Let’s get goal-ing [February]

Sorry!  I know I promised to post my goals for February later this week which ended up being very late now.  But after finally finishing and mailing my essays on Friday night – ugh, midnight deadlines – I went to my parents’. Trying to spend as much time as possible with them I almost forgot about the post. In the end I remembered so without further ado:

My goals for February!

–          Work on my (yet-to-be-posted) food bucket list

–          Eat out at least four times. – As I’ve mentioned before I enjoy it a lot but due to being scared, too, hardly do so. There will hopefully be several chances to challenge myself in this point in February.

Still thinking of my Birthday lunch - such a good one!

Still thinking of my Birthday lunch – such a good one!

–          Unplug at least one day a week.

–          Get crafty! – While I don’t have the patience for knitting or sewing [yet] Irina’s craft projects inspired me to start some myself. Look forward to some pictures of my – hopefully presentable – crafts.

–          Practice positivity. [More on this in another post soon]


–          Go to bed earlier.  – Hello, night owl right here. I’ve been quite feeling lately which some more hours of sleep should be a good cure for.


–          Cook more often.  – Not that I didn’t do every day but my meals are seriously lacking creativity and I’ve found myself stuck in a routine lately.

–          Meet a special blogger friend [blend?]!super excited for this one as we’ve been meaning to finally meet for a while and things kept getting in between. Fingers crossed!


I’ll keep you updated as I tackle the items on my list and am excited to see how well I’ll do.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday (night)! I’m off to watch a movie with my mum :).


Do you have any goals for February?

Which kind of craft projects do you like? Inspire me! I’m open for (pretty much) anything that doesn’t involve knitting ;).

What did you do this weekend?