The full scope of randomness [Thinking out loud]

If there was any way to measure the randomness of a random post I’d say this one would score pretty high. My thoughts have been all over the place so you’ll get to enjoy an mix of ponderings about everything from music to baby animals and haircuts. Thanks, Amanda, for encouraging any kind of thinking out loud – however odd it might be.


1. I’m not sure about the music at your gym but the predominant tunes at mine are – not trying to feed any clichés but just a personal impression – male-suited. Or maybe I’m just the odd one out who doesn’t enjoy listening to techno beats at full Colour me surprised when this song started playing.

Not like I felt any shame admitting it’s on my iPod in anyway. However, I can’t help but wonder if Hugh Grant’s lyrics inspired any new PRs in the guys’ lifting area 😉 .

2. Soon after showing my usual work day snacks I’ve found I was missing something. Something I always reach for when snacking at home… Almond butter. Now how to take almond butter to work with me without lugging around a whole jar in my bag? Because that’s a) way too heavy and b) my bag already is the most crowded you’ve ever seen [and that’s why there’s no picture of it]. And I have a feeling normal people don’t deal with these snack ordeals. Dare I say #bloggerproblem?!

3. Buying a mini jar of jam, eating its laughable content and now it’s off to the dishwasher to meet its true purpose of storing almond butter afterwards.


4. Random but really cute and true story my boss told in our team meeting earlier this week: A baby orang utan in a German zoo lost its mother who didn’t wake up again after a medically required anaesthesia. Poor little guy. But here’s the happy end: He was transferred to another zoo with a female orang utan that had had a stillborn baby months ago hoping she’d adopt him. Obviously always a risky endeavour when humankind decides to interfere with nature. But – yes, you guessed it – they accepted each other right away. Can I get a collective awww? The whole team did – or maybe everybody aside from the one guy among us. Talk about clichés again.


5. A few days ago I finally got a new haircut. Or actually not a new one.  Because despite playing with the idea of daring a change for once – and we’re not talking a different colour but just a few more inches off or something along those lines – I just can’t. I’ve had long hair for ages so always end up chickening out before the appointment.


One day, one day that change is going to happen… Only not as drastic as Rapunzel’s ;).

6. Keeping in short and sweet once more for today so: Happy Thursday!


Happiness inducing today: My mum taking the journey to my city just to spend a few hours calming me down before an important day today.

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Do you like to play around with your haircut? What was the most special one you ever tried?

Tell me the most random thought coming to your mind right now!





Thinking out loud #11

With a writing assignment due by the end of the week at latest I’m thankful Amanda gives all of us a great excuse to forego a lengthy introduction on Thurdays. Let’s get Thinking out loud!


1. Returning to your apartment when you’ve been away for several months means many things. The most significant in terms of food, though: a serious lack of produce. And for whichever reason I had the hardest time deciding what to buy. The latter resulted in a serious strenght workout: carrying home several pounds of vegetables is just that. Simultaneously the up- and downside to living in a city and without a car: stores within [relative] walking distance.

… though I guess I actually looked more like him. Can anybody relate?

2. Cue ‘panic’ when I noticed all stores where either out of bananas [not a single one left!] or had only green ones. Obviously a #firstworldproblem but I know I’m not the only one who isn’t fond of running out of staples. Because I didn’t have any oatmeal in my pantry anymore, either …

February 18th and 19th 033

3. If I said anything about January flying by at lighting speed: February is in no way inferior to it. Are you sure it’s the 20th already?? Oh, first random thought: when talking about what time of a month it is do you group by 1st to 1oth = beginning, until 20th: middle and the remainder being the end, too? It’s probably weird I’m even thinking about this but according to my logic we’ve almost reached the end of the month already 😯 !? And it does not feel like that yet. Can we rewind back to the start, please?

4. In case you remember the gym story I mentioned in my last Thinking out loud post: there was a detail I forgot to mention but was reminded of when Megan suggested changing the elliptical. Definitely a good idea in theory but the gym only has a total of four ellipticals and all of the others were occupied, too. If that’s not enough to make you laugh: have a guess at how many treadmills there are. No guesses? One. And I was never aware treadmills could have an incline setting until I noticed other bloggers posting workouts mentioning it. Needless to say ours didn’t have one ;).

5. Apparently I have oddly sized feet: they’re somewhere between two sizes. For most shoes that means I need to wear not only tights but an extra pair of socks. Luckily they’re invisible – until I take my shoes off …


6. One thing I didn’t mention in my post on Friday:  my choice of dessert there. Frequent readers will know my inability to decide or pick favourites of any kind. So when it came to choosing a treat to submit Davida had to endure my pondering back and forth never actually sharing the plethora of ideas flying through my head. Oooh my.  Long story short: don’t be surprised if you see more single-serving desserts appearing on the blog – or in the case of failures hear me ramble about my oven or whom- or whatever else I can blame 😉 .

7. This article lists even more reasons to make a trip to IKEA again and made me smile because I actually got my first orchid there. Which now has a sibling because my mum was sweet enough to give me one of hers as a moving-back gift.

February 18th and 19th 040

8. One of the reasons I didn’t have a lot of [food or else] pictures to share yesterday was my apparent lack of coordination when packing. Just in time for my move my camera’s battery had died and I couldn’t find the recharger right after arriving. But …

last piece of the Disney puzzle

The very last piece.

9. … the last pictures I took before leaving my parents’ house, however, were announcing a triumph.The most exciting news to mention: I finished the puzzle! Granted, at the beginning I had my doubts of ever working it all out but once I’d gotten more into it the progress became more noticable. If it hadn’t been for those almost alike-looking pieces in the end again, though. Now to start a new one or not?

10. All is said and done for now except: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Calling my mum. I miss her already.

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Running errands: the next workout trend 😉 ?

What are three staples you can’t live without?

Starting a new puzzle: yes or no?

Smile at the grouchy gym guy

I’d originally planned a different post for today but the weekend didn’t go according to plan – don’t we all know how that happens? [Almost ]Everything in life happens for a reason, though, ahd this apparently was meant for me to consult my drafts folder again. A good hint by destiny, indeed, because I’m not sure this post I wrote a while ago [you’ll get a better idea of that while if you continue reading] would have seen the light of the world or at least this blog any other way. After some slightly heavier posts last week I figured it’d be just the right post for a marvelous Monday with our favourite healthy diva Katie.


Friday night after a not-so-swell day of work all I wanted was to get in a quick workout to boost my mood. Colour me not so happy when my ‘favourite’ trainer was in charge at the gym. I’m not usually one to snark about people in public but with this guy I’d never been surprised they usually let him work closing shifts when hardly anybody was working out anymore. He’s so far from your cheery, jolly trainer but rather one of those salacious guys you’d rather avoid altogether. From his appearance alone he’s not one you’d want to be around as the only woman in the gym. Hence why I usually try to get past him as soon as possible. A quick hello, grabbing the key for the locker room from his hand praying he won’t make any remarks trying to be witty. I’ll just take my key, thankyouverymuch. Not.

At the gym_January 2014

When I hopped off the elliptical and meant to make my way up to the changing room once more just quickly getting my key back he came about with one of his annoying comments. Typical. While I’d been able to relax during my workout this simple stupid little remark reminded me yet again why I disliked him. So while changing clothes I intented to simply drop off the key and leave the gym without even saying goodbye because I hoped he’d be in the weights section in anyway.

Yet sometimes I act against my original intentions on purpose because deep down I know it’ll do some magic. It’s funny but I’ve found that in doing this I’m not only surprising myself but others who likely expected a different [negative] reaction, too. And positive surprises are always welcome. Against my hopes grouchy gym guy was hanging out in the entrance area when I left so at least a short exchange of goodbyes couldn’t be avoided.And that’s where I surprised myself: Instead of happily rushing off after he’d – in charming grouchy fashion nonetheless – wished me a nice evening and happy New Year [four days early at that time, actually] I turned around asking if he’d had a nice Christmas. Apparently totally taking him by surprise because he seemed almost insecure answering. When he gave back the question and asked me if I’d gotten any great presents I flashed him a huge smile at the thought of my gifts and responded a happy yes!  Somehow, this one moment changed our ‘relationship’ [it seems odd to talk about having any kind of relationship with a random trainer at the gym you hardly see a few times a week]. A mere few weeks later  [or now: a few days ago on my last trip to this gym in a while] we got along so well we were actually talking for 15 minutes [or more?] like good friends. While – as mentioned – I’d previously have preferred not spending any more than 15 seconds with this guy.

Why, yes, I just wrote an entire post about smiling. Because in my opinion, smiling can never be overrated. A simple smile might not change the whole world. But it can bring a little joy into somebody else’s life – and your own.

Happiness inducing today: A walk with my dad.

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Are there any grouchy guys in your life that you’d rather avoid altogether? I dare you to just give them a little smile or chat them up – there’s nothing to loose.

Have you ever surprised yourself by acting against your intentions? Tell me your stories!