Thinking out loud #11

With a writing assignment due by the end of the week at latest I’m thankful Amanda gives all of us a great excuse to forego a lengthy introduction on Thurdays. Let’s get Thinking out loud!


1. Returning to your apartment when you’ve been away for several months means many things. The most significant in terms of food, though: a serious lack of produce. And for whichever reason I had the hardest time deciding what to buy. The latter resulted in a serious strenght workout: carrying home several pounds of vegetables is just that. Simultaneously the up- and downside to living in a city and without a car: stores within [relative] walking distance.

… though I guess I actually looked more like him. Can anybody relate?

2. Cue ‘panic’ when I noticed all stores where either out of bananas [not a single one left!] or had only green ones. Obviously a #firstworldproblem but I know I’m not the only one who isn’t fond of running out of staples. Because I didn’t have any oatmeal in my pantry anymore, either …

February 18th and 19th 033

3. If I said anything about January flying by at lighting speed: February is in no way inferior to it. Are you sure it’s the 20th already?? Oh, first random thought: when talking about what time of a month it is do you group by 1st to 1oth = beginning, until 20th: middle and the remainder being the end, too? It’s probably weird I’m even thinking about this but according to my logic we’ve almost reached the end of the month already 😯 !? And it does not feel like that yet. Can we rewind back to the start, please?

4. In case you remember the gym story I mentioned in my last Thinking out loud post: there was a detail I forgot to mention but was reminded of when Megan suggested changing the elliptical. Definitely a good idea in theory but the gym only has a total of four ellipticals and all of the others were occupied, too. If that’s not enough to make you laugh: have a guess at how many treadmills there are. No guesses? One. And I was never aware treadmills could have an incline setting until I noticed other bloggers posting workouts mentioning it. Needless to say ours didn’t have one ;).

5. Apparently I have oddly sized feet: they’re somewhere between two sizes. For most shoes that means I need to wear not only tights but an extra pair of socks. Luckily they’re invisible – until I take my shoes off …


6. One thing I didn’t mention in my post on Friday:  my choice of dessert there. Frequent readers will know my inability to decide or pick favourites of any kind. So when it came to choosing a treat to submit Davida had to endure my pondering back and forth never actually sharing the plethora of ideas flying through my head. Oooh my.  Long story short: don’t be surprised if you see more single-serving desserts appearing on the blog – or in the case of failures hear me ramble about my oven or whom- or whatever else I can blame 😉 .

7. This article lists even more reasons to make a trip to IKEA again and made me smile because I actually got my first orchid there. Which now has a sibling because my mum was sweet enough to give me one of hers as a moving-back gift.

February 18th and 19th 040

8. One of the reasons I didn’t have a lot of [food or else] pictures to share yesterday was my apparent lack of coordination when packing. Just in time for my move my camera’s battery had died and I couldn’t find the recharger right after arriving. But …

last piece of the Disney puzzle

The very last piece.

9. … the last pictures I took before leaving my parents’ house, however, were announcing a triumph.The most exciting news to mention: I finished the puzzle! Granted, at the beginning I had my doubts of ever working it all out but once I’d gotten more into it the progress became more noticable. If it hadn’t been for those almost alike-looking pieces in the end again, though. Now to start a new one or not?

10. All is said and done for now except: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Calling my mum. I miss her already.

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Running errands: the next workout trend 😉 ?

What are three staples you can’t live without?

Starting a new puzzle: yes or no?

The perks of being sick with a semi-full day of eats

Life can be quite ironical. Right when I’d given up the idea of ever showing a [semi-]full day of eats it threw me an unpleasant curveball.  A little cold snuck up on me and my doctor signed me off work for a few days yesterday. I’m not exactly pleased. Not just because being sick sucks but because I’d just started working in a new company and worry about this giving them a wrong impression of me. It’s always only as bad as you make it, though, and I refuse to be a Debbie Downer.

Dear Debbie Downer. life's just as awful as you're making it.

Dear Debbie Downer. life’s just as awful as you’re making it.

So I’m trying not to worry too much [easier said than done for a notorious worry-too-much person like me] but look at the upsides for now. The latter being lots of time on my hands to read the two new books I picked up and tackle some tasks that had been on my to do-list forever.   What being [mostly] stuck at home also means is having more time to prepare and eat food and take pictures of said meals and snacks. So here’s to not a full but at least fuller overview of [the first half of] Tuesday’s eats. A semi-full What I ate Wednesday, if you will.


Thanks to our wonderful host for understanding every foodie’s excitement in sharing their their meals and getting inspired every Wednesday. Dankeschön, Jenn!

Right upon waking up with a sore throat I grabbed one of my latest favourite snacks – inspired by Amanda – from the fridge: frozen banana slices. Topped with almond butter that I sadly couldn’t taste because the brand I use has a very mild flavour.

frozen bananas

The problem was solved ever so slightly by switching to peanut butter – you might have caught that in my last post? – which I was able to taste just a little more than the almond butter. And I’m really starting to like it.

Alnatura PB

Shortly afterwards a mug brownie followed. They have yet to get old though once more I didn’t taste too much of its delightfulness. By this point I really missed my taste buds a lot. Can’t we be friends again already, please?

Mug cake

Necessary throat-soothing tea with a side of the newspaper accompanied breakfast. Celestial Seasonings’ Apple Cinnamon Spice is amazing.

Celestial Apple Cinnamon

When I felt my salty tooth – yes, there is such a thing in my world – constantly nagging I grabbed one of my new favourite snacks. These are a new supermarket find I bought out of curiosity last week. From what I’ve heard about Popchips [that are not available around here] these might be an equivalent. A delicious and addictive equivalent.


Even with missing taste buds I still knew that I was craving just one thing for lunch: pumpkin. More specifically: the beautifully plump Hokkaido squash I’d bought spontaneously the day before. While kabocha will always be my favourite I will never forget this first type of pumpkin I ever encountered. Its natural creaminess doesn’t require any added non-dairy milk or creamer. Just thinking about it makes me think it’ll be on the menu again today … Adding some more vegetables I turned it into a colourful and [hopefully] healing stew. Eat your vitamins and [at least some] colour of the rainbow? Check.

Hokkaido Stew

There you have it: Tuesday’s eats up until lunch. Note that I still didn’t catch every morsel that made it into my mouth. Many random bites and nibbles just happen with me forgetting to take out my camera.  Additionally, I tend to eat a lot more during the second half of the day but in between my doctor’s appointment, running some errands, making calls and curling up in bed with a book I didn’t feel like snapping any more pictures. Maybe one day 🙂 …

With the extra time on hand now I can also promise you I’ll share the amazing recipe I hinted at on Monday tomorrow. Can I get you interested in this?


Happy Wednesday!

Happiness inducing today: The kindest pharmacist ever [not just for this reason] not only handing me my medication but giving me several kinds of cough sweets candy for free, too. Childhood memories …

What do you eat when your tastebuds are missing in action?

How do you busy yourself when sick?

What was your favourite meal or snack from the past week? Not counting today’s Hokkaido stew [for the lack of properly working taste buds] I’ll go with the really awesome casserole I’ll share with you tomorrow.

Let’s talk Greek [yogurt]!

I’m so sorry I disappeared for a whole week when I’d actually meant to post more often. Kudos to all bloggers out there working full-time yet managing to stick to regular – often even daily – posts Honestly, tips on time management are much appreciated so feel free to share!

Enough of that for now, though, because it’s time for our midweekly food party once again: What I ate Wednesday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


Looking through my camera’s memory card a theme for this week emerged quickly. While I apparently didn’t deem lunches picture worthy enough I found plenty of evidence for my latest food kick. And as Greek sounds a lot like green I deemed it fitting for WIAW ;).


You might remember me mentioning my coconut flour and Greek yogurt combo a while back? Let’s just say I brought this snack that I’d deemed perfect to new heights. With this special new food find …

Banana flakes

Sun-ripened dried banana flakes or simply: Deliciousness.

… a new favourite was born: Coconut Banana Greek yogurt. Sweetened just by the banana flakes it didn’t need any maple syrup. Obviously topped with almond butter because it magically turns the best of snacks into something even more amazing.

It might not look like much but the flavour and texture are swoon-worthy.

It might not look like much but the flavour and texture are swoon-worthy.

As if coming up with a great new combination myself wasn’t good enough I stumbled upon this in one of the grocery stores around. Squeee!

Thick and creamy with a slight tang completemented perfectly by the sweet blueberries – hit the spot.

Thick and creamy with a slight tang completemented perfectly by the sweet blueberries – hit the spot.

Just to explain my excitement to any American readers: Germany is devoid of any of the popular Greek yogurt brands like Chobani or Oikos and grocery store brands don’t exist. The only Greek yogurt we can get at select supermarkets is full-fat and even that does only come in plain flavor. What I’ve been referring to as Greek yogurt is actually “Quark”, German curd cheese. Now you might get how delighted I was finding Fage split cups. Regarding the hefty price tag they’ll definitely be an occasional splurge only but it’s nice to treat myself every now and then. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel it might not be long until I cave again 😉 …

Happy Wednesday everybody!


What are some of your latest food finds?

Have you tried mixing Greek yogurt with coconut flour yet?

Unrelated to food: Did Spring make an appearance where you live yet? I’m already prepared for a white Christmas Easter.