Running [out of space], my fall must-have + pizza craziness

What do you do when a) Thursday arrives before you actually got acquainted with the new [or not so new anymore] week and b) your brain is technically not out of post ideas but rather jumping from one to another, leaving you with about half a dozen semi-written posts? Well, you thank Amanda for inventing Thinking out loud Thursdays and make lemonade from life’s lemons. Or just a post from random thoughts.


  1. Rather than running with spoons I have been running out of space lately. Everywhere. On my blog [hello, limited data]. On my laptop  [that state has been a ‘current’ for, ahem, months] and my phone. The latter issue will hopefully find a good end soon with the memory card I ordered earlier today. The laptop situation? Trickier yet. Not because I wasn’t ready to buy a new one after having this one for about seven years. It’s my incredible indecisiveness causing the biggest trouble. If you have any awesome laptop recommendations [think: fast, neither too huge nor so small it makes typing for longer a pain and (!) a good battery duration]. The blog situation is a story for another day, really, but at least my phone will hopefully be running smoothy again soon.


2. As I only thought to add it very last minute I didn’t say much at all about the song I included in Monday’s post. What I did mention, though, was that it’s not my usual taste of music. It was only this past weekend when it played on the radio while I was driving that I started to like it. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have had it not been for the moderator introducing it as a song about mobbing and using the hatred of your ‘adversaries’ if you will as fuel to the fire that is your strength. Or at least that’s how I interpreted his words. That made me give the song a chance and yes, it’s been on repeat since.
This also rings true regarding other songs for me. Many times I won’t like a song upon first hearing it but only after finding out the story or deeper meaning behind them. Or when I can connect a memory to a certain tune. Love takes over by Kelly Rowland? I thought it was terrible and would quickly switch radio stations when it came on. Until I made that one memory of what Meg would possibly paraphrase with ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ that I happily recall. Do you have any songs that you only started enjoying at second ‘look’/listen?

3. It’s the season again! So I’m one of – so it seems – the few bloggers that aren’t super excited about the start of fall [or autumn as I prefer]. The daylight fading way sooner? Not a fan. Cozy sweaters? Sound nice in theory but in reality I  feel about them the same way I do about pants. Yes. What I do like a LOT, though? Scented candles! Granted, I’ve been lighting one every now and then in summer, too. Yet it’s only now they’re a daily necessity and coming to their full coziness potential.y favourite? Since I’ve yet to find the famed Yankee candles I’m still fond of my lovely – and reasonably priced! – IKEA vanilla ice cream ones. Honestly, they’re so good!

Vanilla candle IKEA

4. While everybody in the US is running to the stores to stock up on canned pumpkin – which you will not find over here at all – vegans here are currently searching high and low for this pizza.

Lidl released the first ever grocery store brand and very affordable – think: less than 1.50 $ – vegan pizza a while ago, sold out immediately  or even the day before offical sales started in most stores, causing uproar among vegans. Hence the store bringing it back once again. Me? Not buying it. For one, I just enjoy cooking myself  too much and then I also rarely buy limited time only items for fear of liking them too much. Yes, I mean that. Feel free to laugh – I know I have my quirks.

5. If I usually comment on your blog and haven’t in a while: the WordPress spell continues. I’m still unable to comment on the majority of blogs out there – including Amanda’s –  and it’s not cool.

6. Okay., not ending on a bad note here. In good news my sister and the little one visiting us again this weekend. The ‘bad’ part is that she expects me to have some new delicious goods at hand and my mum has been demanding another batch of her new favourite cookies. Which might just mean I’m in for quite some baking today. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to leave work in time/earlier today!

Happy Thursday!

Happiness-inducing today: A calmer day after the week started out rather stressfully.

Stay in touch!
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That’s it from me today. Tell me your random thoughts on music preferences, candles or whatever comes to your mind!








Friday Favourites – 10/30/2015

Well, hello there, Friday! And hello there, [almost-]Halloween! How in the world did this month – or better yet: this year – fly by that fast [again]??! And Halloween being around the corner means Christmas isn’t far away anymore, either.  My plan to be prepped better and have a few presents by the end of this month already? We won’t get into that here …

While I can’t churn out any Halloween memories for lack thereof – yes, it’s true – I decided to link up with Heather and Katie to talk about some current favourites again.

  1. At the risk of being cheesy I just have to say that a definite favourite of mine this week were all your comments on yesterday’s post. Letting my thoughts flow and hearing other people’s opinion is one of my favourite parts of blogging. Sorry not sorry for cheesiness.

2. One firm favourite that boosts my mood on those gray, cold and at times boring days: kitchen dance parties! Kitchen because mine doubles as a living room – not always a blessing. Either way: feel free to laugh but this oldie but goodie made a return this week:

3. Talking about jam there’s a firm food favourite to mention, too. If you’ve been reading for some time you might remember my fondness of a certain brand of Greek yogurt split cups and especially the jam part? Well, the only store carrying those decided to discontinue selling them. I’m a-okay going with my Greek yogurt cheat but I do miss the fruity spread so I’ve been on a mission to find a replacement. While not entirely the same this one is pretty close. Lots of blueberries and 75 % fruit percentage – I can roll with that.

favourite jam_blueberry

Walks. Always good but even better now I’m not excerising anymore. This is actually really tough on my mind but I keep repeating to myself that all of this hardship is serving a better future. And while running isn’t in the books – I’m even trying to avoid blogs mentioning it because I miss it so much – walks are an awesome alternative to clear my mind. And – TMI 😉 – they help keeping you regular, too.

autum walk

Another favourite? Surprise packages in the mail. Granted, this one wasn’t entirely surprising but the fact how soon it shipped [five days and not stuck at customs!] was. So: Quest bars. Why? How? My last post might have left the impression I was anti-protein anything. Which isn’t entirely true. I’m not emphasizing protein in my diet much and  going with my gut rather than trying to figure out any macronutrient needs. And as you know if you read yesterday’s post you will know I think no foods should be shunned from our diets completely. Just make real foods the largest part of your diet and you’re good to go.

Quest bars_protein

Long story short: I’m generally curious of trying new foods and seeing all the rage around Quest bars wanted to know what the hype was about. However, my curiosity wasn’t large enough to actually shell out money to order them online. Are you aware a bar of ## this amazing chocolate ## is cheaper than a ‘Questie’? I know my priorities ;). Nonetheless, I was lucky to win a giveaway on Instagram and got two boxes of the bars – one of the S’mores flavor and a mixed bestseller box – and I’m excited to see if they live up to their reputation. I’ll keep you updated.

For now, I hope you’ll have a great Friday and a good start into the weekend!

Happiness-inducing today: Many little things like talking to my sister on the phone, finding out one of her former classmates that I happen to know a bit better, too, is pregnant and other things.

Stay in touch!

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What’s your favourite jam – both the edible and audible kind?

If you’re a Quest bar fan: what is your favourite here? And: raw or baked? Because apparently certain flavours are best enjoyed warmed up?!

Do you have any plans for Halloween?


Don’t be lonely.


Mondays are getting a bad reputation with many people dreading the start of a new week of work, college or school foreboding stressful and busy days. If I was honest, though, I’d have to admit Mondays are some of my favourites. At least right now that I’m still funemployed [thanks, Davida!] and the weekends aren’t a time needed to rejuvenate. In fact, they can feel quite lonely unless I’m spending them at my parents or my friends are in the city. Just this past weekend was an example of such a weekend I would normally try to mask by finding the itty bits of brightness in it not admitting to being all alone.

Although I’m not a native speaker I feel there’s a difference betwee being alone and lonely. Alone is the physical state of being on our own. But lonely is the feeling we experience when we let being alone influence our happiness. It was only this past weekend that I felt okay about being alone for the first time in a long while. After the weekends at my parents’ place I let loneliness into my mind. Most of my friends from university have moved either back home for the moment [if they don’t have a job yet] or to different cities for work. So yes, it can get way too easy for me to let myself wallow in lonely thoughts.

Even when we are physically alone loneliness and the unpleasant feelings coming with it aren’t happening unless we let them.  I’m not pretending I was immune to this feeling.  There are still days when I’m grieving, feeling uncomfortable with myself and letting solitude weigh heavily on my mind. But the past weekend was a great example of actively working against the sulkiness of solitude seeping in. At first I wasn’t even trying. Instead, my brain apparently had found its own way of making things happen.

Sunday walk_October

Not getting into all the details but Saturday started with me deciding to just quickly drop off some books at the library and returning home again. Yet after I’d done it my feet just kept going, leading me into the city for some errands and some more walking around – and before I knew it three hours had passed. Three hours in which I hadn’t once pitied myself. Once home I prepared a nice lunch, ate and then spend a good time reading in bed. All rounded out by a nice run and watching part of [yes, I know … my attention span …] a movie. Sunday was spent in an even more productive fashion and a lot of outdoor activity enjoying a cold but gorgeous fall day. What I learned from this weekend were some key point for enjoying me time instead of letting it become unpleasant loneliness.


1. Be prepared: If you know you’ll be encountering a day or weekend of being alone prepare yourself. Mentally in terms of telling yourself that it’s not forever but also physically by having a good book or movie at hand. Seeking out activities you know you’ll enjoy on your own, too. Maybe there’a a fitness/creativity/cooking/… class you could attend? A movie you’ve been meaing to watch in cinema that none of your friends wanted to come along to see?

2. Pamper yourself: Even if it’s ‘just’ at home treat yourself to a manicure, take a long bath, sleep in – do anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Light a candle, put on your favourite scent and declare it a mental health and self-care day.


3. Run away from loneliness: Metaphorically speaking loneliness is like a nasty beast trying to catch you off guard [why, yes, my brain works in a figurative way at times] and make you feel down. While you don’t need to do any strenous workouts or run miles upon miles a long walk can be quite calming. Anything that gets you out of your apartment and away from the feeling of isolation. Just being around others – even if you don’t know or talk to them – can be a nice change. Or plug in your iPod, listen to some good tunes and walk out those worries and sadness. It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery can do.

4. Write it down: Whether you use a diary, turn your feelings into a blog post or – a recent favourite of mine – write a letter: be creative and make good use of the time you have on hand. The letters I’ve written this weekend didn’t even revolve around my loneliness but I just used them as a way of letting my thoughts divert away from those negative feelings. Busying my mind with happy thoughts didn’t leave much [or any] space for negativity.

5. Decide to see the benefits: While I’d still prefer most of my weekends to be busy and filled with activites it’s simply not always happening. And if you know how to make the best of this me time it can be quite beneficial. Being alone allows you to reflect. See and hear things you might blind out when with others. The opportunity to be selfish without hurting anybody’s feelings. No need to hurry when you’d like to spend some more time in bed or trying on clothes at the mall without anybody getting annoyed and dragging you to go.


Once more it is really about the attitude we have towards a certain situation. When we are alone for too long it definitely gets hard to bear. But if it’s a day or two we can still have a pretty marvelous time without feeling lonely.

Happy Monday!


Happiness inducing today: Spending the largest part of the day outside soaking up the October sun.


How do you deal with weekends spent on your own?

What are your favourite “me time” activities?

And some random curiosity:

1) current book?

2) favourite scented candle [mine are the Vanilla ice cream (!!!) scented ones from IKEA]





Weekends are for …

Hi and happy first Monday in October!

I wasn’t going to be that obvious and say it but … how are we one week into October already?! Didn’t we just ease into September still trying to pretend Summer had yet to end? Well, I guess it’s time to stop ignoring the signs of Fall and embrace the season with all its side actions but also lots of things to like. Some quite marvelous things indeed that I’m sure our amazing host approves of. Thanks for reminding us to start the week off with a smile, Katie!


Weekends are for …

Autumn walk_October

… walks with friends on a surprisingly warm October day. Unless it’s raining cats and dogs we always meet up for a little [or a little longer] stroll outside. Soaking up the sunshine, walking and talking are the components for a perfect catch-up in my opinion.

Weekends are for …


… kitchen experiments. Trying to keep up my September goal in October, too, I’m enjoying to switch up my meals and create my own recipes. Something I previously shied away from because I was afraid of ideas turning out wrong and me wasting calories on food I didn’t enjoy. Looking back at some of my first posts I see meals created with too much fear and lacking in taste. But the more I allow myself to stop measuring every ingredient and go with the flow the better the outcome. Definitely recipes worth sharing.

Weekends are for …

Farmers' Market

… visiting the Farmers’ Market. A country bumpkin at heart still I can’t miss out on any chance to get farm-fresh produce that tastes a million times better than anything offered at supermarkets. Stocking up on fall produce and the last of summer’s bounty is a necessity whenever I have the time to go. What I especially enjoy about Farmers’ Markets is getting to know the people behind the food I eat and have a chat with them. Why yes, I’m the person who lets the vendor tell her about the whereabouts of his blueberries only to anxiously ask how long he thinks he’ll still have some for her. [Please keep your fingers crossed for another week of the best sweetest berries ever for me.]

And … weekends are for

meeting potential new roommates. My current one is about to move out at the end of the month and I had a number of candidates visit to look at the room and chat for a bit. Admittedly, I wasn’t too keen on sharing a flat anymore after my previous roommate experiences. Believe me, there would be some stories to tell … After getting to know all these sympathetic, fun and open-minded girls, though, I think I might change my mind again. If only I didn’t have such a hard time picking just one of them now … A decision I won’t get around making this week. But for now:

Happy Monday!

Happiness inducing today: My mum mailing me to say thanks for the letter I mailed her and making a fun suggestion for a little mum-and-daughter project.  A first letter-writing success :).


Tell me: Weekends are made for …

Do you regularly visit Farmers’ Markets? What are you must-buys?

Any ideas on how to make the decision for a roommate easier ;)? If only I had more than one spare room …



Blissfully falling into autumn

See what I did there? With a slight preference for the term ‘autumn’ when it comes to naming the season and the latter having started on Saturday I couldn’t help but choose this title. And a blissful start it was indeed.

But first things first: Happy Monday! The first Monday of the season so how much cleaner than clean could our slates be ;)?! Let’s take a look at all things marvelous from the weekend. Thank for hosting once again, Katie!


Most marvelous about the past weekend was my spontaneous decision to head down to my parents’ for the first time since my sister’s wedding. Swapping the hustle-bustling grey city for the gorgeous nature and calmth of the countryside – bliss.


Sparing you the story of my less-than-pleasant train/bus journey [five instead of two and a half hours? Not cool.] the time that followed more than made up for it. First stop after my arrival: my mum’s raspberry bushes. As in: must eat all the [golden] berries. Not like I didn’t eat my fair share of red ones, either, though ;).


My parents were out and about dancing the day away [read: they’re avid dancers and attended a workshop]. While waiting for them I read, pottered about the house and went for a walk. As much as I enjoy my runs in the city already they can’t compare to hitting the trail in the countryside. The weather was perfect – mild temperatures, no rain – and breating in fresh country air again was truly marvelous. Once back my parents had arrived and we sat together chatting, drinking tea and planning the next day.


Taking full advantage of the fact that my siblings weren’t around and for once not sharing my parents’ attention I’d made a wish: going for a long walk/hike through the autumnal forest. If there’s one activity that I need to partake in every year around this time it’s a walk in the woods. Even though I haven’t written a fall bucket list [yet?] this would have been far on top.


Being in nature lets me forget all current worries, reminiscene my childhood and simply enjoy time with my parents. Not waste a thought on what I’m wearing, what others are thinking of me or my to-do list for the next day – just be in the moment.

Autumn walk

Maybe taking inspiration from this little guy who was clearly enjoying the simply life …


Back from our walk I visited a friend of my family. Originally just meaning to deliver a present from my parents but then accepting a spontaneous invitation for a cup of tea. Skipping my planned run for it? Totally worth the great conversation and catching up. It’s these little things that made me feel anxious a while ago still and that I’m getting better at accepting. Feels so good to worry less and enjoy more.


And again one party just isn’t enough to start Monday off right. Just looking at the sheer amount of kabocha I’ve been eating the past weeks and months I simply couldn’t not join Heather’s MMAZ this week.

Meatless Mondays

While last week was about getting creative in the kitchen ourselves this week we’re supposed to show off what we’ve cooked using somebody else’s recipe. Even though I usually have a hard time choosing it was a matter of second this time. The very day after Laura had posted her Thai Peanut Kabocha and Cauliflower I had some roasting in the oven.

Sprint2the table PB vegetables

There’s a lot to say here [I’m not usually a fan of roasted vegetables; peanut flour over here isn’t even nearly as amazing as the one in the US; …] but here’s the short version: go and make this recipe! It’s strangely addictive. Just the right amount of spicyness with the cinnamon adding a subtle sweet touch rounding out the flavour. I couldn’t stop snacking until the whole batch was gone so if that isn’t an indication of how good it was … Thank you for the awesome recipe, Laura! Now if only the stores around here hadn’t conspired against me not offering kabocha anymore. Please keep your fingers crossed for me :).


Happiness inducing today: The whole weekend spent at my parents’. Refilling my happiness reserves all the way.


How did you spend the weekend?

Fall or autumn: which term do you prefer – no matter if it’s the one you use more often or not? Maybe it’s because I grew up using “autumn” but I just like the sound of it better. Either way, here’s to embracing the season of [scented!] candles, comfy wool socks handknitted by grandma [guess what I’m wearing right now?!] and curling up in bed with a good book.

If you don’t live at your parents’ anymore: how often do you see them?