Celebrating [blogger birthdays], cereal and contemplation

While many of you celebrated a long Memorial Day weekend we’re getting a day off over here today – minus a [hopefully] short work event smack dab in the middle of the day for me. Meaning there’s even more to celebration in addition to Thinking out loud with Amanda. Onto that for now!


1. So… We’ve talked about the birthday calendar idea several times before and again last week. Call the newspapers [and while you’re at it: ask them for a job for me (: ] because I proudly present you the first birthday calendar printable:

As you can tell, though, there’s still a lot of blank space and the other months are looking even more sad – hence why I won’t post them yet. Read: Spread the news and let me know all blogger birthdays you know so the blog world gets to celebrate somebody every day of the year!

2. Yesterday brought further proof it really doesn’t take much to make me happy at times. Like this gem that turned out to be a lifesaver and let me sigh in relief when I remembered I’d packed it into my bag for work.

Just a few_May 004

Okay, maybe I’m slightly exaggerating but have you ever been stuck in a situation with, ahem, leftovers stuck in your teeth? Awesome. Only not. Picking at my teeth with my fingers even in a bathroom isn’t my first choice:  floss to the rescue!  I vote every office stocks it in their rest rooms. But in the end I know I’d better make sure to keep some in my bag every day.

3. On the issue of stocking up: Have you ever seen those people at the supermarkets looking like they were preparing for apocalypse or at least a flood? It’s a national holiday for us today and when I was at the store to quickly pick up one (!) item yesterday I saw people buying enough food to last for days. I mean, really? We’re talking about a single day of closed stores.


4. After reading this article I felt a serious inkling to get Google Glasses. Yes, I know they look odd. In fact, I’ve seen them ‘live’ before and made fun of them. But that was before I knew they essentially offered the thought recorder I’ve been dreaming of for ages now. Only I’m not sure I really want Google to not only track my web activities but my thoughts, too. Maybe the old-fashioned pen to paper option is still best. Some things are just too good to be true trustworthy.

5. Apparently the German weather gods are evil-spirited this year and when it rains it pours. Looks lke the weather gods made it a point to remedy every sunny day we get with an appt downpour to ‘make up for’ all the sunshine.

Recipe experimentation_May 076

It seem like we didn’t deserve a real summer over here this year – or at least according to my roommate who is convinced the fact we had a fairly mild winter means we won’t get a proper summer this year. Did I mention I don’t believe my roommate? Like, ever?!

6. Just for Amanda: Proof that aside from everything we lack – Sephora stores and proper cereal amongst others – we do toys in cereal boxes are still an occasional sight over here. And not just any but the much coveted colour-changing cereal spoons! Now who wants to buy a box so I can get my magic spoon?


And that’s a [calendar/ weather ramble/ cereal] wrap so all that’s left to say now is: Happy Thursday and happy Ascension Day to those celebrating!


Happiness inducing today: Chatting with my mum on the phone.

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