Ask You to Pick Your Battle via Observer

They’re [still] widely popular but while it might be nice to have your groceries delivered with no leftovers, there’s a not-so-amazing side to it that needs to get taken into consideration.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How to Move Past the Fear of Judgment via tiny buddha

Shame feeds on secrecy so the ultimate but also hardest way of breaking through and handling it is in sharing. I actually experienced this very strongly the other week. The shame was hard to bear and I needed to tell somebody in order not to drown in it.

I Can’t Love My Body At This Weight via The Real Life RD

Another truly amazing post by Robyn. Loving the life it allows you to live rather than the shape your body has is – I’ll dare say it – the goal of pretty much every girl/lady in the healthy living/fitness scene of our generation.

4 Ways To Still Feel Like An Adult After Moving Back Home via The Financial Diet

First: there’s no need to feel ashamed if you, too, have to make this move. Second: these tips are golden. It’s easy to slip back into the old parent – child roles for both sides but these will help prevent it.

12 Things You Need to Give Up in 2018 to Be Healthy (and Happy) via FitSugar

While I’m pretty sure they posted this exact [or very similar] list a year ago and  I shared it back then already,  it’s worth repeating the action.

10 Ways to Handle Thanksgiving As An Introvert via The Kitchn

Not just for Thanksgiving but all holidays or even any bigger family gathering because – fellow introverts will relate – those can be very overwhelming and make us feel ‘bad’ for not mingling with the crowd like everybody else.



Why Authenticity Matters For Your Online Personal Brand (And How to Maintain It)  via This Renegade Love

Agreeing with everything Lauren says and especially sharing both the good and bad days – the epitome of authenticity and bringing more realness into social media. 


Food and cooking

Canned coconut milk + coconut cream 101 via Oh, Ladycakes

Aka: the post to end your coconut confusion and frustration when that dang cream won’t show up on top of your can or refuse any whipping efforts.

Loving your food is (surprise!) good for you via Washington Post

We can’t get everything [and every bit of pleasure] out of any food or meal if guilt is sitting at the table with us.

The Truth About Carbs [And Why You Should Be Eating Them] via Greatist

Some good mythbusting here though I’ll add I do not agree with the suggestion in #5. Everybody’s different and you should follow your intuition there.


Good good [things to make you smile]

This Instagram account is definitely good for a few laughs.


Good good [food]

Vegan Peppermint Patty Slice via Oh She Glows

Such a special festive dessert packed with nutritious ingredients and even some hidden greens.

Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls via The Awesome Green

Yes, despite not being a huge fan of sweet potatoes, I think this sounds really really good.

Brussels Sprouts With Cashew Cream Sauce via Skinny Fitalicious

Super simple to make, this sounds like one of those dishes you’ll want seconds of. Or thirds, if we’re being honest …

Coriander-Carrot Grain Bowls with Cilantro-Honey Dressing via Dishing Out Health

 These bowls pack a lot of flavours and textures, a rarely used grain and are so pretty to look at [always a bonus!].


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3 thoughts on “Good good links #200

  1. Claire B. says:

    I always love Robyn’s posts–she has so wisdom with regards to body positivity, ED recovery and hormonal health. Also… that OSG Christmas cookie recipe. YUM. I don’t think she’s ever made a bad recipe in her life and I’ve really been getting into cooking more plant-based recipes lately, so maybe I’ll have to try that one!

  2. Kaylee says:

    Love that one from the Washington Post on nutrition and pleasure! Full of smart advice. And ugh that one on commenting on someone else’s body was just what I needed to read. It’s frustrating how much we (aka society) attach to appearances.
    Not a huge fan of sweet potatoes?!! GASP. I will let that one go because you are just that amazing.

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