Good good links #203

Looks like I’m really out of this blogging game, hm? I promise you I’m not. Finishing this post on my mum’s laptop – she’s out of town so not aware I stole/borrowed it – as my own is not up for blogging at all anymore. Yes, I’m aware this problem’s been there for years but now I can finally say I ordered a new one. Just waiting for it to arrive – why, oh why does that shop constantly change the delivery date? – and then delve into posting more regularly again. It’s been very frustrating to draft posts these past weeks and then end up not being able to share them because my laptop would keep crashing about every five minutes. Fun times … not. Enough rambling, though, here are your good good links for the week and I’ll see you again hopefully soon!

Happy Sunday!

Good good [food for thought]

Is desperately seeking self-improvement always good for us? via The Pool

Not everybody’s going to such extremes but this critical look at our desire to better ourselves all the time is still easily applicable to many people’s lives.

This isn’t just for entrepreneurs but pretty much every one of us putting some of our work outside [aka: definitely every blogger]. “Not one single person has ever reached the pinnacle of what they were working on and thought, “Perfect, I’ll stay here forever.””


Good good [advice and inspiration]

I’m not an inspiration via Carla Birnberg

We’re all dealing with our own messes and life hurdles that others will never see in full detail or at all. But nobody said that we can’t still inspire others by the things in life we’re passionate about and good at.

Is It Time to Be “Un-You”? via A Cup of Catherine

A really interesting concept for dealing with our anxieties, fear and self-doubt. Definitely one that would take practice but be worth it.

Is Your Fitness Tracker Triggering An Eating Disorder? via Peaceful Dumpling

When something originally well-intended turns bad … This post outlines the dangers and when and when not a tracker makes sense.

Is It OK to Take a Week Off From Working Out? via FitSugar

It’s nice to see PopSugar add good reminders like this one into their mix of diet-focused content.

Eating Shake Shack Made Me Feel Healthier Than Dieting Ever Did via Huffington Post

The essence of this has been said before but it’s worth repeating in today’s world promoting #cleaneating and fad diets all around. Also, it’s important to note she’s stressing that eating a ‘fear food’ once doesn’t mean you’ll loose the fear. Recovery takes time.

What she hears when you say “I’m fat” via Run To The Finish

Children hear and see more than us adults might believe and the way they interprete it can be fatal. This is a good one not just for mums but anybody in contact with children or teenagers.

15 Things You Can Do When You’re Not Dieting   via Rachael Hartley Nutrition

… and they are so much better than it. The money and mental space freed up offer a lot of room for live-enriching rather than restricting things.

How “hangry” became a thing via Heather Caplan

I’d never thought about the [cultural] whereabouts of this often used term but Heather’s thoughts are interesting.


The Popularity Game: Instagram, Influencers and The Rise of Engagement Pods via This Renegade Love

So much yes to this! Or: so much no to engaging in any of those activities or tools helping you grow your account unorganically.

Food and nutrition

Is Protein Powder Worth It? via Mind Body Green

Those powders are [still] all over social media but are they genuinely necessary and deserve you spending hard-earned cash on them?  Spoiler: I like this reply.

Good good [things to make you smile + videos]

This video. Or more specifically watch his reply at 1:32 [hint: it’s the truth about a current trend in the healthy living world]. Also: not-so-secret male crush.

10 People To Follow On Instagram That Will Inspire You via Career Girl Daily

Not agreeing with everybody listed here but some really are great accounts. Just follow the rule of only letting positive and uplifting people into your feed/life.


Good good [food]

Gluten-free Vegan Blueberry Muffins via Rhian’s Recipes

Fluffy, maple-sweetened muffin perfection. These really look like they came from a coffeeshop.

The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Yule Log via The Veg Space

Yes, I’m well aware Christmas is over but this is too gorgeous to wait another eleven months to share.

Seitan Jägerschnitzel via Vegan Planet/Robin Robertson

It probably won’t be familiar you but this vegan version of a German classics looks just as hearty and satisfying as the original.

Pumpkin Paneer Curry via Naturally Ella

Coconut and pumpkin combined lend to the creamiest of results hence why this looks all kinds of dreamy and chickpeas as a vegan option? Well, you know I’m so up for that!


Happiness-inducing today:  Taking Friday off to visit my sister and P. [poor little boo is sick right now but it was his birthday earlier this week so I couldn’t not go].


Stay in touch!

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Good good links #202

Oh hello there and – not to late to say it yet, right? – happy New Year!

One thing I can say for a fact already is that technology and me haven’t started out in the best way so far. Read: Firefox’ latest update is driving me crazy. As in: no, it’s certainly no faster than before but instead having my internet connection crash every five minutes or so. No fun. Especially not if you’re trying to compile links for a post.  Sigh. When I noticed it’d take me forever to include all the links I’d meant to today, I decided to call it a wrap at what you’ll see below. There’s always the next episode of good good links to share those [and no, that’s not the same as saying “tomorrow”; see the second post in the first category ;)]. So for now …

Happy Sunday!

Let me know how 2018 has been treating you so far!

Good good [food for thought]

How to Treat Yourself in 2018 via Raptitude

Rethinking our personal defintion of treats – and not necessarlly the edible kind – and finding ways to truly enjoy rather than rush through them is a good goal or any year or day.

Tomorrow is not your friend via Medium

That’s some serious tough love. “We aren’t opposed to doing the right things, but we’ve simply trained ourselves to put them off indefinitely because tomorrow is sexy.”


Good good [advice and inspiration]

A way to practice self-care without feeling guilty. via Nutrition on a Mission

How good of a parent are you to yourself? Vangie suggests a really good way of staying in touch with yourself and take care of your needs.

10 Non-Overwhelming Ways To Minimize Digital Clutter via Peaceful Dumpling

As in: what to do to prevent yourself arriving where I’m at [slow and crashing laptops are no fun] plus also get more organized in general [always a win].

How to Eat Intuitively in a Relationship via Paige Schmidt

Whether it’s with your partner or anybody else you’re sharing meals with: these are great tips on how to not let others influence your choices and stand in for what you need.

Creating A Non Diet 2018 Bubble For Yourself via The Real Life RD

A good guide to cutting out the diet BS that’s particularly prominent this time of the year and surround yourself with postitive messages instead.

18 Things to do instead of dieting this year va Zen and Spice

More inspiration to say eff you to diet culture and actually enrich your life rather than deprive yourself.

8 Reasons Why Being Single During the Holidays Is Actually Rad via Refinery 29

Yes, I’m aware the holiday season is definitely over but  some of these are very relieving for us single ladies at other times of the year, too.

9 Reasons Your Grocery Bill Is So High, & How To Lower It via The Financial Diet

Not all of these will be true for all of us but I’d venture to guess almost everybody will identify with at least one or two of them. Me? 5 and 9 (occasionally) in particular.


Good good [things to make you smile + miscellaneous]

At the heart of every restaurant via The Washington Post

The true stars of restaurants that deserve more appreciation? Take a guess and then go on to read. It’s interesting to understand this reality of the industry.

This podcast episode.


Good good [food]

Rich Black Forest Skillet Crisp (vegan) by Hannah Kaminsky via Spabettie

For when you want crumble but don’t feel like turning on your oven.

Creamy Polenta with Smoky Chipotle Mushrooms & Kale via Euphoric Vegan

A little more involved, this look like it’d be perfect to serve guests [especially those who think polenta’s unexciting].

Spiced Carrot Soup with Green Tahini Swirl via Vegetarian Ventures

Soup’s boring? Definitely not when it’s as beauti- and flavourful as this one. Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry.


Happiness-inducing today:  A short but uplifting conversation with somebody who knew to say just what I needed to hear.

Stay in touch!

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Good good links #201

Happy almost-Christmas! Well, since I won’t be posting on the actual holiday that’s my little early greeting. Plus, I’m confused about when to post good holiday wishes. Somebody already wished me a merry Christmas in an e-mail a few days ago and then there’s the fact we’re celebrating on 24th but most of you do on 25th so …

Anyway. That’s neither here nor there and you came here for some leisurely weekend reading, right? So that’s what I’m giving you and wishing you a very

Merry Christmas! May it be as small or big, as loud or silent or a celebration as you wish for. Maybe even a little bit of snow*?

*not around there parts; it’s almost warm and rainy this year

Good good [food for thought]

Change your mind – it’s a sign of strength not weakness  via The Guardian

In the wellness/healthy living blog world, we talk a lot about our bodies changing shape over the course our lives and this is a great argument on why our minds will – should! -, too, and that this actually is a wonderful thing.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

7 Real Talk Holiday Reminders For All Of Us via yes and yes

Behind every shiny Christmas card you’re getting is a person with a life no less messy than your own, gifts list can be ignored (see explanation of what this means in the post) and above all: it’s okay to do things your own way. There’s no standard protocol to follow around Christmas.

How to Enjoy Your Life More, Just As It Is via Greatist

Yes, it’s obviously easier said than done – nothing worth doing comes easily – but it’s definitely possible to come to terms with your life right now rather than wait for some undefined distant future “perfection”.

The Many Mini Ways to Show You Care via Psychology Today

A little more of the science behind why doing good makes us feel good. If reading this doesn’t make you even more eager to go out and help the people around you, I don’t know what would.

Well, I Never via Already Pretty

A poignant post describing pretty well how many of us know but still have a hard time wrapping our head around/convincing ourselves to believe.

What to Do If You Sit All Day  via Shape Magazine

Good advice that I think all of us could benefit from. I actually had a post-it on my screen reminding me of the second to last one here for a while. Whatever works, huh?

The Best Guilt Free Tips to Navigate Holiday Eating via Nourish Nutrition

When food makes us feel anxious, it’s time to listen to expert like these. Because food fears are irrational but these are some relieving reminders and rational tips. Suitable not just for the holiday season but any special meal/event involving more indulgent foods.

Storms don’t last forever via sometimes, always, never

 It can absolutely feel like they’d never end, hard to understand, uncertainty being the one overarching feeling but I think most of us will remember that previous big storm in our lives that did end at some point, too.

This Challenge Will Be The Only Resolution You Actually Keep via Popsugar

Full disclosure: I don’t like all of their proposals but most of them are actually good ones to check off.

Living with Anxiety and Depression – Q&A via Fit Foodie Finds

Lee openly shares her story and replies some of the most commonly asked questions around the issues in this post.


Cooking and food

Cookieland via The Kitchn

All things cookies and sweets collected on one adorable map. Oh to travel around here …


Good good [things to make you smile]

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this shop will subcription box might get you very giddy …

Granted, Christmas season is pretty much over now but this gingerbread house is too cute not to share anyways.

The world needs more people like this little guy.

If you’re a parent, this piece will make laugh and feel understood. If you’re not a parent [my perspective, obviously], you’ll still find it funny.


Good good [food]

Lemon Chia Meringue Pie [vegan, gluten-free] via Crazy Cucumber

Good thing lemon isn’t a seasonal-only flavour because this little pie would be an eyecatcher on any occasion.

Vegan Chili Cheese Fries via She likes food

… and I still haven’t tried this American classic but really want to because how delicious does this look??

 Veggie Meatballs with Cranberry BBQ Sauce via Catching Seeds

These are the most real-looking vegan meatballs [even texture-wise] I think I’ve ever seen and sauce sounds great, too.


Happiness-inducing today: The fact it’s not too cold to go for a walk – heading out in a minute – and that I get to see my loved ones tomorrow. 

Stay in touch!

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An honest update and Christmas favourites

Before I get into today’s post: yes, it’s been a while and part of that way my laptop being a pain in the a** again, either constantly crashing or not letting me long into either my WordPress or my Gmail account [has this happened to anybody else before??]. Le sigh. Because it’s Christmas Eve on Sunday and I’ll be traveling the day before that, the Good good links for this week will find their way onto the blog on Friday already.


So where have I been? It’s been very silent on the blog after my previous post. Theoretically, I could leave it at the good old “life happened” explanation and in a way you could say that, yes, it did indeed. But not in the average busy-with-work-meeting-family-and-friends way. I genuinely wish it was [just] that. And just as a heads up before I go on here, I want to stress that I’m not writing any of the following to ask for sympathies or be that annoying vague-talking blogger [though I’m sure it might still sound like that to some]. I don’t like people to do that so I won’t, either. Rather, I’m sharing this because – as I have explained before – I can’t not at least hint at what’s going on behind the scenes and pretend life was all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. It’d feel like lying to you. What happened is that a regular visit at my doctor’s brought about a diagnosis that will change my life and left me in shock. Tears. Sadness. Guilt.

Some moments I’m dealing okay [as in: distracting myself as best as I can] but a lot of the time, it’s hard. Sorry I’m being vague but I honestly have told a mere three people in real life so far, not planning on expanding the circle of people in the know, so I hope you’ll understand. There were and are moments when I consider[ed] quitting the blog – the sad moments – but others where I absolutely want to keep writing and staying in touch with all of you. The moments when I test new recipes to hopefully share here or think of topics I still want to talk about.

Whew, this is getting long already so without further ado, I decided to steer clear of heavy topics for now [the post I’d originally planned on writing] and just talk about recent things and favourites. Because even though the diagnosis is final, I don’t want to live my life thinking about and focusing on it 24/7 – that’s no solution. Onto the better things in life, my silver linings in every day.

A major favourite, especially given it snowed properly for the first time recently [all melted away by now, though]?
Christmas music and singing and dancing along. Key to brightening your mood in an instant even if your PE teacher – thanks for nothing, Mrs. S –  in school attested you a complete lack of feeling for rhythms. Dance like nobody’s watching. Taylor Swift.  have I been living under a rock to only now accidentally finding she’s back on Spotify? Denying this for the reason alone that it’s [literally] living behind the moon in my language 😉. Very convincing Argumentation. Dancing around to my Christmas playlist – hello there, Mr. Buble – while preparing the Semmelknödel might have slowed me down ever so slightly but worth it.

Semmelknödel vegan

[Not a pretty picture by any means but that’s what eating late and with impatient family members gets you]

So: Christmas! What are your plans? Whom are you celebrating with? What are you having for dinner? What are some of your family’s traditions? It’ll be the first year celebrating Christmas Eve – the main celebration day/evening around here – without my sister [and as such P., obviously] which is … weird. She’s with her husband’s family on Christmas Eve but the three of them will drive over to our house the next day. My parents, brother and I are celebrating Christmas Eve at my grandparents’. Only the six of us on 24th, then a huge family gathering on 25th. And for once, I actually had all my gifts ready a good week ahead of the big day. That’s pretty much of a first [in many years] for me which could be either a win or embarrassing … I can. not. wait. to hand my presents over and see how the recipients like them because I think I found some real surprises.

New Christmas chocolate. My taste in chocolate is honestly quite boring. I don’t care for anything filled and nine  times out of ten, will grab my regular 80 % cocoa bar. But this seasonal organic one caught my attention on Instagram and when luck would have it being available at my tiny local health food store, I knew I was supposed to buy it. The verdict? Delicious. Still not my #1 which is positive because it’d be a pity with it being seasonal only but definitely worth the money.

Maybe not really a favourite because it was a once-only experience but our office Christmas “party” was great. Rather than just following the standard procedure of going to a restaurant, one of my bosses suggested having a cook-out. It’s a lucky accident these sort of evenings [think of something like a semi-guided cooking class with a dietitian] are even offered in this area, given it’s very rural. While I didn’t get to take any good pictures that evening, the memories I made are unforgettable. Cooking and dining a six-course dinner together allowed for a wholly different level of connecting with each other. I’d definitely recommend this to any company – worth suggesting to your boss for the next gathering.

If you read all of the above, especially the first part: thank you! Now tell me about your week,  your plans for Christmas, favourite Christmas songs, movies – anything!

Happiness-inducing today: Scheduling plans to go to the movies with a friend tonight. Another one of those much appreciated distractions plus meeting friends is always a good idea.

Stay in touch!

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Good good links #200

Oh hi …

This is probably the most unprepared I’ve ever been regarding these posts. The weeks flew by and I found myself with maybe two or three links collected on Thursday. Meaning I did some more intense reading these past few days to come up with enough for a post. Right now, I have many more tabs opened in my browser that I’ve yet to read so I might add those to the next good good links.   As always, share any must-reads you’ve come across in the comments.

Good good [food for thought]

Please Stop Complimenting Me On My Body  via Refinery 29

We do not know another person’s story so even a well-meant compliment can have the reverse effect. Aside from the fact that comments on others’ appearance just need to stop.

Meal Kits Ask You to Pick Your Battle via Observer

They’re [still] widely popular but while it might be nice to have your groceries delivered with no leftovers, there’s a not-so-amazing side to it that needs to get taken into consideration.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

How to Move Past the Fear of Judgment via tiny buddha

Shame feeds on secrecy so the ultimate but also hardest way of breaking through and handling it is in sharing. I actually experienced this very strongly the other week. The shame was hard to bear and I needed to tell somebody in order not to drown in it.

I Can’t Love My Body At This Weight via The Real Life RD

Another truly amazing post by Robyn. Loving the life it allows you to live rather than the shape your body has is – I’ll dare say it – the goal of pretty much every girl/lady in the healthy living/fitness scene of our generation.

4 Ways To Still Feel Like An Adult After Moving Back Home via The Financial Diet

First: there’s no need to feel ashamed if you, too, have to make this move. Second: these tips are golden. It’s easy to slip back into the old parent – child roles for both sides but these will help prevent it.

12 Things You Need to Give Up in 2018 to Be Healthy (and Happy) via FitSugar

While I’m pretty sure they posted this exact [or very similar] list a year ago and  I shared it back then already,  it’s worth repeating the action.

10 Ways to Handle Thanksgiving As An Introvert via The Kitchn

Not just for Thanksgiving but all holidays or even any bigger family gathering because – fellow introverts will relate – those can be very overwhelming and make us feel ‘bad’ for not mingling with the crowd like everybody else.



Why Authenticity Matters For Your Online Personal Brand (And How to Maintain It)  via This Renegade Love

Agreeing with everything Lauren says and especially sharing both the good and bad days – the epitome of authenticity and bringing more realness into social media. 


Food and cooking

Canned coconut milk + coconut cream 101 via Oh, Ladycakes

Aka: the post to end your coconut confusion and frustration when that dang cream won’t show up on top of your can or refuse any whipping efforts.

Loving your food is (surprise!) good for you via Washington Post

We can’t get everything [and every bit of pleasure] out of any food or meal if guilt is sitting at the table with us.

The Truth About Carbs [And Why You Should Be Eating Them] via Greatist

Some good mythbusting here though I’ll add I do not agree with the suggestion in #5. Everybody’s different and you should follow your intuition there.


Good good [things to make you smile]

This Instagram account is definitely good for a few laughs.


Good good [food]

Vegan Peppermint Patty Slice via Oh She Glows

Such a special festive dessert packed with nutritious ingredients and even some hidden greens.

Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls via The Awesome Green

Yes, despite not being a huge fan of sweet potatoes, I think this sounds really really good.

Brussels Sprouts With Cashew Cream Sauce via Skinny Fitalicious

Super simple to make, this sounds like one of those dishes you’ll want seconds of. Or thirds, if we’re being honest …

Coriander-Carrot Grain Bowls with Cilantro-Honey Dressing via Dishing Out Health

 These bowls pack a lot of flavours and textures, a rarely used grain and are so pretty to look at [always a bonus!].


Stay in touch!

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Life lately: Cookie dough, music and social media

Oh hello there!Is it really Thursday and the final (!) day of November yet? This week flew by – I know I (we?) always say that – but it’s been a bumpy one. I’d planned on posting twice this week but … you already know how that went. It’s a “shorter” week for me already in that I’m off to my grandparents’ house for the weekend tomorrow for a family gathering but I stiill wanted to pop in before  left.  Because my mind is running in a hundred directons at once, I’m  gladly following Amanda’s invitation to pour out some random thoughts. 


  1. Current favourite song/stuck in my head? This one:

Yes, I know it’s German so you might be tempted to just skip it but would you do me a favour and give it a listen still? When I was younger and couldn’t understand English yet, I already liked the sound of and found myself humming along songs from the UK and US, too, so who knows? You might just enjoy this, too. It’s a kind-of love song, albeit a sad-ish one. My favourite part of it is when he sings “I am fucking Yoko Ono, my heart is broke, oh John!” I can’t quite put a finger on it but that bit is so beautiful. Yoko and John – forever united? Fun fact: yes, Mark Foster is indeed allowed to use the f word. No censoring either on TV or in radio stations over here. I honestly can’t imagine how some more explicit songs or movies must sound like in the US. Constant beeping? Well, you know it: we neither mind nudity nor swearing over here ;).

2. Semi-news: my mum got an iPhone – a major update from her previous age old flip phone. Actually, she’s had  the new one for a few months already and …  Constantly on the phone texting her friends – even at work [yes, I caught her ;)]. And on a recent walk it was her pulling out the phone for a picture when I steered her attention to the sunset That  young lady’s clearly a little phone obsessed ;). It’s quite funny since my mum’s – to put it nicely – not well versed regarding social media. She’s an expert at so many other things but internet and phones? Not. Yet now that she’s in the iPhone crew of my family, she’s joining in the choir of my siblings and dad trying to pressure me into buying an iPhone, too. Which in turn makes me even more resistant [did I mention stubbornness runs in the family?]. Also, replacing a phone after only ~ 4 years seems … wrong.

3. Cookies! While not these vegan Zimtsterne that I highly recommend you add to your baking list – they’re vegan and naturally gluten-free – but plenty of other [new] favourites. I’ll be honest in saying I’m more of a dough that finished cookie eater, though. And seeing as I see [healthy and not-so healthy] cookie dough creations on Instagram, I know I’m not alone here.

4. Speaking of social media; everybody’s always sharing or [not-so?] secretly watching funny cat videos. I can’t say I did that but I recently stumbled upon this gem. Thanks to my sloooow old phone, it took a while for the video to start so I read the caption already, thinking “yeah, sure,  I bet the man hugged the animal so stop lying because we all know they can’t actually hug …”. Oh boy was I wrong. No, it’s not a cute kitten video but all the more special.

Happiness-inducing today:  Baking. It truly is therapy in the way of distracting me from the less pleasant happenings in life. Nothing like kneading dough, shaping cookies and listening to another podcast.

Stay in touch!

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What’s your parents’ relationship with smartphones/social media like?

Cookie dough or baked cookies? Always the dough for me.

Did you listen to the song? If so: how did you like it??