Good good links #203

Looks like I’m really out of this blogging game, hm? I promise you I’m not. Finishing this post on my mum’s laptop – she’s out of town so not aware I stole/borrowed it – as my own is not up for blogging at all anymore. Yes, I’m aware this problem’s been there for years but now I can finally say I ordered a new one. Just waiting for it to arrive – why, oh why does that shop constantly change the delivery date? – and then delve into posting more regularly again. It’s been very frustrating to draft posts these past weeks and then end up not being able to share them because my laptop would keep crashing about every five minutes. Fun times … not. Enough rambling, though, here are your good good links for the week and I’ll see you again hopefully soon!

Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

Is desperately seeking self-improvement always good for us? via The Pool

Not everybody’s going to such extremes but this critical look at our desire to better ourselves all the time is still easily applicable to many people’s lives.

This isn’t just for entrepreneurs but pretty much every one of us putting some of our work outside [aka: definitely every blogger]. “Not one single person has ever reached the pinnacle of what they were working on and thought, “Perfect, I’ll stay here forever.””


Good good [advice and inspiration]

I’m not an inspiration via Carla Birnberg

We’re all dealing with our own messes and life hurdles that others will never see in full detail or at all. But nobody said that we can’t still inspire others by the things in life we’re passionate about and good at.

Is It Time to Be “Un-You”? via A Cup of Catherine

A really interesting concept for dealing with our anxieties, fear and self-doubt. Definitely one that would take practice but be worth it.

Is Your Fitness Tracker Triggering An Eating Disorder? via Peaceful Dumpling

When something originally well-intended turns bad … This post outlines the dangers and when and when not a tracker makes sense.

Is It OK to Take a Week Off From Working Out? via FitSugar

It’s nice to see PopSugar add good reminders like this one into their mix of diet-focused content.

Eating Shake Shack Made Me Feel Healthier Than Dieting Ever Did via Huffington Post

The essence of this has been said before but it’s worth repeating in today’s world promoting #cleaneating and fad diets all around. Also, it’s important to note she’s stressing that eating a ‘fear food’ once doesn’t mean you’ll loose the fear. Recovery takes time.

What she hears when you say “I’m fat” via Run To The Finish

Children hear and see more than us adults might believe and the way they interprete it can be fatal. This is a good one not just for mums but anybody in contact with children or teenagers.

15 Things You Can Do When You’re Not Dieting   via Rachael Hartley Nutrition

… and they are so much better than it. The money and mental space freed up offer a lot of room for live-enriching rather than restricting things.

How “hangry” became a thing via Heather Caplan

I’d never thought about the [cultural] whereabouts of this often used term but Heather’s thoughts are interesting.


The Popularity Game: Instagram, Influencers and The Rise of Engagement Pods via This Renegade Love

So much yes to this! Or: so much no to engaging in any of those activities or tools helping you grow your account unorganically.

Food and nutrition

Is Protein Powder Worth It? via Mind Body Green

Those powders are [still] all over social media but are they genuinely necessary and deserve you spending hard-earned cash on them?  Spoiler: I like this reply.

Good good [things to make you smile + videos]

This video. Or more specifically watch his reply at 1:32 [hint: it’s the truth about a current trend in the healthy living world]. Also: not-so-secret male crush.

10 People To Follow On Instagram That Will Inspire You via Career Girl Daily

Not agreeing with everybody listed here but some really are great accounts. Just follow the rule of only letting positive and uplifting people into your feed/life.


Good good [food]

Gluten-free Vegan Blueberry Muffins via Rhian’s Recipes

Fluffy, maple-sweetened muffin perfection. These really look like they came from a coffeeshop.

The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Yule Log via The Veg Space

Yes, I’m well aware Christmas is over but this is too gorgeous to wait another eleven months to share.

Seitan Jägerschnitzel via Vegan Planet/Robin Robertson

It probably won’t be familiar you but this vegan version of a German classics looks just as hearty and satisfying as the original.

Pumpkin Paneer Curry via Naturally Ella

Coconut and pumpkin combined lend to the creamiest of results hence why this looks all kinds of dreamy and chickpeas as a vegan option? Well, you know I’m so up for that!


Happiness-inducing today:  Taking Friday off to visit my sister and P. [poor little boo is sick right now but it was his birthday earlier this week so I couldn’t not go].


Stay in touch!

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3 thoughts on “Good good links #203

  1. Kaylee says:

    Boy, those blueberries muffins have got me missing blueberry season right now. I can’t wait for the summer!!
    “And I was sick of feeling guilty all the time because my life wasn’t changing” <<< this line really got to me from that one on the pursuit of self-improvement. It definitely got me thinking about the version of me I want to be.
    belated happy birthday to P! Hope he's feeling better 🙂

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