Of evil laptops, Greek yogurt secrets and kitten

There was once a girl called Amanda

who made it part of her agenda

to turn Thursday into a time of Thinking  out loud

and joined by many,  this invention can make her proud.

While I think we don’t need to discuss why I’m not writing poems for a living it’s a fact Amanda was onto somethi ng when coming up with her link-up so without further ado …


It’s called thinking out loud but we need to get some rambling out loud first. Sometimes blunt statements are best: my laptop hates me. No, I’m not making things up. It might be time to bite the bullet and invest in a new one …

Exhibit A: It took me almost an hour to get this post up. No, not write this post but upload the pictures and get it ready to publish.

Exhibit B: Do you remember me jumping back on the wagon of people watching TV shows or better yet DVDs? That turned out to be less fun than expected. Gilmore Girls is still a fantastic show but: I’m watching season five now though I actually have several episodes of the second and fourth left. The reason? My lovely laptop flat-out refusing to play certain discs – temporarily or at all. It’s a smidgen frustrating to say the least. Especially when you’ve never watched those very episodes on TV before [because you weren’t aware of the existence of this show for the longest time while it was still on TV].

Gilmore Girls_DVD

Rumor has it [almost] every blogger is singing the praises of Greek yogurt [and willing to pay a small fortune for a tiny cup]. Over here, though, it’s a true rarity to find actual Greek yogurt so I’m usually opting for a more wallet-friendly option. Something else said about us bloggers, though, is that we can’t resist new products appearing on shelves …

I’ve seen this on Instagram beforeit’s only made its way into a few stores around here recently. Any opinions? So far I’ve been able to resist the allurance [though I should probably mention it’s only been a few days since I first spotted it]. I’m a little turned off by the fact it’s almost fat-free, though.Fat is a friend, not foe and I’m not willing to wrangle my wallet for fat-free dairy.

Yet there’s something I can’t resist …

Fage_Greek yoghurt_jam_blueberry

And no, it’s actually not about the yogurt. That is obviously delicious. But here’s the true secret: I’m after the jam. Trust me: whatever Fage adds to that ‘fruit preparation’ [why not call it crack to begin with?!]: it’s addictive. Why not call it crack in a cup to begin with? Or better yet: start selling it separately?! Hm … do you think I should mail Fage and propose my idea?

Completely unrelated but too cute not to share and a surefire mood booster if you’re feeling down:


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Piper: equal parts sweetness and sass.

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I know at least one girl will be all over these. How could you not? And now I want a cat.


Happiness-inducing today: Taking a spontaneous late bike ride despite the grey clouds and not getting caught by the rain.

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