Good good links #94

Another week is over and summer is finally there! Or, well, at least meteorologically because the weather’s not telling it today. Though as I’m typing this the sun is peeking through the clouds so I’d better keep this short and then head outside to catch some Vitamin D.  Not before sharing some great posts I read this past week with you, though. Just as a heads up: I’ll add more to the list tomorrow as I have a few more open tabs I wanted to read but haven’t yet and marked some recipes I meant to include. The reason I’m already sharing this unfinished list now is that a) I want to keep Sunday as my time to share Good good links and b) I’m able to use the internet for an hour or so right now. Enough rambles, though. Happy reading and …

Happy Sunday/Father’s Day!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

You Are Enough via Erin’s Inside Job

 A wonderful and important reminder everybody needs to read. Maybe twice.

I tried to run away from my eating disorder via The Mindful Maritimer

Recovery is a much longer process than it might look like on the outside. We need to walk the whole way – no matter how long it takes.

Why the Food Babe Takedowns Are What Our Society Needs via BostInno

Scientifically proven or fearmongering? Something to keep in mind whenever you read the latest nutrition advice.

Expectations via Peace, Love and Oats

The tricky balance we need to find when approaching friendships and the relationship with ourselves.


Good good [advice and inspiration]

Want to Stop Dieting? Put Down the Nutrition Facts via in My Skinny Genes

Only when we stop listening to meals plans, nutritional advice [also see the third post in the first category!] and any other outside sources are we able to listen to our own voice.





5 Easy Food Photography Tips Using Your Smartphone via Danielle Zeigler

Taking good pictures with a phone can be much harder than with a DSLR [or am I the only one?] – here’s how to improve.

How to Drive Traffic Back to Old Blog Posts via I Can Build a Blog

Don’t let those oldies but goodies collect dust in your archives.



Health and Fitness




From Restricting to Obsessing Over Getting ‘Enough’ via Full of Life

This. When the obsession to stay below a certain number of calories switches to stressing over eating enough – a struggle for many.



Good good [food]

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Fudgesicles via love me, feed me

Say goodbye to nasty chemical-filled fudgesicles and hello to these filled with all things good.

Fig and Date Compote with Greek Yoghurt via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Honey-sweetened and cinnamon-scented this looks like a snack the Greek gods would approve of.

PB Popcorn Squares via Marfigs’ Munchies

Peanut butter. Popcorn. Chocolate coating. This is pretty much the equation of awesome.

Cinnamon Sugar Banana Coffee Cake via Running with Spoons

I’m by no means a cake person but this could totally be an exception.

Gin’s Portobello Chana Masala via eat healthy, eat happy

This peanut butter-y Indian chickpea masala is pretty much made for me.



Happiness-inducing today: Celebrating my sister’s birthday with friends and relatives.

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Good good links #94

Okay, first things first: I’m honestly sorry for not following up the promise I made on Wednesday. I had every intention and just as I was uploading the pictures for my post I had a … well, internet incident. Due to my dad working all weekend I didn’t get a chance to post my Good good links yesterday, either, so here they are today. And yes, the recipe will follow tomorrow.

For now: enjoy the links and stock up on cauliflower already …

Happy Monday!


Good good links


Good good [advice and inspiration]

5 Steps to A Happy Life via Beets per Minute

Because don’t we all want to be happier?

Why I Stock My Kitchen With ‘Unhealthy’ Foods via Better with Sprinkles

Do you struggle with ‘off limit’ or fear foods? Here’s how to overcome the anxiety and make the foods loose their constant temptation.

What Diet Should You Be On? via Brittany Lesser

Read this and you’ll know which one will work best for you.


10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing via Adios Barbie

Do these as often as possible to keep up your happiness level.



Are you using social media as validation of your worth? via Danielle Zeigler

While rather addressing entrepreneurs this is an important reminder for ‘small’ bloggers, too.

Über das Privatleben und wie viel ich davon preisgeben möchte. via Mädchen mit Herz [German]

The constant struggle of what and how much to share to get personal but still keep your privacy.



Health and Fitness

Thoughts On Exercise and Listening to My Body via Dani California Cooks

Choosing the type and amount of exercise your body ‘craves’ is the best way to make working out fun, not forced.

So You Want to Start…Fitness Walking via hello healthy

Walking is a great way to stay fit while not straining your body too much [good when injured].



Things NOT to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder via Lord Still Loves Me

Comments might not be intended that way can do more harm than good – I know from experience.

Why you shouldn’t only focus on the scale via A Life without Anorexia

An issue that bears repeating: This post makes a great point in why the number on the scale says little about you and your life.

Weight restored: What Now? via Oatmeal and Optimism

Common questions people who reach their target weight in recovery wonder: a great reassuring post.


Good good [posts to make you smile]Things in Women’s Magazines that Make Me Stabby via The Everywhereist

 Because sometimes you really don’t know why you bought them in the first place …


Good good [food]

Apple Cinnamon Roll Porridge with Coconut Butter Drizzle via Foraged Dish

Vegan, paleo, refined sugar-free and all around wonderful: a breakfast dreams are made of and easy enough to prepare in half-asleep state.

Cantaloupe and Raspberry Yogurt Parfait via The Almond Eater

Simple and refreshing this makes the perfect snack on a hot day. Bonus points for looking really amazing.

Chocolate Pecan Crumble Bars via The Detoxinista

Just six ingredients, an easy preparation and packed with nutrients: goodness galore.

Vegan Cheese Grits and Barbecue Beans via Avocado a Day Nutrition

Creamy grits with a smooky-sweet beans – a Southern classic gone vegan. [not like I had any experiences with classic Southern food, though …]

Greek Yogurt Guacamole via Popsugar

For those days when you want tyour guac with a little protein kick.




Happiness-inducing today: Heading out for a walk despite clouds hanging on the horizon and then all of the sudden being surprised by the sun breaking through. It was gorgeous.

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Good good links #93

Don’t you like it when the seventh of the month happens to be a Sunday? It might just be me but I find it oddly satisfying. Neat. Tidy. Perfect. Okay, okay … moving on.

Links! They’re back again like every week and because I know you’re sitting at the edge of your chairs waiting to start reading already I’ll keep it short here. Enjoy and let me know if you found any other amazing posts! Without further ado:

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

The Non-Intuitive Side of Intuitive Eating via Full of Life

One of the best posts I’ve read lately and one I completely agree with. Living intuitively doesn’t require following any rules – it’s natural.

How Do You Monetize a Mess? via The Healthy Maven

Something to keep in mind whenever you read blogs. There’sa lot of work and struggles beyond the neat appearance all of us like to keep up online.

Good good [advice and inspiration]
The Importance of Slowing Down via Fannetastic Food

 Stop and smell the flowers. No, really. Or at least put your phone down while you eat every now and then.

Simplify and Unplug via Full of Life

Along the same lines as the post above: technological overstimulation only creates an illusion of being on top of things and actually stresses us so: stop! [Note to self and everybody else who needs it because I know I’m not the only one]

Dare to talk about the problem – stop the stigma of mental illnesses via Life without Anorexia

It’s only when we start making talking that we stop making this important issue a taboo and help many.

Finding balance within veganism via the Real Life RD

This: “true health is so much more than just food” – and that’s true for any kind of diet we might be following.



How To Keep Up with Your Favourites on Instagram via Blog Clarity

Follow strategically to be inspired and get notifications every time your favourites post.

The $0 Marketing Stack: Free Options to Popular Paid Services and Tools via Buffer Blog

Save money by opting for these alternatives to popular tools to post for you, analyse your stats and more.

6 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Blogging via In It 4 The Long Run

Confused by the hundreds [thousands?] of tools available? Start with these six to up your blogging game.


Health and Fitness

Restore Your Factory Settings – 5 top tips for being more human via Chase the Red Grape

 What to do when you’re feeling funky and need to bring some balance back into your life.



The Ultimate Food Prep Post via The Little Honey Bee

Food prep is SO worth it and a serious time saver once you’ve got it down like a pro.



Good good [food]
A special shout-out to Margaux who’s currently offering her first e-book for free – full of amazingly creative recipes: Crafty Carrots via Marfigs’ Munchies
Almost too adorable to eat – but you know you want to!
Banoffee Ice Cream Bars via Marfigs’ Munchies
She had me at banoffee. And ice cream. I want and need these in my life!
The solution to the ‘too many servings’ problem. Make it for you and a loved one. Or just you, times two …
Perfect for summer lunches when you might be craving some lighter fare. [But no carb shunning in general, please. :)]


Happiness-inducing today: Riding my bike in the sunshine and finally summery temperatures that arrived just in time for the weekend.

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Good good links #92

Look at what is happening … the links are back on Sunday for once again. Maybe hoping helped? Whatever it was here’s around-up of my favourite posts from the week on the usual day. Not much more rambles from me because I just got back from a great weekened trip to Berlin. Look out for a recap with some experiences and realizations I had soon.

On a last note the decision on a colour is still open [talk about indecisive and the effects of last-minute packing] so feel free to chime in!

Happy Sunday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

 Eating together, differently via Choosing Raw

Does not sharing the food on the table anymore tear you and other people apart? It has the potential but you can act against it.

Why constantly looking for answers on your quest to live your healthiest life might actually derail you from finding your own path.
Good good [advice and inspiration]
Sometimes we don’t want to do something we know will benefit us – here’s how to stick with it either way.
What we can easily forget about in a world that praises being busy-busy-busy.
Why that social media detox you’ve been meaning to take for a while [right?!] is a very good idea indeed.


5 Useful Apps To Edit Your Photos for Instagram via The Nectar Collective

It’s true a picture says more than a thousand words so here’s how to get the most talkative pictures ;).


Health and Fitness

Eating well as a student via Deliciously Ella

Some kitchen hacks that help you save money and keep food healthy and interesting while on a budget.


The Problem With The Bikini Body via An Avocado a Day

Extremes should never be part of your life – and definitely not when it comes to food and exercise. The ‘why” and better advice on mental and physical prep for summer.


 Thoughts on Balance via Kiss My Broccoli

When you’re mentally in a good place weight loss or gain isn’t a cause of anxiety and a struggle anymore, either.

YOU have to make the decision via Lord Still Loves Me

 “if you do not allow yourself to want to recover, you never will”. Hard but true.



20 Foods to Battle Common Ailments via Skinny Ms.

Not a fan of swallowing pills, either? Foods that may help easen your pain the natural way.


Good good [food]
Banana Softserve Recipes via Fit Foodie Finds
It might not replace real ice cream but with flavours like cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter and others you can’t go wrong.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Rice Pudding via The Big Man’s World

Rice has been my favourite grain lately and turning it iinto a nutrious treat with the winning combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Yes!
Gluten-free Low-Fat Vegan Mac and Cheese via The Conscientious Eater
Dairy-free mac with a creamy sauce using ingredients you might very well have on hand already.
Quinoa and Tempeh Jambalaya via One Ingredient Chef
The classic meat and seafood dish just got a protein-filled vegan makeover.

Vegan Ranch Bowl via Delish Knowledge

Salad is boring? Not when you add chickpeas that taste like Doritos and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Low-carb Cauliflower Risotto via Amuse your Bouche

I’ll never encourage anybody to ditch the carbs but add more cheese to their lives? For sure.


Happiness-inducing today: A short walk in the sunshine including a good conversation before leaving Berlin to catch my train back home.
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Good good links #91

Hello, hello. Did you miss me? Okay, let’s try this again: did you miss the linkes again? Great: here they are! Once more a day later than usual but you know what it’s like around here by now. You’ll notice the recipe section is pretty empty still but that’s because I had a little trouble with my laptop and lost those I’d bookmarked. Read: I’ll edit this post later on – we can’t miss out on some good food inspiration here.

Let me know if you happened upon any great reads last week!

Happy Monday!


Good good links

Good good [food for thought]

Who Is The Right Person To Ask For The Change You Want? via Sharing Healthiness

A very insightful post on who we should best consult with questions regarding any part of our lives [hint: you know that person very well].

The “Healthier” I Ate, the Worse I Felt via Brittany Lesser

A ‘healthy’ diet doesn’t neccessarily equate a healthy mindset – being too strict will do more harm than good.

Just like balance moderation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Find what works for you and most importantly: trust yourself.

Are you recognizing any of these in yourself, too?

Is Metabolic Damage A Real Thing? via Girls Gone Strong

It sure as heck is and here’s a thorough explanation on what’s going on when you try to diet.

Good good [advice and inspiration]

A great reminder to accept and love your life and yourself for what it is today because: “Don’t wait until tomorrow. Life doesn’t start 5 pounds from now. “

5 Years via Erin’s Inside Job

A huge inspiration to face your life with all its struggles even when you want to close your eyes and hide. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Healthy eating is neither black and white thinking nor the same for everybody. Eat what you crave and find your own balance.

Let’s face it: we all have those days. Luckily, there are ways to release some negative energy in a pinch.


Giving Up Exercise: The Science via Lord Still Loves me

Overcoming exercise obsession is one of the hardest parts of recovery and one of the most important ones.



5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More 🙂 via Danielle Dowling

Are you smiling yet? If not you’d better start right now.

Hot or Cold? The Benefits of Both Kinds of Showers via Popsugar

Whichever team you’r e on [spoiler: I like it hot ;)]: you’re doing it right.


Good good [posts to make you smile]
Um … yes, you can. How are they doing it?
Good good [food]
Macarons: The holy grail of French baking – the vegan way.
Chocolate Pinata Mini Cakes via Fork and Beans
How cute is that idea? A fun little idea not just for c birthday party.
Anything cheesy is right up my alley and this vegan and gluten-free twist on cauliflower rice looks amazing.
Tomato Mint Gazpacho via The Yummy Beet
I’ve been all about fresh mint lately so this spin on the classic sounds amazing – and I like the story going along with it.
Spinach Artichoke Enchiladas via Cookie and Kate
Cheesy and vegetable-packed enchiladas perfect for  any fan of Mexican food [who isn’t?].


Happiness-inducing today: A bike ride out in the sunshine – just me and my thoughts.
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Minding my macros [and not]

Counting [solely] calories is so 2010. If there‘s one thing possibly even more popular among bloggers, on Instagram or anywhere else online [I personally haven’t experienced it much offline yet] it’s macros. There’s a whole industry thriving on the concept [food scales that tell you the macro count of an ingredient? In-sa-ni-ty!]. Tracking fat, carbs and protein and ‘balancing’ your diet seems like the next cool thing to do – or not? Just like counting calories can be helpful for some people as long as it doesn’t get out of control and turn into an obsession the same can be said about monitoring macros.


My take on the issue?

 I like carbs.

I like fat.

I like protein.

What I don’t like is putting any macro on a pedestal or shaming another. All macros are created equal [yes, I know this is scientifically wrong but you get my gist]. I’m all about balance and finding what works for you. That will – if you’ve let media influence you – take some experimentation. Convinced by a million blog posts and articles telling me I should opt for a protein-laden first meal I once (!) tried cottage cheese with nut butter for breakfast. Worst idea ever. For me at least. Everybody is different and that’s the beauty of it all. As long as we can agree almond butter is amazing we can be friends. Kidding. Maybe.

Almond butter 006

Back to my original topic, though: macros. Food looses its appeal and the fun it can provide to our lives when a meal isn’t seen as just that but a number. Like a number on a scale doesn’t say anything about your worth the calorie count of an ingredient or a dish can’t measure its taste. Nutrients. The way it makes you feel. The setting you enjoyed it in. Focusing on calories [and I’ll be honest and say this is a habit dying hard and still sticking with me] or macros takes from the experience.


At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I’m faring macro-wise – because I have no clue. Was it a day of many carbs? Did I get in enough protein? It doesn’t matter to me because I’m [getting closer to be*] able to trust my intuition leading me where I need to be. A little story time here: During my first night at my cousin’s I wasn’t able to sleep well. Luckily, I’d packed a few snacks and after several unsuccessful trials of falling back asleep I got up and – ate. Not something I usually do or would have felt comfortable doing a year or just a few months ago but I’m not ignoring my body’s cues anymore.

** not because I was trying to monitor my intake but some days in recovery are just plain frustrating with me unable to know what I’m craving or get satisfied.


Think about it: When you were a child did you claim being ‘low in protein’ when hungry? I’ll dare to say: no. You simply decided on eating what you craved and that meant connecting with your intuition and following suit. No planning. No considering your previous meals’ macro balance. No cutting carbs whenever possible. Eating is so simple if we allow it to be.


Happiness-inducing today: A very sweet mail by a blend coming in just when I needed it.
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 No questions today. Share whichever thoughts you have on the topic!