Week in review: In the summertime …

… and the weeks keep flyng by. What is it about summertime feeling being way shorter than the cold seasons? I can not believe it’s August 1st. – insert me double-checking because: seriously??? What am I supposed to get my dad for his birthday?? Ah, I digress … Anyway, yes, it’s August so new month, same weekly ritual of listing what happened in the past week with a few recent realizations.

Week in review

Realization for this post as a whole: Technology really dislikes – to avoid saying: hates – me [think: refusal to upload some  new images]. Why am I even surprised in the slightest after all of my technology woes recently [yes, #firstworldproblems]??  Let’s decide I’m not and head into this new week with a positive outlook and another Week in Review with Meg. As in Meg = the person making sure we keep a positive outlook on life an give ourselves pats on the back even if we feel we’re still behind on our to-do lists. It’s okay. Let’s see what happened in the past few days [or what I remember in anyway …]


Realization: I wasn’t meant to meet any new friends this summer. Or: how every single meet-up I’d planned was doomed for failure.

Remember how I said I didn’t have any great plans for my holidays but to simply relax? Well … I didn’t really do this as a result of keeping my expectations low but after the disappointment of finding out the second [third?] of my planned meet-ups wasn’t coming to fruition. So no, I didn’t plan on hermit-ing [yes, that’s a word now, autocorrect!] my summer away. You might understand why booking last minute holidays or traveling further away didn’t sound enticing after recent happenings in the world.

For the sake of my friends’ privacy I won’t go into the details of how any of these individual meet-ups was impeded – several of the times actually very last-minute. Let’s say that money ruling the world sucks and falling asleep over books a day before a planned meet-up [not me!] doesn’t help getting the latter to happen. Sigh. Just this much: I’d meant to socialize more but it apparently wasn’t meant to be. At least I got to see my sister and nephew way more often which is a big bonus and consolation.

Realization: Spending some more money on a certain thing doesn’t always just buy you that.

The above is my admittedly complicated way of saying I finally treated myself to a new haircut and – booking an appointment with my favourite hairdresser – got a really nice long conversation on top of it. #priceless  Just in case you’re wondering why it took me months and months a while to book an appointment: I have this magical ability to see my expenses, panic inside and decide to put off spending any but the necessary money [read: food] on myself. Silly.


Realization: Rainy moody days make for the best movie nights

After wanting to see this movie for months [and none of the local cinemas showing it] I finally watched ‘Concussion’ with my mum. It was a rainy grey Sunday so we spontaneously rented it. I’m not good at writing movie reviews so:

If you like football: watch this movie! If you don’t like football [and – like me – know zilch about it]: watch this movie. In short [you guessed it]: watch this movie. It’s based on a true story which is always a bonus in my opinion. Though in this case I wish the findings weren’t true.

Realization: My blood tastes way too good [not that I tried!]

This post wouldn’t be complete without sharing what might be my biggest ouch-but accomplishment: visiting my sister and little P. on Saturday. Now the true accomplishment is only revealed by the story  behind this. One word: mosquitoes. More words: I’ve been all mosquitoes’ favourite target for weeks. Actually, thinking about it since the beginning of my holidays which is pretty mean if you ask me.  Anyway, the night from Friday to Saturday was the worst  an shortest so far. Think: the moment I was half-asleep a mosquito attacked my ear again. All in all, I got probably ~3 hours of sleep that night until I had to get up to catch the train. Way exhausted taking the two-hour-ride was the last thing I felt like doing. Yet I couldn’t let effing mosquitoes win and went in anyway. Also hung up my dusty-yet-trusty mosquito net the moment I came back in th evening.

Little P_nephew

That long story out of the way: I spent a wonderful day at my sister’s with her, my mum and the cutest little human I know. He even restrained from pulling my hair this time – charmer ;). Aside from above-mentioned victory over mosquitoes I also spontaneously got ice cream despite not craving it at all. Some may find it weird but I’ve been way more into savoury fare lately yet my reasoning was: a) refusing free ice cream is ridiculous and b) it’s about the social aspect, too. Long story short: I found myself eating some of the best flavours in a while [salted peanut caramel? Ooooh my.]

… and because I got a little too wordy for this post already here I’ll just add a few more bullet points here:

Realization: Ovens might not have conspired against me after all.

I tested another recipe for the blog and – it worked. Still not a baker but I’m excited to share this recipe. As luck would have it – see intro – WordPress didn’t feel like uploading any of my new images so none to show.  What I can say for now is that yes, it does actually use an oven ;), it’s parent-approved and uses trail mix in a different way than usual [no granola bars].

Practiced lots of self-restraint while browsing stores in Hamburg once again.

Published two posts in the past week, one of which was another round-up of my favourite recent reads.

Ordered a new book. That obviously had to arrive in the mail the day I wasn’t there. I’ll pick it up from the post office today. Fingers crossed it’ll make up for my recent disappointments.

Proofread many pages for my sister again. Rumor has it I’ll be in for a voucher to an organic grocery once I’m done which is quite motivating. Okay, let’s be honest: I’m grammar-nerdy enough to do it without any rewards.

Finally sent an important mail off. Why I put off those that mean the most for the longest time is still beyond me.

Truth be told: since those planned meet-ups didn’t happen a lot of time was spent soaking up the sun, reading and only doing this and that [read: non-mention-worthy daily tasks]. It’s hard not to let guilt sweep in but I’m trying to convince myself work will get stressful again soon enough after it starts.

Enough of me: tell me about your life lately and have a happy Monday!

Happiness-inducing today:  The prospect of picking up a hopefully good new book.


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Week in review: Waiting for the holidays.

Things that hinder writing a Week in Review in different ways:
1. Unfaithful internet that decides it’s time for a relationship time-out when it’s raining cats and dogs for a while.
2. Sleep being amiss. Ouch.

Okay so the most important lessons learned the past week: get sleep! Enough of it. Because I didn’t and it decreased my productivity by … many percent. I feel like I got zero, zilch, nada done because by the time I came home from work I was done myself. Still, I’ll make an attempt to find some accomplishments to join Meg’s listing party. Let’s see what I can come up with. …

Week in review

In the past week I …

  • Worked the usual five days including some that felt never-ending. Fusing two businesses means a lot of behind-the-scenes work
  • Took up the role of food supplier in the office. Read: a fancy way of saying I made sure we were stocked up on chocolate at all times. Good chocolate. Some clients bring in candy that’s sub-par – not my subjective opinion but that of the majority – and I know I’d appreciate others providing snacks, too [not entirely altruistic maybe ;)].  I figure if I can’t convince my colleagues to dip apples in homemade peanut butter – I didn’t try yet but guess it’s not the best idea – I’ll buy everybody’s favourite treat.The champagne chocolate’s on me!

Milka chocolate bars

  • Skipped my pilates routine several days. This sounds odd if it’s your first time reading my blog but I explained why this is actually an accomplishment a while back. Still not easy mentally but I’m not exactly sitting on my butt all day, either, so that knowlegde helps slightly.
  • Cleaned my apartment. It doesn’t get any more fun but music helps make it endurable.
  • Started writing several posts. I know this isn’t the best habit but I find writing a post over the course of several days works better for me. I now have – unfortunately not finished yet – a more serious post, a lightheared one and the recipe for the last thing that came out of my kitchen to be written.
  • Published two blog posts and finished the second one earlier than usual. I’ve been trying to have my good good links ready earlier these past weeks. Because finishing them the night before publishing has interfered with getting enough sleep – see above – one too many times in previous month
  • Created a new recipe. Something that hasn’t happened in a looong time. Can we say current lack of kitchen mojo? I don’t like it. Whatever. More importantly, this new one isn’t any recipe but one for cookies. Remember what I said about me and baking? Yes. Heureka!

vegan oatmeal cookie

  • Turned off my laptop and read offline for a bit before bed most days. This was supposed to help my sleep but … see intro. Fingers crossed I’ll figure out a better way during my upcoming holidays.
  • Prepared more peanut butter. I still haven’t dared trying anything aside from this. If you own a Vitamix and have successfully made nut butters otherthan peanut in it: please let me know!
  • Prepared some food for the week. This, too, is something I hope to improve during my holidays as in: prep more ahead of time. Storage space is a huge hindrance here …
  • Because you know I always feel uneasy talking about myself only in these posts how about a little shoutout for my sister? As I mentioned before she’s trying to cut down her intake of refined sugar and testing more nutritious alternatives to sweets. These vegan rice krispie treats definitely deserve a pat on the back as finding the ingredient in Germany already is a feat in itself. Rice Krispies? Crispy brown rice cereal? Nowhere to be found. She did a great job substituting here.

Rice krispie treat_vegan

  • Did the laundry. It was only half as bad as usual for some reason. Sunshine helps. Not just in drying clothes faster outside but getting me in the right mood.
  • Answered several emails I’d meant to reply to for quite a while. Does anybody else ‘write’ replies out in their head right after reading a mail and forget they didn’t actually? Me, all the time.


So yes, I really didn’t do much besides work which is the product of way too little restful sleep and needing the holidays to start urgently now. We’ve been counting down/talking about/preparing for them since ~eight weeks ago at the office and that made the wait feel all the longer. It’s still only been these past maybe two weeks that I realized – also thanks to some plans getting cancelled – that I don’t have any big plans for them. I’ll just see what happens and my current goals simply are to meet friends and rest up. Doesn’t sound half bad to me.

I’m typing this up in a hurry after the internet has been on/off for me all day so hopefully there aren’t too many typos. You know the rule: if you find one you can keep it ;). <- or is that not a saying in other parts of the world?

Tell me about your weeks and don’t forget to stop by Meg’s for more Week in Review shenanigans!


Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Warmth, Today was really summery for once.


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Week in review: Some kind of happy.

I’m sitting here in the boring.room

It’s just another rainy Sunday afternoon.

I’m wasting my time …

Wait. Okay, that’s a lie. A big fat one at that. It’s a gorgeous day and I’ve got lots to do – mostly so I can make the most of the sunny hours today. Anyway, it’s time to wrap up my past week despite once again feeling it flew by too fast. And forgetting to take notes of what I did so I’m rather sure I’ll miss out on some going-ons. Then again, it’s those same adulting tasks most of us know from their own lives so not necessarily mention-worthy in anyway. Same old, same old. What’s also the same but definitely not boring is Meg’s week in review so hop on over there to see more pictures of adorable Ave and what everybody else did. Oh and the title? My current state of being. The “some kind of” because it mirrors my head still spinning with too many thoughts, regrets and oh well … let’s get started.

Week in review

Worked four days thanks to Monday being another holiday for us. It’ll be hard to get used to full five-day work weeks again. #sospoiled

Edited an application for one of my brother’s friends who’d heard I did that. It was in English so even more fun to do. Somebody hire me as an editor, please?!

Bought lunch/late breakfast for a colleague. She’s the first one to arrive in the morning and go-go-go until lunch time.  I offered to run to the organic bakery around the corner and got her two buns [cheese and butter were at the office already or I’d gotten some of that, too]. This is also the same colleague I’ve been promising a batch of homemade granola for the same reason: she doesn’t get enough breaks and the office candy bowl isn’t exactly a proper nourishing meal*. I’m not mentioning this to score any brownie points but simply because it feels good to see that little things like that can brighten others’ days. I like my colleagues so doing them tiny favours is one of my favorite parts of work. Though I obviously still actually work, too ;).

On that note I also bought my dad one of his favourite crisp breads because I don’t want him to run out non-sugary at least somewhat healthy food at the office. You know me.

*Can you tell I have some motherly genes in me :D? Okay, it might also be the health nut in me …

Cauliflower Chickpea Curry_FG[An old favourite – my Cauliflower Chickpea Curry – has been making a reappearance for lunch this past week. ]

  • Speaking of my dad: we got along really well the past days. Those of you not visiting for the first time will know we have a difficult relationship so this accomplishment ranks up high for me. It made a huge difference in my overall mood. Not wanting to sound like a negative Nancy here I will say, though, that this could change in the blink of an eye again. I’m enjoying it while it lasts because living in the moment is the very best thing to do – marvelous even.
  • Because I still can’t shake off the feeling some might read a bragging tone into my mention of buying my colleague food [overthinking? Always.]: Shoutout to my dad for spring-cleaning my bike – as well as his and my mum’s. I’m really bad at things like that so I was glad he took care of it
  • Did some recipe experimentation. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired or too afraid of failing lately hence the lack of new recipes on here.
  • Went on many walks again. It’s been really good weather the past few days which makes walks a must. And a mood-brightener.
  • Cleaned my apartment including scrubbing the shower and cleaning the bathroom mirror – a task I despise because it’s never spotless paining my perfectionist side. Stank eye, mirror.
  • Started taking my vitamin D supplement again – thanks to Kate for the reminder!
  • Stopped and smelled the flowers every day. My mum’s garden is in full bloom and I’m enjoying it a lot.


  • Edited the first rough draft of the intro of my sister’s Bachelor thesis. It promises  to be an interesting read but I’m glad it’s not me writing a thesis once again. One time is enough, no? Coincidentially, though, my sister is going to interview somebody from the same magazine I did when I wrote mine.
  • Wrote a long blog post in one go on Wednesday night – note: I never write them in one go – but decided on not publishing it in the end. It was a weird situation but I still haven’t figured out some of the mind rumbles I mentioned in the past week. Sometimes we just need to write things out to sort through them.

…and that is enough of me for today. Tell me about your weeks and don’t forget to stop by Meg’s for more Week in Review shenanigans!

Happiness-inducing today:  Sunshine. Smiling like a goof because of said sunshine.


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Bloggers: What does your writing process look like? Do you sit down and type a post in one go or several shorter sessions? You know which camp I’m in and it’s the same for e-mails.


Week in review: Peanut butter and family time.

Sometimes writing intros is hard because my brain won’t bother churning out any ideas. And sometimes it’s hard because there are too many thoughts. Especially after the past few days had me reflect on many things in life and changes I want and need to make. My head is spinning with thoughts but since I prefer to keep these Weeks in Review on the  light[er] side and also don’t want to serve you half-digested brain meanderings I will keep them churning for a little longer. Let’s chat about the past week instead – and by that I mean I want to hear about yours, too. Give yourself some credit for all you do every week. Even if – like for me on many occasions, too – “just the usual”. Done is done and you deserve that pat on the back. Thanks to Meg for hosting once again.

Week in review

  • Worked five days again with Friday feeling never-ending. My exhaustion on this day felt awful in the moment but made me realize I need to take certain steps to prevent it happening again in the future. I’m aware this is cryptical but I’m honestly not sure about my real plan of action here, either.
  • Cleaned my entire apartment including the rooms I never use [to be called the the dust collectors from now on …] it’s too big for one person – for our guests arriving on Thursday/Friday. It’s another holiday weekend over here and one where the majority of the family on my mother’s side visits every year. As much as I like my family I will admit  having that many people around is not the easiest for an introvert like me. Verdict after this weekend: I need a lot more practice.
  • Meal-prepped for a few days and prepared breakfast the night before Sunday through Thursday. I still need to get [a lot] better about this.
  • Made a huge mess in the kitchen when preparing my no-bake vegan fudge brownies on Saturday  [base] and Sunday  [fudge layer] plus a little recipe experimenting [gone right taste but wrong texture-wise]. Meaning two days of cleaning the kitchen again. As much as I enjoy cooking and baking I don’t deal well with seeing chocolate, cocoa and various liquids [honey …] spilled around. It’s giving me the heebie-jeebies and my head really needs to get used to it. Maybe more recipe creation would be a good shock therapy ;)?!

No-bake fudge brownies_M

  • Interrupted writing this post to  a) gather my family’s clothes drying outside when the sun switched over to a heavy downpour all of a sudden and b) tidy my parents kitchen quickly as my dad was expecting guests. I’d say he owes me a favour now. Doing my laundry, maybe ;)? Thinking about it I’d already appreciate the internet working properly. My tech-genius brother was/is [as I’m writing this] around for the weekend and has been figuring out the why to our current problems with it,
  • Had a good old sing-along and dance party in my kitchen while preparing the above. Note to self: do this more often. It even sparked a potential post idea [that I should really scribble down after finishing this post lest I could easily end up forgetting it] – I’d call that a win-win situation.
  • Skipped my already non-intense pilates workout on several days. While not exercising to deserve food anymore I still find allowing myself full rest hard. One [rainy] day I’ll [be able to] sit on my butt watching movies, talking and eating good food with even better company like other people do, too. One day …
  • Possibly the most exciting kitchen action of the week: Making my own peanut butter for the first time. Why didn’t I dare to way earlier?! Okay, I know why: my constant fear of breaking my Vitamix. But seriously: it’s so easy yet so amazing. Only I wish I was able to find no-oil-added peanuts. Because I want my nut butters to be just nuts, maybe salt but nothing else. My family still enjoyed their PB & Js and I can’t deny enjoying many spoonfuls as is. Sometimes you just need the “bad” PB.

peanut butter_jelly_bread

Took a million and one pictures of my nephew. But obviously spent even more time with him without the camera separating us. A million pictures are worth nothing if we didn’t actually make the memories they’re capturing.

… and with that I’m off to try and make some more memories before everybody’s packing and leaving again.  Happy Monday to all of you!

Happiness-inducing today: The time spent with my family – they’re a fun, maybe slightly crazy bunch which makes them all the more lovable.

My evening walk – nobody else felt like joining me – including gorgeously sun-flooded views and an amazing frog concert. Those little guys were seriously singing their hearts out [just for me].

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Tell me a little about your past week!

If you’ve made nut butters at home before:which kinds? I still want to try white almond butter but there’s the issue of worrying about my Vitamix again.



Week in review: Count your lessons [and blessings]

For once, I really struggle to find accomplishments looking back on a week. Not because I was hit by extreme laziness but – if you saw yesterday’s post you already know it – a cold. Completely out of the blue. To switch things up I decided to join Meg’s weekly party of sharing our recent life happenings blessng-and-lesson style. Here we go …

Week in review

The best accomplishment first: spent a lot of time playing and cuddling with my nephew. Below: a regular sight this past weekend – cake with a side of baby. He enjoyed lying on the table – and being the center of attention turning food into only second interest. What a difference a baby makes …

I worked a mere two days – but they were long ones [<-trying to make myself feel okay about the fact I had to stay home when I was sick]. The upside of staying home from work to recover was never getting bored when I returned on Thursday.

Lesson learned: staying home when sick is fun for a few hours, then it gets boring and you wish you were at work. No, honestly.


(Tradition. My mum’s popular “Eierlikörtorte” (egg liquor cake) with a liquor-free piece for my sister who never enjoyed its taste.)

Went on a walk by myself every day. Even when I was sick as for some reason these were when I felt best.

Went on several long walks with my family which I much preferred to my solo walks. Family time with all five of us [+ significant others] is a rarity these days and walks are the best way to get mobile device-free conversations going*. We put them aside during meal times but in between especially the male family members are lacking discipline.

*it’s unbelievable how many of those are in the house when we gather. My mum and I merely own a phone each but my dad, sister and her husband are loyal customers to a certain brand represented by my favourite fruit. iDon’tGetIt

Lesson learned: Fresh air does a [sick or not] person good and blessing: precious family time.

Actually, Thursday never got boring/restful. I had to picked up a few gifts and deliver them to one of my parents’ acquaintances which involved driving quite a distance – and I found driving = being in a closed space with a stuffy nose is no good.

Blessing: Friendly people all around [like those I asked for directons once].


[Tradition: Us not buying any Easter candy and using gifted ones for decoraton.]

Didn’t eat any less on the days of sickness. This was tough mentally as it’s easy to justify with a lack of appetite, not moving as much. I figured, though, that a) I didn’t want to risk losing weight and b) recovering from a cold takes energy.

Lesson learned: Self pep talks help.

Prepared another batch of the No-bake Fudge Brownies for my siblings, mostly my sister’s husband. This was such a sweet compliment as he’s a picky eater [and did not like my mum’s cake].

Lesson learned: Having a family who declares favourites and doesn’t want you to try new recipes is slightly unfortunate for a blogger.

Not only cleaned my apartment but cleared it off my belongings as some of our neighbours had visitors over who wanted to stay there. This isn’t unusual – we’ve hosted neighbours’ guests many times –  but I’m not a fan of strangers staying in my rooms. And having to clean up after them, too  …


Wrote a blog post that never went online because I decided my brain wasn’t working at its best and you deserve good posts, not half-hearted bacteria-sprinkled ones ;).

Was online less often. I’m still not good at unplugging completely – it’s a family thing – but reducing it to the evenings when everybody else had gone to bed already [night owl, remember?] felt good. I’m sorry for not commenting much on your blogs, though.

I’m off to enjoy the remaining few hours with my siblings and hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!


Happiness-inducing today:  Family time.


Stay in touch!

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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
How far does your family’s mobile device [that term makes me giggle] obsession go?
What did you do for Easter?



Friday Favourites – 8/21/2015

Every now and then I think I should work out a schedule for my blog … and then I notice I’m better at simply rolling with the flow. Like now. I had no set intentions of writing this post but after reflecting on the past week the idea of talking about some favourites sounded good to me. So here we go!




This one was a huge positive surprise. My current guilty pleasure has resulted in me watching  [or not watching but waiting until it was over] the trailer of this movie about 456834 times during the past weeks. Combined with the very unfortunate German title [Dating Queen] I was 99 % sure I wouldn’t enjoy the movie. Wow was I ever wrong! It was not the expected [boring] romantic/trying-to-be-funny movie but really good. I won’t add any spoilers here but if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend you do! The reason I changed my mind and watched it in the first place?

#2 Quality time with friends. Or better yet one very good friend of mine. She visited her family and we got to meet two consecutive days. One of them was spent just talking. It amazes me how there are people in our lives we can go not seeing for months yet the minute we meet catching up is a breeze because it feels like it had been just yesterday. Do you know what I mean?


Chocolate. Always among my favourites but this week I can actually introduce you to a new one. Aldi of all places was where we met 😉 . Yes, I’m cheating on my usual addiction. I recently did the math lookin g on my consumption of that one and well, let’s say it’s no surprise I have a hard time keeping a strict budget …

chocolate bars_mint

These, however? A refreshingly minty taste, a lot more affordable and vegan, too. It’s a pity Aldi doesn’t sell these regularly so be assured I stocked up big time. The bars you see above are just a fraction of all packages I bought.

Something that is always a bright spark in my days but especially so during the past that felt like a first taste of [the bad part of] autumn: rainy, grey and all kinds of unfriendly: flowers! While I prefer walking through the garden and take their beauty in my mum randomly brought me a bouquet for my table.


I’m obviously not complaining.  And that’s it for my favourites for now as I need to go and pack for a little weekend get-away.

Thanks to Heather and Clare for motivating us to focus on the good things in life every Friday!

Happiness-inducing today: A repeat from above but nothing could beat meeting said friend.

Stay in touch!

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Do you have a set blogging schedule or fly by the seat of your pants?

If you’ve seen Trainwreck yet: what did you think of it?