An honest update and Christmas favourites

Before I get into today’s post: yes, it’s been a while and part of that way my laptop being a pain in the a** again, either constantly crashing or not letting me long into either my WordPress or my Gmail account [has this happened to anybody else before??]. Le sigh. Because it’s Christmas Eve on Sunday and I’ll be traveling the day before that, the Good good links for this week will find their way onto the blog on Friday already.


So where have I been? It’s been very silent on the blog after my previous post. Theoretically, I could leave it at the good old “life happened” explanation and in a way you could say that, yes, it did indeed. But not in the average busy-with-work-meeting-family-and-friends way. I genuinely wish it was [just] that. And just as a heads up before I go on here, I want to stress that I’m not writing any of the following to ask for sympathies or be that annoying vague-talking blogger [though I’m sure it might still sound like that to some]. I don’t like people to do that so I won’t, either. Rather, I’m sharing this because – as I have explained before – I can’t not at least hint at what’s going on behind the scenes and pretend life was all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. It’d feel like lying to you. What happened is that a regular visit at my doctor’s brought about a diagnosis that will change my life and left me in shock. Tears. Sadness. Guilt.

Some moments I’m dealing okay [as in: distracting myself as best as I can] but a lot of the time, it’s hard. Sorry I’m being vague but I honestly have told a mere three people in real life so far, not planning on expanding the circle of people in the know, so I hope you’ll understand. There were and are moments when I consider[ed] quitting the blog – the sad moments – but others where I absolutely want to keep writing and staying in touch with all of you. The moments when I test new recipes to hopefully share here or think of topics I still want to talk about.

Whew, this is getting long already so without further ado, I decided to steer clear of heavy topics for now [the post I’d originally planned on writing] and just talk about recent things and favourites. Because even though the diagnosis is final, I don’t want to live my life thinking about and focusing on it 24/7 – that’s no solution. Onto the better things in life, my silver linings in every day.

A major favourite, especially given it snowed properly for the first time recently [all melted away by now, though]?
Christmas music and singing and dancing along. Key to brightening your mood in an instant even if your PE teacher – thanks for nothing, Mrs. S –  in school attested you a complete lack of feeling for rhythms. Dance like nobody’s watching. Taylor Swift.  have I been living under a rock to only now accidentally finding she’s back on Spotify? Denying this for the reason alone that it’s [literally] living behind the moon in my language 😉. Very convincing Argumentation. Dancing around to my Christmas playlist – hello there, Mr. Buble – while preparing the Semmelknödel might have slowed me down ever so slightly but worth it.

Semmelknödel vegan

[Not a pretty picture by any means but that’s what eating late and with impatient family members gets you]

So: Christmas! What are your plans? Whom are you celebrating with? What are you having for dinner? What are some of your family’s traditions? It’ll be the first year celebrating Christmas Eve – the main celebration day/evening around here – without my sister [and as such P., obviously] which is … weird. She’s with her husband’s family on Christmas Eve but the three of them will drive over to our house the next day. My parents, brother and I are celebrating Christmas Eve at my grandparents’. Only the six of us on 24th, then a huge family gathering on 25th. And for once, I actually had all my gifts ready a good week ahead of the big day. That’s pretty much of a first [in many years] for me which could be either a win or embarrassing … I can. not. wait. to hand my presents over and see how the recipients like them because I think I found some real surprises.

New Christmas chocolate. My taste in chocolate is honestly quite boring. I don’t care for anything filled and nine  times out of ten, will grab my regular 80 % cocoa bar. But this seasonal organic one caught my attention on Instagram and when luck would have it being available at my tiny local health food store, I knew I was supposed to buy it. The verdict? Delicious. Still not my #1 which is positive because it’d be a pity with it being seasonal only but definitely worth the money.

Maybe not really a favourite because it was a once-only experience but our office Christmas “party” was great. Rather than just following the standard procedure of going to a restaurant, one of my bosses suggested having a cook-out. It’s a lucky accident these sort of evenings [think of something like a semi-guided cooking class with a dietitian] are even offered in this area, given it’s very rural. While I didn’t get to take any good pictures that evening, the memories I made are unforgettable. Cooking and dining a six-course dinner together allowed for a wholly different level of connecting with each other. I’d definitely recommend this to any company – worth suggesting to your boss for the next gathering.

If you read all of the above, especially the first part: thank you! Now tell me about your week,  your plans for Christmas, favourite Christmas songs, movies – anything!

Happiness-inducing today: Scheduling plans to go to the movies with a friend tonight. Another one of those much appreciated distractions plus meeting friends is always a good idea.

Stay in touch!

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7 thoughts on “An honest update and Christmas favourites

  1. Ellie says:

    Whatever the diagnosis is, I’m sure it’s scary and although I do not know what you are dealing with, you have my sympathy. I am happy to see you are trying as best you can to enjoy the holidays. Feel your feelings, and get up again.
    My holiday season has been fast! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’ve been enjoying my days and actively not taking on too much. I find that I’m actually spending more time with loved ones this year without even trying, which would have worn me out in the past. I actually look forward to it 🙂
    If you need someone to talk to, you know what to do.

  2. Claire B. says:

    Sending good thoughts your way in light of your diagnosis. ❤ You are right that when we receive life-changing bad news, that's when it's most important to find joy in the little things.

    This weekend we're driving down to Arizona to spend Christmas with Eric's family, then a few days later we're flying out to visit my family in Minnesota for New Years!

  3. mylittletablespoon says:

    What a cool idea for a staff party!! You’re right – not just eating, but actually taking part in the creation process together adds a whole new level of bonding. Like your dinner dates with your friend. Brilliant thinking on your boss’ part!

    So you had your presents all ready to go a week before, huh? Well that is dang impressive. Wanna help me kick out the procrastination bug this time next year? I can’t seem to stop the “I still have time…” mentality. I mean I still have 5 days… right….?

    I’m here for you, I care for you deeply, and I’m wishing all the thoughts of health, peace, acceptance and strength that I can. Through every pore of my body. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Merry Christmas love.

  4. Kaylee says:

    I am sending good vibes your way along with the strength and courage to get through this diagnosis. Also, whenever you are willing and ready to share, feel free to reach out.

    Glad that you have the holiday festivities to look forward to and chocolate to fill your soul. Your Christmas plans sound lovely. Can’t wait to hear about how the present revealing goes! Our family goes to mass together at around 10pm then we come home for Noche Buena–an almost midnight feast–then stay up until midnight to unwrap presents.

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says:

    I miss the Christmas music already and Ave definitely misses the tree. We took it down earlier this week so she’s adjusting. Sounds like you’re doing some adjusting to. I’m sorry to read this and I want you to know I’m here for you. Sending you all the hugs, love and positive vibes.

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