MIMM: Berlin-ating weekend with my mum

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start into the week. Thanks to Katie for hosting the weekly Marvelous in my Monday link-up! Did you see the new logo already? It’s so cute!



Mine was – you guessed it – marvelous and this time especially so. Why?  For once, I got to visit Berlin again and second with my best friend: My mum. She’s my favourite travel companion – or favourite person in general  J. Going to Berlin had been on our agenda for a while now and we finally worked out a weekend  to put our plan into action. While we only had about one and a half days we made the most of our time.

The sky’s the limit – or the train connections ;)

The sky’s the limit – or the train connections 😉

Arriving on Saturday afternoon we quickly settled in my aunt’s place who generously allows us to stay at hers whenever we visit Berlin. After that we spent the remainder of the afternoon doing the natural girly thing: Shopping :)! Some vegan food shopping at Veganz, Berlin’s vegan supermarket, was included – more on that in this week’s What I ate Wednesday post!

Ready, steady, go – the typical Berliner Ampelmännchen.

Ready, steady, go – the typical Berliner Ampelmännchen.

I’m sorry to admit there aren’t too many pictures from that day. First, because I didn’t feel like lugging around my heavy DSLR and second – and more importantly – my mum isn’t too keen on me taking pictures of everything. How does your family take your blogging photography “duties” ;)?

When our stomaches started rumbling we headed for the first lunch spot I’d looked up: Emma Pea, a vegetarian and vegan bar/café located on a former railroad property. Berlin’s full or interesting places like that.


(Picture taken from here where you can also find a more detailed review.)

As for the food part you’ll have to wait until Wednesday ;). Just to let you know already there’s just one way to describe it: Incredibly delicious! But we obviously did much more than eat so let’s get going!

“Nice weather" – not exactly what Berlin greeted us with but they sky’s only as gray as you see it :).

“Nice weather” – not exactly what Berlin offered but the sky’s only as gray as you see it :).

Unfortunately, we didn’t score any tickets for the Berlinale – a huge annual film festival with many international stars taking place right when we visited. Therefore, Saturday evening was spent chilling at my aunt’s with mum, my aunt and her boyfriend. Chatting about their projects, catching up and snacking on salted peanuts and crackers –we didn’t feel like we were missing out :).

Museum of Communication

Outside the Museum of Communication which we visited on Sunday.

Sunday started off with a leisurely breakfast and then it was flea market time! While I’m not the hugest fan of them in general my mum could easily spent hours rummaging around the stalls. We met my aunt and her boyfriend at the “Mauerpark-Flohmarkt” (flea market located at Berlin’s “Wall Park”).

Despite chilly temperatures we – yes, even me, the non-flea market person 😉 – had a blast foraging the many stalls. Mauerpark flea market vendors offer anything from random bits and bobs like ornated door knobs

 Flea market 1

… handmade soaps in a variety of interesting scents

Which one to choose?!

Which one to choose?!

and many more of the cutest handmade items – and no, I don’t care they’re meant to be for babies! I was this close to buying one of the cushions.

No, I don't care they're supposed to be for babies.

Never too old for this cutesy!

Fast forward to the afternoon we visited two museums and ate at my favourite place in Berlin which I’ll talk about in another post as this one’s getting too long already :D.

Berlin is one of the cities that fascinate – or in this case: Berlin-ate – me each time anew. It’s an international city brimming with a plethora of museums, theatres, restaurants and many interesting people. There’s so much to see and do it’s impossible to fit everything into a weekend. Needless to say the days rushed by and my mum and I had a great time. Plans for a future visit were made already – fingers crossed it’s going to be soon!

Which is one of your favourite cities to visit and why?

Flea markets: Yay or nay?

What’s your favourite activity to do with your mum? While I enjoy any time spent with my mum our weekend getaways to Berlin or other cities sure rank high among my favourites.