Thinking out loud #7

What a difference a label makes … Not in terms of diets in case that’s what you were thinking. But if you’ve been reading my blog for a while already you might remember I used to do these ‘random thought’ style posts for a while already. But while they were fun to write I can’t remember I ever got as excited about them as I do now for Thinking out loud. So thank you for the music label, Amanda!


1. Speaking of labels and now in terms of food after all: Why is it that children [or grown-ups, too, if we’re being honest] enjoy eating one and the same dish or food even more when it comes with a cute label? Going through some of my stuff still stored in my old room at my parents’ I happened upon this gem of a book called “Party recipes for Children”. [Note that even if you don’t speak/read German the Amazon preview has some hilariously old-fashioned pictures to look at.]. Who wouldn’t want to eat Anti-Vampire Soup, Pizza faces or Little Red Riding Hood Salad?! I know you’re curious about the recipes now ;).

2. Why not start a random post with a random picture I took in Berlin? This was too cute to pass.

Street art_Berlin

3. Not looking my age can be a real annoyance when working as a journalist[-to-be]. Sounding young on the telephone doesn’t make things any easier, either. Case in point was one member of a network I was supposed to write an article about deeming it necessary to spell ‘coordinator’ to me. Eh … thank you very much for nothing. And no, I’m not the newspaper’s school intern.


4. Granted, judging from my current [work] notebook you might doubt my age. In my defense, though, I didn’t buy and choose it myself but just asked my mum if she had a spare one lying around.  Very grown up, no?! It happens to actually be one I got years back, though, and had never used so it went directly into my mum’s stash.

5. When I returned home on Sunday one of the first things my dad asked about my meet-up with Lucie was if she was vegan. Picture his delighted grin when I told him she wasn’t. “So not everyone’s vegan then, huh?” Trust me, I never said anything like that. Oh, sure, just so you know: all bloggers are obviously vegan – even if you didn’t know yet you’d better start chugging soy milk and dousing every meal in nutritional yeast right now to fit the stereotype.

6 . Judging from that graphic I’ve failed at fitting the blogger stereotype all the way. Or wait, let’s see …  Does Journalism count as a form of art? Check. Loves: photography, blogging, family, fashion, obscure [is vegan and organic obscure?] restaurant, … Wow, I’m apparently more stereotypical than I thought. Should I be proud or ashamed?

7. Apparently it has become some kind of trend among the visitors of Berlin’s Museum of Communication to adorn the traffic light in front of the entrance with their bright visitor’s badges.  Note that mine isn’t in the picture …

Berlin January 19th 018

  … because I kept sporting it on my cardigan all day long and didn’t notice until back at home. Woops. Lucie, did you notice? No need to shell out money for brooches or buttons when you can get a bright spark on your clothes for free ;).


8. Sorry I’m not sorry for the constant Disney appearances on the blog. But after Caitlin tweeted her result of this test yesterday I just had to try it and share with you, too. Don’t forget to tell me your result because you know I’m curious!

9. No mention of the puzzle [or better yet its progress] in today’s Thinking out loud. [Note that this doesn’t count.]

10. It’s less than one week until my birthday and I have yet to decide on a cake. It’s about time to make a decision, I guess. If only it wasn’t that hard! [Read on before you judge the childish picture – it all makes sense.]


Happiness inducing today: A kind* stranger at the gym telling me to enjoy my workout and sounding like she meant it. Not something you – or at least I – hear often because far too many people don’t even greet others.

* that’s why I thought the ‘random act of kindness’ graphic was the best fit for the birthday week picture.

What makes you the stereotypical blogger [according to others]?

Do you jaywalk often or are you a goodie-goodie using the cross-walk?

Marvelous in my Monday: Snowy, sweet and spoiled

Happy marvelous Monday everybody!


My weekend was once again spent at my parents’ which actually is just now becoming regular. The last two semesters and working weekend shifts didn’t allow me to go home to see my family too often. That’s why I’m embracing the opportunities I get all the more now :). Family is what’s making my whole life more marvelous.

The snowy part of my weekend was enjoyed on a nice walk with my mum. We ended up talking about many things that were on my mind lately. Honestly, whichever worries I might have: Talk-and-walks with my mum always make me feel at least a little more positive afterwards.


Sweetness found its way into my life with this belated birthday package by my grandma. She left it at my parents’ as we weren’t able to see each other on my actual birthday. Now that’s making it birthday month for sure, right :D?!

One of my current favourite colours nontheless.

One of my current favourite colours nontheless.

What made smile even more was the bar of chocolate. Usually, my grandma adds a Milka chocolate bar (all of which are whole-milk) to the birthday and Christmas presents for any of her grandchildren. As I eat mostly vegan and don’t care about milk chocolate mine usually gets eaten by my siblings or parents which is fine with me. I’d never blame grandma for it – you do all know I make sure to get my chocolate fix in anyway ;).

Not quite Lindt but who am I to discriminate good chocolate ;)?!

Not quite Lindt but who am I to discriminate good chocolate ;)?!

This time, though, grandma bought me an extra dark bar and I was really touched by her thoughtfulness. Warm socks for my always cold feet and chocolate for the soul made me feel seriously spoiled.

Another piece of marvelousness was brushing of winter by wearing one of my favourite dresses. Just because.


I’m all about lace any season of the year, really.

I’m all about lace any season of the year, really.

… and another thing that made my Monday marvelous was our fabulous host Katie‘s post today! You know what I’m taking about, right? Congratulations on getting a little rockstar, Katie!


What made your weekend marvelous?

Which is your favourite bar of chocolate (brand, cocoa percentage)?

Do you ever wear special dresses/clothes just because?

Loving a laid-back Birthday [week]


As the title is giving away already my birthday was spent in the very best laid-back attitude yesterday. It being a weekday meant I wasn’t able to visit my parents and celebrate with my whole family. I’ll visit them on the weekend, though, so inspired by several lovely bloggers I decided to celebrate Birthday week instead. Let’s get partying WIAW style today! Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

Cookies as a mid-morning snack while lounging around – bliss!

Cookies as a mid-morning snack while lounging around – bliss!

My mum was able to come to the city I’m living in after work. It meant a lot to me she took the almost two-hour journey (one way) just to take me out for lunch and do a little shopping – yet another reason why I love her so much.

Not having a huge choice when it came to picking a vegan lunch spot I decided on a cute all-organic vegetarian restaurant. I’d never been there before but the great service, am sure to go back now.

Their daily changing menu – we certainly went on a particularly good day!

Their daily changing menu – we certainly went on a particularly good day!

We met two friends of mine and ordered beverages to toast on my birthday. This might be slightly seriously embarrassing but while everybody else got the obligatory bubbly I ordered my favourite Yogi tea: Sweet Chili. The servant may or may not have been slightly irritated but I simply don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol.  Keeping it classy with afternoon tea, right ;)?

Additional bonus: Being the only one to get a small piece of Ayurvedic spice cake on the side.

Additional bonus: Being the only one to get a small piece of Ayurvedic spice cake on the side.

Okay, I know all you’ve been waiting for is the food so there you go.

Beautifully arranged salads to start with.

Beautifully arranged salads to start with.

My mum got a vegan “Flammkuchen”/Tarte flambée topped with soy cream, vegan bacon bits, fresh tomatoes and vegan cheese. One of my friends got the vegetarian Tarte Flambée which I didn’t snap a picture of but it looked similar.


The other friend of my ordered the Mushroom Tortellini with creamy Portobello sauce. While I didn’t try this one she surely enjoyed it a lot.


Not that I was biased or anything but my entrée obviously was the showstopper ;): Root vegetables with glazed carrots, finely mashed potatoes (“Kartoffelschnee”) and lentil ragout. Seriously amazing!

Root vegetables

Eating out is something I didn’t do all too often during the past years thanks to my ED. Seeing as I enjoy it such a lot I’m making it a goal to challenge myself to do it more often and not pick the lowest calorie dish on the menu.

You might wondering where the obligatory birthday cake picture is but I have to disappoint you for now. Not throwing a huge party and my mum being around for a few hours only would have meant eating a whole cake by myself ;). But it’s still going to happen when I’m at my parents’ for the weekend so be back for more birthday week awesomeness!

What do you like to do on your birthdays? Do you prefer them laid-back or go all out?

Most importantly: Do you celebrate birthday week?

Marvelous in my Monday: Making the little things count

Happy Monday!



Done! I had my last exam today and I can’t even tell you how good it feels. Now it’s onto writing four essays and an article but it was nice to be able to cross this of my list, still.


Admittedly, the accompanying doziness doesn't make a bed a good place to study. But it IS seriously comfy.

Admittedly, the accompanying doziness doesn’t make a bed a good place to study. But it IS seriously comfy.

If you had asked me in the morning how my weekend was I’d have been likely to answer: Boring. Annoying. Not eventful. Well,  studying isn’t exactly anybody’s favourite way to spend the last days of the week any day.


Getting wild with my newly purchased colourful post-its. Hey, I never claimed to be normal.

Getting wild with my newly purchased colourful post-its. Hey, I never claimed to be normal.

But then I got thinking what I had actually done and noticed there were several good things in this weekend after all. It’s counting the little things that matters. Let’s get onto the small things that gave my weekend at least a bit of marvelousness.

Nothing like baking cookies just for yourself. These were so good and the first time in a long while I baked something (sweet, at least) just for myself. I’m known to bake for friends all of the time but for myself? Not so much. This clearly needs to change …

Yet more proof of my addiction to coconut flour.

Yet more proof of my addiction to coconut flour.

Also marvelous was playing with my neighbors little baby daughter while her mum was showing the flat to potential new tenants. Thinking of them moving out makes me sad, though.

Running in the snow was a great way to refresh my mind amidst the studying, too. Call me weird but I actually enjoyed running in the cold for a few days. Sure, for some – hello, Canadians – temperatures of around -7 °C/19 ° F aren’t cold at all but for me … It’s getting warmer again, though, but I’m not complaining. Snow is nice but I could clearly do without the cold.

View from my window. Now that it's thawing I'll miss the snow - but not the cold.

View from my window. Now that it’s thawing I’ll miss the snow – but not the cold.


Starting a new book that sucked me in right from the first pages. While this might happen not too seldomly I often loose interest after the first chapters. Not with this book. So if you’re looking for a good read I’d definitely recommend “Secret daughter”.

Secret daughter


Cold days meant lots of tea and that’s something I never say no to. I’m not a coffee drinker at all but spotting new tea flavours at the organic supermarket gets me excited every time.

That's just part of my collection of teas. I surely buy new ones too often.

That’s just part of my collection of teas that I keep adding new ones to.

And last but not least tomorrow is going to be marvelous! It’s my birthday and my mum  is coming to the city to take me and two very good friends out for lunch. Very low-key but I’m going to extend it to Birthday week and celebrate a bit more when visiting my parents at the weekend.

I hope you’re having a great Monday (evening/night for me already :D)!


Do you find yourself overlooking small happy things in everyday life, too?

Tell me one little thing that made your weekend marvelous! Or, if something super exciting happened : one big thing :).

Which book are you currently reading?