Week in review: Challenges, clumsiness and lessons

It’s time for another Week in Review. Although I’m yet more hesitant to post it as – can I get an extra day for accomplishment, please? – time seems to have passed by with little to cross off the to-do list. Knowing Meg, though, I know she’d encourage me to get listing in anyway. Some weeks are busier, some weeks less. It just means there’s room for improvement in weeks to come.

Week in review

During these past seven days I …

  • Finished the Bloggers Gonna Blog challenge without missing a single day. That alone is an accomplishment as I’mnot usually good at following through with these week-long challenges. The hardest part – as is common in any kind of challenge – was not letting comparison get the best of me and discourage the continuation of the prompts. Photography isn’t my strongest suit – I’m a writer through and through – so seeing everybody else’s pictures made me feel lacking in creativity and talent at times. Refocusing on the community-building effect and realising I still had fun eased my mind. Sometimes it’s really all about shifting our thoughts. [And the pictures in this post will be random ones from the challenge.]

BGB_Instachallenge_all the toppings

  • Slipped into my role as a German teacher three times. It has proven to be a challenge for my patience as I want to accomplish too many things at once, not be too repetitive in my lessons and basically have fluent-speaking students like yesterday. Slow. Down. Not the easiest feat for me but there are rewarding moments that make it worth trying.
  • Tried to learn how to pronounce and write my name in Arabic. I failed though in my defense I need to say I found my ten-year-old judge to be quite critical. I’m letting his guessing on the German articles – der, die , das – count for its effort alone, too, after all. Lesson learned: German might be hard to learn for some but Arabic is a really tough language, too. A pretty one, though.
  • Experimented with a new not-so-sinful truffle recipe that I’m hoping to share with you soon. Once it passes the taste control panel at the job, that is. Lots of store-bought chocolates and homemade baked goods around at all times – the traditional butter, sugar, white flour kind – make for some fierce competition. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?



  • Prepped a little for another recipe [hopefully]  coming your way soon, too.Tha one upon special request from an as-of-yet still pregnant friend [not much longer, though!]. Don’t worry, though, I’ll do my best to make it a delcious one for myself everybody to enjoy. All I will say for now: balls. Bites.
  • Wrote and published three blog posts. One of them with hesitation about potentially stepping on somebody’s feet again which it turns out I luckily didn’t. Thanks for all of your feedback on the topic!
  • Managed to break both a small bowl and a spice jar [unfortunately containing one of my favourite spices]. I wouldn’t have brought this up if it wasn’t for that old saying of  “Break a thing, mend your luck.” [Geman: Scherben bringen Glück]. Somebody tell me it’s true, please? I need to justify my clumsiness in some way after all.

I may or may not be jealous of my mum’s collection of dishware - which I actually inspired ;).

  • Although recovery means a workout ban I did follow through with a little “exercising” most days. I miss running like crazy and doing some short Blogilates and another channel’s 20-minute routine for fun doesn’t feel like going overboard. It’s hardly intense but I can’t deny I didn’t enjoy to feel my butt burning a bit afterwards. TWSS.
  • Not listed but obviously still in the books was work at my new job and the usual household tasks not worthy mentioning.

Although not looking like much I think some times are more about mental adaption to new situations or the underlying lessons learned. At that, this week probably wasn’t as bad and keeping this in mind is what matters. I refuse to let any day or week pass by as a bad one. Mindset. It’s all about mindset.That being said: Don’t hate on Monday! It deserves a little lovin’, too.

Happiness-inducing today: Lots of time for reading the newspaper – that’s what weekends are for.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!
When was the last time you broke something? Did it work as a lucky charm [bonus points for saying yes even if it didn’ just to make me feel better 😉 ]?

Regret – it’s what you make from it

Another Monday, another fresh start with a clean slate after the past week. Time to evaluate what went well and what could use improvement which we might follow up by setting [smaller or bigger] goals to change things. And yes, Mondays are indeed a marvelous chance for reflection. Having just moved back into my apartment after several months at my parents make this a special occasion for some long-term evaluation.


Do you ever feel like running in circles completely overwhelmed but with no way out? And then it just takes somebody asking the very right questions to make you notice you’ve already known the solution or at least the root of the problem all the time? Whether or not you can relate [anybody?] it’s been just like that for me lately. long with my move – already in the days, weeks even, leading up to it – came the return of an old acquaintance. And one I didn’t welcome back with open arms: Regret.

Looking back at the past months of living at my parents’ house I suddenly felt so much regret. Regret for opportunities I didn’t take. Questions I didn’t ask. Decisions I didn’t make. In the end, though, regret is about realizations which in itself can be positive and actually help us progress in life. Regret focuses on the past and we can’t change that anymore  – however much we want to and if we like this fact or not. What we can influence, though, is the future. By choosing not to regret [as much] anymore and preventing ourselves from regret in the first place.

Saying all that my goal is to regret less and have less reasons for regret. The latter might be even harder than the former for me, admittedly, because it means taking opportunities when offered. I’m stressing the less here knowing myself and that I don’t feel able to say yes all of the time for now. Just taking invitations and stepping out of my comfort zone every now and then would be an improvement already. Focussing on a certain number of ‘challenges’ per week will only set me up for failure in the first place – and with failure comes regret. Nevertheless, I know it’ll take some pushing from the outside, too, and I think there is a number of blends out there [you know I mean you] that are more than willing to be just that encouragement :).

It’s interesting to see how my non-resolutions [unintentionally] find their way into my life and the smaller changes I’m striving for. Even though I actually didn’t look at the post again since and hadn’t thought about which tangible everyday goals I might derive from the as the year would progress back then. Maybe destiny knew and influenced my choice? Either way I feel life has its way of giving us hints on where we should head. And for now I guess that’ll mean back to the grind for most of us – though rumor has it some of you are experiencing the joy of a long weekend? – so:

Happy Monday!


Happiness inducing today: Enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning.

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Do you feel regret often?

How do you handle it? Let it get you down? Use it as a chance for change?





With rooty toot toots

Christmas challenge

Ah, I didn’t start out this challenge too well so far, right? I had the best of intentions to stick with Jenny’s fabulous Christmas Challenge and at least post the answer to the question of the day every day. But you know it: Life – read: the boy and university assignments – gets in the way all of the time :D.

Enough of that, though, let’s get playing the challenge. While it’s the fourth already, I still want to share yesterday’s answer with you, too.

3. When/how did you learn Santa wasn’t real?

Oh my, this must be one of the most traumatic experiences of a childhood, right ;)? Kidding.

The first time I got suspicious was when my mum disappeared “to the toilet” shortly before Santa’s arrival and didn’t return until after he’d left. When I asked my dad why Santa had mum’s voice he laughed it off. My last doubts where cleared when my older brother who’d found out earlier showed me Santa’s red coat in my grandparents’ boiler room. I wonder when my parents would have told me if it hadn’t been for my brother …

4. Favourite Christmas Song

Oooh, this one’s hard because there are too many to chose from. Can I just go with about every song on Michael Bublé’s Christmas album? Not just because he has a great voice – and it doesn’t hurt he’s cute, too – but because I think it’s a perfect selection of songs. Really, though, my favourite might change every year.  Also, I have no shame in admitting that, yes, I do still enjoy listening to “Last Christmas” by Wham every so often during Christmas time.

My family’s favourite Christmas song to sing is a naughty version of the German classic “Kling, Glöckchen, klingeling” ;). Actually, we don’t even know the proper text anymore …

When did you learn the truth about Santa?

Have you been listening to Christmas music and singing along loudly – regardless of what the neighbours might think – already?

Let’s get into the holiday spirit …

… by watching Christmas movies again.

Today’s going to be a short post because I’m tired after a two-day seminar in university – not exactly the best way of getting me into the Christmas spirit ;). But I wanted to join Jenny’s Christmas Challenge so there you go!

Christmas challenge

Your favourite Christmas movie.


Oooh, that’s a good one already – and an easy one as well. Though I can’t say I had seen too many Christmas movies so far I already have a favourite: Love, actually. Come on, how could you not like a movie starring all of the great British actors from Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley to Alan Hickman,  Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Rowan Atkinson? And let’s not forget about the stories showing all aspects of love from funny, sad, playful to – obviously – romantic. “Love, actually” displays love in all stages of life: a shy little boy trying to impress his first crush, the secret love of a man to his newly-wed best friend’s wife, intercultural love and the love between a prime minister and the girl who serves his tea.

I’m generally a huge fan of movies starting out in several different stories that merge into one in the end. There were a few of the single stories I liked better than others but it all evens out. It’s hard to keep the content of the stories to myself but I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t seen it. If you haven’t: Watch it! You can thank me later :D. Oh, also: It’s best watched with friends while eating chocolate fondue – trust me, I know from experience.

Have you seen “Love, actually” before? Did you like it?

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? I’m open to suggestions!