Currently … January 2018

Oh hi,

It honestly feels like forever and a million years ago since I hit the keys to draft a post. You’d figure blogging was the riding a bike: once you get a hang of it, you never forget how to do it again [or at least that’s what my parents told me and as a child you tend to believe them]. Anyway, it doesn’t feel quite as easy with blogging right now.  Though I have a few [slight understatement] drafts at hand, I figured a little update/currently post would be the best way to ease into the game and also, I hope you’ll share some of your current happenings with me, too. Given the laptop situation and other not so amazing life happenings, I haven’t been reading/commenting as much as I would have liked.


Current book:
Thank you for being late by Thomas Friedman. It was a Christmas gift but if I’m being honest, I’ve been having a hard time getting into it, only reading a chapter every other day. The book’s about today’s fast-paced society, the reason for it being that way [technology] as well as the impact on us humans but also nature. Especially him taking into account the latter was interesting but unfortunately, a large part of it so far goes into technological intricacies that really weren’t for me. So no recommendation yet though I wouldn’t want to waste a book I might still get back to reading it at some point. If you have any book recommendations along the lines of Malcolm Gladwell’s work/psychology, please let me know.
Current food:

No second thoughts: yoghurt bowls. Soy in my case and a re-discovery, actually. Mixed with peanut flour and something for crunch [popped amaranth works great], I can’t get enough. And I really wish I could because a) that yoghurt’s not cheap and b) soy. Granted, I think the bad rep it gets is a little exaggerated but I still want to keep my consumption moderate. Also, peanut flour? It’s amazing. Up until around November, it wasn’t available over here at all. After years of envying you lucky ones in the US, I’m now going a little crazy with it. A little disclaimer: This definitely isn’t replacing peanut butter for me. Ever. It simply adds to my overall peanut addiction. On a more serious note there: Can you develop a peanut allergy from overconsumption …?



Current happening/kitchen success:

Hosting brunch for my colleagues. Or breakfast at lunch time, really, because as far as the definition tells me, it’s not brunch without hot dishes? Oh well. With it being my birthday on Monday, I brought a little array of homemade spreads, fresh whole-wheat rolls from the local organic bakery, vegetables and fruit for my office yesterday [fit the best with out work schedules]. The special item, though, were my first homemade simit (see below), a Turkish kind of sesame bagel not regularly found in bakeries around here. It was my first time trying these at home and even though it involved my not-so-friend yeast, it worked a charm and I sighed in relief when my colleagues gave them two thumbs up [always having that little self-doubt in my head]. Or actually, the highlight was having a wonderful time with my colleagues and once more noticing how lucky I am to have them. Even though I don’t enjoy the job as is much, I work with the most amazing bunch of people and I’m so thankful for that.

Simit_Sesame bagel_Sesamring


Current/most recent purchase:

Unless me being back to posting again doesn’t give it away yet: a new laptop. Can you say overdue?! Because if you’ve been following me for a little longer, you might remember I’ve been mentioning my previous laptop’s shortcomings since … more than a year? Minimum. It was a real senior of its kind, that’s for sure. My new one? “A rocket”, in the words of our local electronics store guy. To me, it’s simply amazing. And so eerily quiet [read: my previous one was ‘breathing’ heavily at all times] I felt compelled to check on it when set aside to charge. Yes, make myself laugh. Sometimes.

Current excitement:

Starting to run again. Or, well, run? Taking a long time off from it due to first injury, then weight issues [not as per my doctor’s recommendation but my own precaution], I’m now slowly getting back into it – and it’s humbling. My first run had my legs turn from lead to jello within 30 thirty minutes. The next runs were a lot better already. I know it’ll take time to build my endurance back up and while the itch is there to run more often, I won’t overdo things again. No getting injured again.

Another excitement? Seeing my sister and P. again next week. They’re going to stay at my parents’ for a few days and I can’t wait.

Over to you: tell me your current book, food, favourite happening and excitement!

Happiness-inducing today: See above: today’s breakfast with my colleagues.

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7 thoughts on “Currently … January 2018

  1. mylittletablespoon says:

    Ohhh I didn’t know it was your birthday! Happy belated lovely!! Sorry I missed it. But it sounds like you treated yourself a few lovely things on your day.

    It’s always such a lovely treat to see you pop up here :). So much happiness at the sounds of your colleague brunch. Those people are LUCKY to have you as the provider of such amazing treats. Homemade bagel type anything… you have my mad respect. They look delicious and I’m sure everything tasted even better. Best yet was the time enjoyed with others. This makes me smile.

    Woooo new laptop!!! Holy smokes the time has come!! I’m SO excited for you. Solely because I know how much frustration and weight you’ve held over that thing in this past year +. And… because you deserve new things that make you happy. Have fun playing around ❤

  2. Emily Swanson says:

    YAY FOR a new laptop! I’ve had my current laptop for 4.5 years, and I’m hoping it will last another year or so, but it’s so nice when you get a new one too. I”m glad you were able to draft a new post! 🙂

    Brunch for your colleagues sounds like so much fun; and I have to 1000% agree on yogurt bowls. They are my favorite thing.

    Lately I’ve been also loving cereal at night; I think sometimes I eat it too close to bed time, so I’ve had some stomach issues, but they haven’t been too bad!

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    You actually can develop allergies/intolerances to specific foods you over consume 😦 That’s where that annoying wood: BALANCE comes swooping in to ruin all the fun, LOL!

    I would totally wanna OVER EAT that TURKISH BAGEL of yours though because um, it looks friggin’ amazing!

  4. Kaylee says:

    Advanced (or belated???) happy birthday you! Your simit look great. Looks like you and yeast are becoming better friends that you realize 😉 The people we work with can really make a difference. Glad you have them in your life and to celebrate your special day with you!

    Yay for the new laptop! Hope we’ll get to ‘hear’ more of your lovely ‘voice’ soon 🙂

  5. chasetheredgrape says:

    Birthday brunches are the best! And your homemade simit looks delicious! I love anything topped with sesame seeds.
    Well done on the new laptop. I hold off making new purchases for much longer than I should, so I know this is a big step, and much deserved.

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