Currently … July 2017

Diving deep into the archives of the blog would tell me my previous Currently post happened a long time ago. In terms of the blog/online world: forever. About time to change that, don’t you think so?!

One more note: This is my fourth or so attempt at uploading this post as my laptop and/or the internet connection fluked out on me so I’m hoping every part of what I wrote was saved.  Now let’s get chatting!

Current book/reading material:

Where do I even start? It’s a wild mix. Kristy was ‘shocked’ to find I’m double-, even triple-dating here, depending on how you’d count. The reason for reading multiple books simultaneously is – as I explained before – my probably quirky habit of savouring literature. Also, I reserve certain books to certain times. I.e. right now I have one I only read in the mornings and change things up regarding what I read after work. The logic is that I as the absolute non-morning person need at least something to lure me out of bed early in the day [and I don’t drink coffee so there’s that ;)].

Nevertheless, I’m actually short on new books right now and have none I fancy re-reading already again. I’m doing the latter until I can decide on new ones again. Long story short: I am reading books but no English ones at the moment so none to mention here. However, one I read a while ago and can recommend is Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods wherein he – one of the funniest authors around – shares his experience of hiking the Appalachian Trail. With a good dose of humor but also focusing on the impact mankind had on nature over the past centuries.

Current quote:

Because the world needs more kindness. Always.

Listening to:

Podcasts! It’s only taken me about a million years to jump on that train but now it’s safe to say I’m hooked and understand everybody’s fascination with them. Truth is, podcasts don’t seem by far not as popular around here than they are for those of you on the other side of the pond. My current favourite [new discovery] is Talia’s Party in my Plants Podcast. As the name gives away, it’s all about having more fun with plants [get your head out of the gutter;)] but not in a preachy vegan way [Talia’s not vegan herself]. I’d actually heard of it/her way back already but wasn’t into podcasts at that time. All her puns, anecdotes and not taking things too seriously make this feel like having a conversation with a friend.

A side note: If you’re in recovery from an ED (not necessarily just but maybe particularly so orthorexia), this one might not be for you. This isn’t to take from my recommendation but if you’re easily shaken from your path to true health, some of the conversations might make you feel “unhealthy” or not good enough [i.e. the use of the term ‘crap’ for processed/fun foods or lengthy discussions of superfoods and exercise].

Current foods:

Call me weird but: carrots. Like crazy. I don’t know what it is but shredded carrots + almond milk + puffed spelt + coconut flour? Yessss. It’s like an upgraded cereal bowl. Don’t worry, I’m not subsisting on that – peanut butter and chocolate cravings are just a constant hardly worthy repeating anymore.

Also, anything tomato-y. My salsa kick is going strong and I plan on trying to make my own using this recipe  once I can steal harvest some tomatoes in my mum’s garden. Because while you lucky ducks in the US have a wide variety of salsa available, we’re seriously lacking here. By that I mean that – and this is if the store offers any at all – you’re limited to mild, medium and hot salsa or just two of those. All of which contain a good bit of sugar. Meh.

Current needs:

Good news. It’s been a rough time lately and I’m not seeing an upward trend yet. Still counting those silver linings –  I just don’t like pretending life was all sunshine and rainbows when it’s not.

Also: a new laptop. When I think my current one has hit its low, things are getting even worse. Just getting a blog post uploaded is a serious struggle.

Currently watching:

Fun fact that I may or may not have mentioned before: I do neither own a TV nor do I have a Netflix account. Sounds sad? Well, the latter is a little unfortunate. What this leaves me with is Youtube which is hit or miss. One of my favourite channels is this German one [Mr Wissen2Go; explaining important current (political) issues and general knowledge in a non-snoozefest-y way] and Jen Brett. I only found her channel recently and recommend it for anybody struggling in recovery, feeling like they ate too much/too unhealthy, like they needed to exercise 24/7 to be in shape or . On the first look, Jen appears to be your typical ‘fit girl’ but once again, first impressions can be misleading. She’s super sweet and encouraging so if you struggle with the above issues, definitely check her channel out.

This post is getting too long already so I’ll cut it off here, wish you a wonderful Thursday and am curious to hear about your current …

  • Book
  • Food
  • Needs
  • Accomplisments
  • Favourite YouTube channels?

Happiness-inducing today: Heading out to town by bike despite returning soaked wet thanks to the consistent downpour we experienced – getting  outside is a daily necessity for my happiness.

Stay in touch!

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Currently … March

March is that weird in-between month. It’s not yet spring, not really winter anymore [though the temperatures in the mornings around here would make you second-guess this]. And Thursdays are those in-between days – not yet the weekend, not bearing the fresh [or if you’re usually facing a heavy workload on Mondays: heavy ] feeling of a new week anymore. As my brain is apparently caught in a weird in-between state where I can’t seem to finish one post but draft three at once I decided to forgo either of those. What better way to solve the problem than go with some thinking out loud and a little glimpse into life as I currently know it?



Drinking:  This tea. Tea snobbery is a thing and thanks to BuzzFeed a verified obsession in my case so there’s no denying it. Honestly, though, if you can get your hands on this Yogi Chocolate Chili Tea: do it! I won’t drink any other [at home] right now.

Yogi tea wisdom

Eating: All the Cs once again. I seem to do that every March – actually: have been doing so for months now.Carrots, Cauliflower. Chocolate. Coconut milk. Not together, mind you.Shown here is a  sneaky b that has been making its way into my life on an almost daily basis: Brussels sprouts. A vegetable you either like or really despise. Which team are you on?

Brussels sprouts_stir-fry


[Non-] Guilty Pleasure:  Ich habe heute leider kein Foto für dich. <- Guess that show. Okay, only Germans will know. .Do you remember my mention of trash TV for relaxation? I didn’t spill the beans on what exactly so the cat’s piut of the bag now: Germany’s Next Topmodel. I actually have what I’d call a very low tolerance to trash TV and I’m not saying this judging others. It’s simply that I find a lot of what’s on German TV to be unbearable to watch [and I know I’m not alone on this one – American shows have a much better reputation]. But watching this show somehow lured me in again afters years of lot watching it anymore. I’ll even overlook Heidi Klum’s bad grammar :D. The show is on tonight so

Nail colour and outfit: Forever not taking the classic nail polish show-off picture. Also forever being into all shades coral/pink/red. This is Essie’s Manhattan Ave-hue which I really recommend not only for its colour – the obvious one – but as it’s one of the few I’ve found to truly last on my nails. Almost every other polish has started chipping by the second or third day so far.

Currently_nails_Essie_Manhattan Ave-hue

Obsession: The pictures of my nephew my sister sends me. I’ll keep it at that to spare you my gushing once again.

Reading: More like:  the last book I finished: Poor Economics. It’s the one I mentioned in my Week in Review a while ago and while I think a full-on review is impossible – there’s too much information – I could give summing it up a try if any of you are interested. A lot of thought-provoking, enlightening insight and many a-ha moments.

Poor economics_book

Listening To: My current playlist  is an all over the place mix-up but fitting my current mood. Including this gem right here – judge all you want but if your key criteria for songs is getting you in a good mood: this delivers.

Need:  After reading the book mentioned above it feels very first worldly [not a word, I know] to see any of the things coming to mind as actual needs. A new laptop – mine’s been failing on me for months, if not a year already  – would be quite helpful with blogging and … everything, though.

Bane of Existence: Late nights resulting  in lack of sleep. There’s no denying the fact I’m a night owl but also none in this not meshing well with regular working hours.

Listening to: My current playlist is a wild mix of songs – some new, some old, some slow, some fast. Main criteria: cheering me up. This one delivers:

Excitement:   It might get old for you but … my sister coming to visit on Easter weekend. Obviously with the little boy who stole my heart. Needless to say Easter can’t come fast enough.

Procrastination: All kinds of blog work to be done. It’s not that I don’t want to get started – the problem is deciding on where to do so.

Triumph:  Sharing recipes on here again – and ones that are approved by others.  For actual food bloggers this isn’t a major feat. But me? I’m neither a chef nor baker by nature – too much of an overthinker  [creativity in the kitchen for a part is about letting go, no?!] – so recipes actually turning out and being a huge success with others feels very rewarding. A little preview of what’s to come your way next week …

Bienenstich_Coconut slice

Link: This website. Fun and helpful at the same time? Yes, please.

Mood: Am I the only one who finds this hard to answer and odd for a post summing up a month of currents? <- that would be me trying to slip away from answering it. Honestly, though, this changes quickly for me at the moment.

That was a long post. Over to you now!

Happiness inducing today: So. much. sunlight. until early in the evening. Spring is on its way!

Stay in touch!

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Tell me your current

  • a) book
  • b) needs
  • c) food
  • d) bane of existence
  • e) triumph.

Currently … August 2015

Oh hey, it has only been … forever since I last shared some currents from my life. But in celebration of another Monday I’ll give you a little update on what I’ve been reading, eating, doing and thinking. Sounds good? Let’s get into it.

Current book: Maybe I’m one of the last ones to read this book and it has actually been on my reading list for a long time: ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’.  So far I like it but don’t feel it and agree Keegan was a talented young writer.

Book_Marina Keegan

Current music: Blank Space – Taylor Swift



Current guilty pleasure: Why did nobody tell me YouTube videos were that addicitve? Or should I say effective? Because they can be both for me. Here’s how I started the addicition: My sister sent me a total of twelve pages she had to hand in for her studies as I usually help her with editing. I find that I work better with some white noise and because

Current nail colour: Prior to asking the question a while back I had gone weeks, no, months without any colour on my nails. Now that summer is in full bloom I absolutely need to get my nails sparkling and shining. And yes, I’ll say the same again in winter. For now, I’m wearing Essie’s Double-breasted Jacket.

Nails_Essie Double breasted jacket

 Current TV show: Still Gilmore Girls. And I’m still bugged about this problem I had while watching it.

Current volunteer job: While I might not have a new full-time job yet I’ve been trying to keep busy with tutoring and helping out in a reading club for children. What I expexted was like a kids’ version of adult book clubs. However, it’s more about getting the little ones to get active outside of sitting in front of the computer or TV. We practicted for a short role play some of them got really excited about – so cute! – and now during the holidays there are various activities centering around certain books.


Current bane of my existence: The weather. Why in the world can’t it be constant? Rain. Heat. Rain. Summer, where are you?  My mood fluctuates with the weather and lack of sun means …

Current drink: Tea? Water? I can’t say much was changing in this realm throughout the year.

Current food: What am I not eating? Really, though, ever since upping my intake  my appetite has been through the roof. Given my stomach looks like that of a pregnant woman most nights [hello, TMI]. Right now and for the past weeks, these have been chickpeas [always], chocolate [ditto], cottage cheese and carrots. And did I mention that when chocolate comes out peanut butter isn’t far away, either?

Chocolate and peanut butter_Lindt

Current blessing: Probably my most repeated but it’s worth saying again: friends. Real friends who care about you and always offer to lend an ear but also cheer you up not asking how things are going.

Current guilty embarrassing pleasure: Turning up the music and shaking it out. I have no feeling for rhythm whatsoever – but all the more fun. When going through my iTunes for the first time in a while this song came on and I despise my plan to quickly send out a mail I couldn’t stop myself until the song was over. Crazy times.

Current link: If only this existed in real life  …

Happiness inducing today: Something I felt majorly anxious about beforehand turning out much better and happier than expected.

Stay in touch!

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Tell me your current

  • a) book
  • b) needs
  • c) food
  • d) blessing

Currently… August

Even with an as-of-yet non-existent blogging schedule it’s that time of the month again. Wait, not that time. You know what I mean: it’s August already [insert comment on how fast time is flying by] so why not give an update on current life happenings?

Current book: Too many and none. I keep piling up books from the library and attempting to read all of them yet not being completely drawn in by any of them. Right now I found one that is acceptable for a quick mindless summer novel. A sweet nothing [in a good way] in written form if you will.

Sweet like sugary frosting as you’d guess from the title already: How to Eat a Cupcake is the story of two women who used to be best friends as children – Julia, the careless child of rich parents and Annie, their housekeeper’s daugther – but broke apart due to happenings in their teenage years. The story is how they meet again and – despite their anger – decide to open up a café together which involves quite some drama [men, secrets, vandalism, …]. It is told interchangeably from Julia’s and Annie’s perspective which is a way of writing I enjoy.

Current drink: Alpro Coconut drink.

July 23rd 024

I used to only drink calorie-free everything but how much fun is that in the long run?  At first try this seemed way too sweet for me despite containing no added sugar. Now, however, I’m completely smitten with it and will pour myself a cup several times a day. Creamy, sweet, refreshing. I wish I liked it less because a) it’s a bit expensive for going through a litre in three days and b) I soon won’t be able to get it anymore [see current procrastination].

Current food[s]: Not new ones but rediscoveries have been the motto for me  all around lately.

Hazelnut butter.

Picture dump_July 032

There are no words. Or maybe: hand me a spoon, please. I’d been putting off purchasing a new jar for months because it’s ridiculously expensive.  So when I noticed it was on offer at the health food store I had to pick it up. That was only days ago and half the jar is gone already.

Raspberries. Their season might be over soon so I need to make sure to get my fair share in while I still can. Or hope for my mum’s to grow soon so I’ll be able to scope up a nice lot when I’m at my parents’s soon. She grows ‘late’ raspberries which ripen around the end of August or even a little later. Meaning that by combining the store-bought variety and hers I get to lengthen the season. Win!

July 23rd 016

Peas: It’s no secret I like legumes but peas are one of those unsuspecting ones I tend to forget about. Childhood memories with every pea I eat because they made frequent appearances on my plate when I was a little one. But now I’m quite fond of them as you might have noticed in the cheesy vegan gnocchi recipe.

Current nail colour: Essie’s Madison Ave-hue was on my nails a lot again recently. I’m about to change colours again, though.


Current blessing: The weather. It’s been perfect these past days: sunny but not too hot. Today actually being the exception because Germany is currently drowing. It’s pouring buckets.

Current needs: Somebody to help me pack or Mary Poppins’ witchcraft to shrink all my belongings and make packing easier. When in the world did I gather all those kitchen gadgets, clothes and food 😀 ??

Current procrastination: packing. I had yet to mention it on the blog but I’m about to move in a little over a week. Right now the sadness of leaving the city and beautiful apartment I’ve grown to feel home in during the last four years is overwhelming and putting a damper on my mood. It doesn’t help that my new place will be in the middle of nowhere with hardly anything around and I’m not sure about the job itself, either. There’s a lot going on in my mind right now but I’m still ttrying to figure it our myself. Trying to stay positive but it’s not easy.

Current bane of my existence: Fruit flies. Vegetarian or not: I respect many creatures but fruit flies are none of those.

Current wish list: Not having to move. Okay, as this one’s out of question: Family time. Aside from sporadic meet-ups with my mum I haven’t been with my family for longer since I moved back into my apartment in February. I’ll likely spent the time in between moving and starting my new job at my parents’ place in the countryside.

Current link: Lifehack. Procrastination? Maybe. A lucky bag of awesome advice? Absolutely.

I hope your Monday started in a marvelous fashion and the week will follow suit there for all of you!

Happiness inducing today: A chat with a random stranger [more on that in a future post!].

Stay in touch!

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Any packing tips? How do you decide what to throw away and what to keep [also memory-wise]?

What’s your current

  • book
  • food
  • nail colour
  • wish list
  • blessing?

Currently… June

Hello, hello and happy Monday!

Given I can’t deny the fact it’s already June any longer: why not chat a little about currents? It’s also been forever since I joined Katie’s Monday celebration and with some marvelous things in my life despite some hullabaloo I’m focussing on the happy happenings.



Current book: It’s another month of two- [or even three-] timing it because there are too many books and too little time. Generally, I’ve really been into non-fiction lately and after Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink!’ [read it!] as recommended by Beth I’m now reading the German author Hans-Ulrich Grimm’s ‘Die Suppe lügt’ [‘The soup lies’]. Grimm is uncovering the [dirty] truths of the international food industry and the foods we eat. I wasn’t sure there’d be much I hadn’t heard of yet but trust me: there’s a lot more. Even just a few chapters in I already know this will be foundation for an extra blog post.

Current Music:  Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

If you’re German you might roll your eyes at this one but I’ve been recommending it to people overseas left and right so if that characteristic applies to you, too: Listen to it – and thank me later.


Current Guilty Pleasure: Giving unsolicited nutrition advice to my roommate. Not of the kind you might guess, though. Here’s the deal: my roommate is actually one of the best examples of intuitive eating I’ve seen so far and not caring about health claims and labels. However, she feels the constant need to apologize for and explain her eating habits thereby shunning her never-ending fondness of carbs. Really, this girl would never give up on her [white] pasta, potatoes or rice – it’s awesome. Maybe my current changing attitude towards food [see current triumph] is partly thanks to her? So I’ve been doing my best letting her know she’s perfectly fine and stopping the carb worries in track. Is that even a guilty pleasure???

Current Nail Color: Essie’s Madison Ave-hue.

Essie_Madison Ave-hue
It’s my latest by Essie and I’m really fond of this shade. Actually, it was my mum’s Easter gift to me. I saw it, needed it [obviously], bought it – and let her know she wanted to gift it to me. That’s what she gets for not buying me any Easter eggs.


Current Drink:  Bringing out mass mounts of the bubbly [read: mineral water]. Keeping it classy over here.


The colder months see my intake dimple but as soon as it gets warm I’m in.for more regular arm workouts carrying 1.5 litre-bottles to my apartment. I may or may not have ‘borrowed’ one of my roommate’s bottles recently because I didn’t feel like dragging those extra weights along when I returned from the store. At least I asked?!

Current Food:
Strawberries. Is anybody else particular about where they get theirs? Having Friday off for once last week I had the only chance to attend my favourite Farmers’ Market. While there are what seems to be like 293848 stalls offering the sweet berries I had my heart set on one without even trying a berry beforehand. And I was so so right.

Buckwheat honey. Another Farmers’ Market find and a first for me. After Amanda had been raving about it forever and I’d searched high and low in every store around I finally scored a jar. Unfortunately, the beekeeper I got it from told me it was a rare one and almost extinct over here. Say it isn’t so because it’s awesome and unlike any other honey I’ve tried before.

Last days of May 033

Current Wish List: Could time please stop flying by at lighting speed?! That’s all I can say for now. More on that to come once I have things sorted out a little more.

Current Needs: Another domicile – in the US. Or just a ticket to Blend. Does anybody still have room left in their suitcases?

Current Triumphs: Continuously getting better in my intuitive eating process and feeling freer when it comes to spontaneously cooking without needing to calculate all nutrients beforehand. More on that in upcoming WIAWs.

Current Bane of My Existence: Fruit flies and (!) ants. Nasty little beasts and one of the few downsides of warmer weather.

As if they looked that cute. On another note: does anybody remember the movie?

Current Blessing: Blends. Yes, it’s a repeat offender but some people deserve every extra mention.

Current Excitement:Warmer weather. No matter how often I ramble about German weather I’m not giving up hopes on summer yet. Because my roommate is a lying liar who lies.

And that would be a summer roll[-up] of my currents. Hmm, rolls … Sushi anyone ;)? It’s clearly time for me to go to bed.

Enjoy your Monday!

Happiness inducing today: A really delicious impromtu lunch reminiscent of an old favourite I haven’t had in forever.

Stay in touch!

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Tell me your current

a) book

b) food

c) triumph

d) wish list.



Currently … March 2014

A post about current happening and favourites at the very end of a month? Why, yes, let’s just go with calling it a recap of the past – once again rushed by – 31 days. There have been some not so good happenings but looking back March was an overall marvelous month. Let’s celebrate another Monday with our sweet host Katie!


Current book: One? More like three at once. Yes, after secrectly hoarding about 1/4 of my library’s inventory I was able to narrow it down to three. Just to showcase one I’m going with ‘The Paris Wife’ because it’s the first I started. And actually the only of the three that’s not from the library. Go figure.

The Paris Wife

Current music: Nothing new. But I’ve started listening to podcasts when walking again which I’d somehow forgotten about. Right now still mostly my [German] favourite but I could use some inspiration so if you know of any good ones: let me know.

Current guilty pleasure: Reading some blogs while at work … Productivity boosters, you know.

Current nail colour:  The same like last month. Yes, I changed it in between but I was feeling Jam ‘n’ Jelly again so that’s what it is.

Jam 'n' jelly

Current food: All the Cs! No, I did neither plan this nor do I intend to do an alphabet challenge related to food*. But I can’t say my inner grammar fiend/OCD personality doesn’t like the coincidence of it being the third month of a year and my fondness for all foods starting with the third letter of the alphabet 😉 . Really, though, there are so many good foods starting with C.

*Even though I’m somehow intrigued by the idea now…

Chocolate. It’s an ever-occuring one but the obsession’s been growing out of whack lately. I’m not sure what it is because I can’t blame the weather.  Anyway, sorry I’m not sorry but I could never give this up for Lent and I know many people do.

Lindt chocolate

Chickpeas. And I’m particular and only buy this brand because they are the best. Yes, trust me. If you’re German or even happen to be over here that’s your go-to brand. Thank me later 😉 .


Also: [Variations on] Cauliflower. One of these being the Chickpea Flour Dumpling Bake and another delicious recipe featuring it will be coming your way soon. Until then be sure to check the link in yesterday’s post.


And another ‘C’ I’ll be getting into more detail about in a future post invling current experimentation with my diet.

Current wish: Right now? Wishing that WordPress would return to its previous layout again. The picture editing. The [be honest: dumb-looking] smileys. Everthing. Is anybody up for petitioning?

Current need: Sleep. It’s a constant issue for me and I really have to work on betterment here once and for all.

Current triumph: Becoming more relaxed around food again after struggling a bit lately.

Current bane of my existence: Trouble with my hip that makes me feel like a not-so-well oiled robot when walking [or trying to do it] at times. But I’m sure it’ll all be well again [hopefully] soon.

Current outfit:  Right from the lake side: You might have seen this dress before but the fact I can now wear it outside with just a cardigan is yet another sign spring’s approaching.


Current blessing: Friends who make an effort to stay in touch even if they’ve moved far away. I met one I hadn’t seen in months today and we had a wonderful time catching up. He’s one of my closest friends and we

Current excitement:  News that I found out just today and have a hard time keeping to myself. Only it might take a few more weeks or months until everything’s figured out.

Current link: Goodreads.  I have yet to set up an account but am in dire need of some reading inspiration. Not like above-mentioned hoarding tendencies needed any more fuel…



Happiness inducing today: A repeat offender but yes: sunshine!

Stay in touch!

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Share some of your currents with me!