One chance you shouldn’t miss when blogging

Inspiration strikes at the oddest times. The other day, it came in the form of the Yogi’s wisdom while drinking one of my many cups of tea.

“Empty your mind and let the universe fill you.”

I hope the Yogi won’t mind me stretching his words a little and bringing them into the modern context of the blogiverse [yes, I cringed a little typing this]. Fact is, the words brought up a topic I’d been thinking about for a while already. Why not accept Amanda’s invitation to share my thoughts out loud with you today?


Whenever bloggers talk about their favourite reasons to blog you will hear one thing mentioned as the most important: the community. And honestly, I can go on and on and on […] about this, too. That was my intention with and what we all seemed to agree on in last week’s post. Meeting alike minds is giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you open your browser, start delving into new posts and discover how similar people you’ve never met in real life are.

Where else in the world would people from all over the planet, different age groups, social and cultural backgrounds, diets, lifestyles, … get together than in the blog world? Which leads me to the one chance you shouldn’t miss out on when blogging/blog reading:

Broadening your mind.


Don’t stay within your peer group.

Like I mentioned above in the blog world it often doesn’t matter what age you are, if you’re single or [happily I hope] coupled, which diet you’re following, what’s your favourite kind of exercise, … I could go on for hours but you get my point. In real life, we usually seek company of alike minds. Or better yet: those we can identify as such on first glance by joining a local running group, meeting up with a book club or – thinking of the many mums out there – through play dates. In the end, though, we’re limiting our chance of new experiences – and surprises.

When I first started reading blogs – years before I started my own – I followed mostly people my age and with similar interests. Nowadays? My reader is filled with a much larger variety of bloggers – some my age, some noticeably older. Some are vegetarian or vegan, some are paleo. Which leads me to …

Forget first impressions. Give second chances.

Soothing tea to settle a wonky stomach.

This isn’t one I necessarily had to learn through blogging but it definitely rings true here more than ever, too. Don’t let the title of a blog or even its usual topics scare you away. Just like judging somebody by their appearance only is wrong we’re better off giving other bloggers a second chance, too.  It’s not unusual for me to continue keeping a blog in my reader though I don’t completely ‘click’ with the author or re-visit one only to be positively surprised by a thought-provoking post. It’s worth reconsidering your first impression and following people you might not have made friends with in real life. Use the blog world as an opportunity for self-growth of mind and heart.

Throw your assumptions out of the window.
I’ve lost count of how much I’ve learned through blogging in the past years. We’re not talking about any fun do-it-yourself projects here [mostly because I haven’t tried any but keep me accountable for starting!]. What I mean is the kind of unconscious learning. By reading blogs written by authors with various cultural or fitness backgrounds,… and just overall opinions on any topic there is.


Just giving a random example here: bodybuilding and figure competitions. Living in a small town with one tiny gym occupied by either old folks or beef-cakes gruntingly lifting huge weights and drowning protein shakes, I grew up considering it a very weird kind of sports. Competitors to me were viewing food only as fuel rather than a source of enjoyment  [obviously exaggerating a smidgen here so take it with a grain of salt].
And then came blogging and getting to ‘know’ some of those people and their personal stories that were so far from vain. There many examples out there but Brittany was one of the first figure competitors that gave me a different understanding of the topic. I learned that competing didn’t have to be about deprivation, obsessive workouts and rigid rules.

Seek discussion and be open to changing your opinion.

Okay, I’m not suggesting you disagree just to disagree. Like I said before interaction is key in the [blog] world. We can learn so much from each other if we don’t blind out every opposed opinion. Arguments – led in a polite and respectful way obviously – help us broaden our horizons.  Conversations are more enlightening when you can add to them and possibly discover aspects you hadn’t thought of. Like  when my opinion on selfies changed thanks to Georgia  shedding a different light on it .  Keep an open mind!


No matter where we live with blogging the world is at our fingertips and we shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to look beyond our own horizon.


Happiness-inducing today: An insightful conversation with one of my aunts – even if it was just via phone.

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No questions today but your thoughts on the topic and maybe what you’ve learned through blogging or how it has changed your mind.