Thinking out loud #6

Looking at the word count of this post I figure it’s best to keep the intro short. It’s Thursday which means only one wonderful thing: It’s time to think out loud again!


1. With only crumbs left in my current tin it was high time to get new rouge. A situation I simultaneously like and don’t. Like because who doesn’t enjoy the experience of something new [?!] but don’t because I dislike breaking the little flower imprint into dust. First world problems.

2. High time indeed because I’d never voluntarily leave the house without applying at least some rouge. The simple reason being that I’m as pale as can be. ‘Milk foam’ as Arman might remember me describing it. We’re not just talking winter months here but no real sight of tan during summer, either. Maybe I was born in the wrong century? I’d have been quite fashionable around 1800 if I remember correctly :D.


3. Does anybody still have lucky numbers?  Six used to be mine for many years throughtout my childhood so that’s why today’s sixth time of Thinking out loud got me thinking [ha!] of it. I can’t even remember which impact – if any – having one had for me but I know it was the six. For no particular reason or none I can’t think of right now but it was.

4. Random question:  Do you ever turn off your phone?  Until a mere few months ago I hadn’t regularly switched it off. I’ve been making a conscious effort to turn it off for at least a short time every few days since a major scare. Just imagine your phone turning itself off all of the sudden on a day out and about, not accepting your PIN and not working again until a call to the service center the next morning. Nerve-wrecking – and further proof how dependent I’m on technology.

5.  Further proof of taste function beating appearance:


Do you remember me mentioning the special hair treatment on Monday? That’s the lovely greenish-brown paste right there. Organic deep conditioner might not be the prettiest but smooth and shiny hair for days?  I’ll take the ugliness for that any time.

6. Promise me not to laugh, okay? Good. So … The puzzle  isn’t finished yet. [Didn’t you promise not to laugh??] Granted, I didn’t expect it to me given that a) I haven’t been working consistently on it and b) it had really been ages since my last time. I know it doesn’t look like much [or any] progress at all but there is.  Maybe 1,000 pieces are a little too much to get started again after years without puzzles? Either way, I’ve been trying to think about strategies [that would be my inner planner shining through again] to tackle it. One of those was setting aside all pieces that are part of the sky right away. Because it’ll take a while until I get there when starting at the bottom, right?


7.  One of those strategies was getting my mum to join the puzzle fun, too. Actually, she got curious and suggested helping me herself. I’d say we’re a good team – however, we don’t agree on the strategy I explained above. Don’t mess with my organization!

8. If you’ve seen my post yesterday you’ll know I baked Amanda’s oatmeal bars. One advantage of living on my own is not having to fight for the best piece. So yes, I obviously had one of the middle pieces first. Wouldn’t everybody do that?

Oatmeal bars_glass pan

9. What I didn’t mention, either, was that by baking the bars I put one of my grandma’s Christmas gifts to good use for the first time. These are glass storage containers that double as baking pans. Awesome, right? I’m probably the last person in the world to discover these and I guess you might be thinking: Why didn’t she use them any earlier? Technically I could have used them for storage purposes multiple times already. But same as with my special produce anxiety I always want to wait for just the right occasion to break into new dishes/boxes/you name it.   Just call me special around special items :D.

10. Now that all is said and done for this week – and I should get back to work: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Catching up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years.

Puzzle fiends: Do you follow any strategies when doing a puzzle? Where do you start: left, right, top, bottom?

Random and inspired by Laura after last week’s Thinking out loud post: What time and temperature is it for you right now and where in the world are you? Shed some light on my time and temperature confusion :).

How dependent are you on your phone? Mine’s pretty much attached to me [but not to the degree that I’ll leave it one the table at meal times or during conversations] and I know that level of dependency might not be that good …