Week in review: The things I didn’t do.

Okay so this isn’t really going to be about everything I didn’t achieve as in a reverse-to-do-list style but more so: achievements/things I did plus the little improvements through in the form of things I didn’t do. It sounds more complicated than it is, promise. Think aboiut it: sometimes it’s harder to keep yourself from dong things. Getting mad at your husband/boyfriend//roommate/cat in  a situation you’re tempted to. Not beating yourself up about eating that whole bar of chocolate or skipping a workout.

Let’s get chatting about our weeks in review – I’m curious to hear what you did – and didn’t! – do, too. I hope Meg won’t get mad at me for putting a different spin on the Week in Review ;).

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked another five days. Ups and downs as usual. Getting along well with my colleagues helps make the paperwork more endurable.

Published three posts and it felt good to be back in my old schedule again.

Replied to all comments for the first time in a way too long while. I need to get better at this.

Didn’t check a lot off my to-do list on Saturday. The accomplishment: not stressing  [much] about it. Some pep talk from my mum might have helped.

Got some laundry done – you might remember how much I “like” it. Fresh sheets are pretty close to heaven. In fact, I consider every change of sheets a little gift to myself – beating my laziness in exchange for the amazing feeling of sinking into airy freshly washed pillows. Okay, I’m apparently very fond of them ;).

PJ pants_striped_bed

Didn’t skip meals when it was tempting. It’s odd I’d even be tempted because that never even came to my mind in past years but lately things have been. .. weird. I need to plan ahead better so skipping is definitely no option.

Finally sent an email that had been long overdue. It felt uncomfortable writing it hence my procrastination but I’m glad it’s off now.

Offered to run errands for a colleague and then did so twice though it took me some convincingher it wasn’t a prblem for me at all. It was interesitng to see that the fear of burdening others when asking for or accepting favours is still present in people way past their twenties or even thirties.. The second time  she just requested a Franzbrötchen and I insisted on paying it. Just because. Or maybe because I felt a little bad for her not being able to eat my homemade goodies before …?

Didn’t postpone sharing the recipe for these no-bake peanut butter and jelly chocolate fudge bars once again despite the internet playing diva once again in the process [think: crashing several times, not uploading my pictures]. Thanks for the last-minute trouble-shooting/advice, Kristy!

Didn’t start compiling my good good links as late as usual. There’s still room for improvement but at least I didn’t frantically searched for the notes of posts I wanted to include all Saturday. In fact …

Saturday I spent a few hours around town walking and drinking coffee/tea with my mum and sister. Baby in tow obviously and the star of the day. My sister is long gone again and the house way too quiet without the little one.


Prepared a batch of the above-mentioned bars as per my sister’s request but she forgot them in the fridge upon her hurried descent to the train station. I guess my colleagues will have to “suffer” through another batch  ;).

Did some Blogilates every other day. It’s great to see little improvements already after such a short time. I’m still unsure about comtting to one of the monthly calendars. Fear of failure is a stupid little brain fart.

All in all, it’s not been the best but also not the worst week. I’m couting down a lttle until the holidays start but not forgetting to see the silver linings in every day.  Let’s not let these go unnoticed,  okay?

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Finishing even a rainy and stomach ache-involving day on a good note.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!

What wer some of your positive “don’ts”?










Keeping up the conversations.

Some things I will never learn. Okay …never say never so: some things will take a little longer for me to learn and act on. Like writing my Weeks in Review earlier or at least taking notes not to miss too much.

Do you believe in destiny? I do. It wasn’t apparent to me how destiny heard my wishes outlined in my previous WiRand delivered until I sat down to write this post. Meg, you keep inspiring me in ways you probably didn’t think of when creating your link-up.
Socializing might not have happened in just the way I’ve been longing for but I felt more connected with others than in previous weeks. I might be an introvert but a hermit I am not.

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked five long days again. One of them presenting me with a huge challenge. Here’s the hopefully short story: I do a lot of the background work that nobody sees right there. As one of my colleagues was off on Friday I had to sub in for her at the reception desk. Oh my. Never underestimate what other people do. I’d known she was busy before but this was a whole new level of busy to me. Not only did I get more direct customer contact – yes, please!- but had to juggle taking up calls along with my usual responsibilities. Add in an emergency client and things got [not so] funny. Looking back now I’d do it again because I liked being around more people than usual but it was beyond stressful for a day.

Attended a dinner with all of my colleagues plus two new ones not yet working in the office on Tuesday. Truth: I wasn’t sure how it’d go and dreaded it a bit. Not because I don’t like my colleagues but worried I wouldn’t be able to actually connect and keep up conversations – still a fairly new member of a team that’s been working together for ten+ years. In the end, it was a little long for my preferences – four hours the night before a work day is out of my comfort zone. Yet I was able to bond more with some colleagues, lead interesting non work-related conversations and prove to myself that challenges can be overcome. By just letting go a little and allowing life to play out. Easier said than done.


Published only two insteadof the promised three posts. I was excited to share the recipe for these bars yet technology pulled a Meghan Trainor on me. Now the internet is up and running – albeit slowly – again and hopefully will keep up doing so.

Lead a good albeit short conversation with a new client at work. He only speaks English so as I was working on the reception desk I took advantage of the opportunity and we had a chat beyond small talk. Anybody else not a fan of the latter?

Noticed some pain in my right leg – again, dang it! I’d really hoped it had healed for good after the past years rest and physio therapy  – and took it easy on the workout side. Even easier, I should say. It’s hard to become aware of your limitations and act on them when you’d actually rather rush and jump around. But in the end I’m grateful for all the things I can still do. Like this Blogilates workout. All I’ll say is: jello arms. And here I was going to skip that part thinking it’d have no effect in anyway.

Peanut butter_homemade

Made another batch of peanut butter. Which means I finished that previous one in just a week. Wow … let my mind process that for a bit.

What I discovered once again in the conversations I had at the restaurant is how deep my passion for language and reading runs. Not necessarily a new discovery but noticing how ridiculously excited I got talking about books and words made me realize I need to hone this passion more again. Reading and writing blog posts is great and I’m not going to stop doing it. Yet I think my mind would benefit from doing more of this offline, too. Maybe a little June goal?

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: A more productive Sunay than expected and – this will hopefully become a regular again after days of rain – the sunshine.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!
Do you find yourself reading less off- and more online? It’s a bad habit I really want to change.
When did you lead your last good, intense non-small talk conversation? These always add brightness or meaning to my days [depening on the topics].

Give yourself some credit.

It’s typical: Saturday night or – worse – Sunday afternoon rolls in and I realize I haven’t taken any notes or written a single word for my Week in Review yet. Fail. Big fail.

Another big fail that kept me from reading and commenting much lately? The internet repeater in my apartment stopped working at some point during the past week and the issue won’t get fixed until later this week. The show must go on, no? Luckily, I’ve been able to use my parents’ internet connection occasionally yet only when my dad wasn’t working – I explained it some time ago but basically his VPN only works when nobody else is using the same line – and its reach in my apartment is very low. Sloooow internet. Technology … That could/should (?) really become a swear word judging from how often I’ve cursed it before.

Moving on to the much more pleasant topic of Meg asking all of us to give ourselves at least some credit for what we did during the past week.

Week in review

I worked five days and am starting to feel more confident in what I’m doing. What looked scary at first is now becoming routine with few exceptions which is much appreciated on my side. I don’t like asking for help all of the time though I know it’s normal as I’m still the new one.

Bonded a bit with one of my colleagues. She’s not the easiest to get along with but since I don’t like not getting along with others – weird wording – I’ve been trying to be extra nice towards her. It worked and is a win-win situation.

Created a new recipe following an idea that had been on my mind forever and  – yes, tooting your own horn stinks so let me try to word it differently 😉 – [I and my family would say] it’s a really good one. I’m hoping  to share it with you on Thursday if the new repeater has arrived by then.

Cranberry Fudge slices

Set up and did a photo shoot  for said new creation twice. That’s what happens when you make your recipe early on in a week of gloomy weather with hardly any sun – at least not after work anymore – and then it suddenly reappears on Friday. Yes, I kept it from everybody else for that long. It still tasted amazing and got thumbs up then. I may or may not have  saved a square sitting  fridge right now. Marvelous.

Went for walks every day. Or maybe minus one particularly grey and rainy day.

Did some Blogilates every other day. Especially for me as a German – it’s true many of us are rather contained, I’d oppose the occasionally used “cold” description, though – Cassie’s bubbly personality is an instant motivator and mood brightener. It’s hard to not want to do at least a short workout when she’s at it.

Did most of my food shopping on Saturday rather than a few items every day. While looking massive this way it does seem to help lower my spendings which I obviously won’t complain about.

Do you believe in jinxing yourself? I do and had an inkling already writing my previous week in review. Long story short: Things with my dad experienced a serious dip going low low low low* mid-week. We’ll see how it goes from here.

*unfortunately not Flo Rida style – oh the memories  …

Yogi tea quote

[Random picture but many mugs of Yogi tea made an appearance – here telling us to learn with compassion. ]

Had plans to meet a fellow former-possibly-future-but-not-current blogger – that’s quite the title, no? – in Hamburg but we unfortunately had to cancel it. Soon, though.

Cleaned my apartment. Oh those dratted spiders is all I’ll say here.

Did little favours for my mum before she could get around to them. Just like I said in my previous post I’m not trying to nosey up but have simply found that doing a little something for others every day helps me feel better, too*. Even if I don’t hear a thanks. We show our love in different ways and that’s okay.

*thinking about it: Wouldn’t that mean I’d make a good Girl Scout?! Minus the camping trips  …

Sunday summed up in one paragraph because I’m already getting too wordy here: made another batch of peanut butter, another batch of base of the bars shown above [minus the topping as I ran out of ingredients; to be finished today], wrote this post mostly in one go [that’s a first], meal-prepped a little and enjoyed the sunshine. Lots of the latter.

Homemade peanut butter

All in all it hasn’t been the worst week while it certainly felt like that in between . I’ll forever wish for more socializing – outside of work – which isn’t easy when you live too far from all friends to spontaneous meet up. But summer and at that my long holiday is inching closer by the day which helps me stay positive. The tense situation with my dad will forever keep me tip-toeing around – not literally – but we still got along well at times after said very harsh dip. It’s confusing to say the least because I have no idea where we stand now. A delicate balance that could easily dip again maybe.

One post that I’ll reread and use as a starting point for changes I need to implement in my life is the one by Cora featured yesterday. I highly recommend it if you, too, think you’ll be happy when … What I also recommend is stopping by Meg’s blog for more Ave adorableness – is that even a word? – and everybody else’s recent going-ons. Make Monday a fun one! Or at least a silver lining-spiked one.

Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: So much. It was an all-around blissful Sunday – productive but also relaxing. More of these days, please.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!

What was the last thing that came out of your kitchen?


Week in review: Just keep swimming.

It’s a wraaap. <- said in the annoying voice of a certain supermodel because we know my one current guilty pleasure. At least I’m not smoking, hm?!

Just in case you didn’t do it yet you might want to hop over to Meg’s and congratulate her on the birth of her cute little one. Welcome in this world, baby girl!

Listing up my past week’s happening it  – while busy at work – it doesn’t look like I accomplished much. As the title indicates and I’ve said here, though, I’m trying not to stress about this. Some weeks simply aren’t that exciting and we just keep swimming in the regular stream of daily life. Though I can’t wait for summer to come and with it – hopefully – the option to travel a bit more again and add some zing to my life. For now, let’s get listing …

Week in review

During the past week I …

Worked five days. It’s really nice to see the training from a few weeks ago pay off daily now. What used to be endless days of seemingly irrelevant tasks compared to what my colleagues were doing has now turned into valuable work that I can see taking pressure off others’ shoulders. So even though I’m still on the lookout for other opportunities I’m no longer feeling completely misplaced and bored.

Wrote and published three blog posts. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep this up this week as it’s looking up to be a busy one at work and my sleep has been suffering. Read: I need to figure out a better way to balance my priorities and if taking a break from blogging helps – which I hope because I don’t like doing it – I’ll do it.

Was my dad’s driver again and had to bring up a lot of inner calmth to resist snapping back at his constant criticism of my driving [or frugal character as this came up as his second favourite topic… ] This is harder to endure than it might sound but I try and tell myself that he’s very stressed in his job and likely not actually mad at me. We all need to release tension and rage in a way and if you have to calm your temper at work all day it’s only natural you’re going to let it out at home. Not always fair or nice for your family but still understandable.

Prepared a batch of these No-bake Chocolate Orange Blondies for my sister. While I enjoy sharing homemade treats with other in general it’s even nicer to send them to her as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of free [-handed] time anymore.

No-bake Chocolate Orange Fudge Blondie

Chased our neighbours’ cats around/away. No matter what this sounds like I don’t hate animals. Geese … well, we agreed their beasts. But these cats are evil, too. There are many cute cats out there but one of the two/three lurking around here is evil-spirited and you can tell from the look in her eyes. I wouldn’t mind her so much if she didn’t lurk for the birds using the bird bath on our terrace or considered our vegetable garden her loo. I get defensive as a) birds shouldn’t die in evil cats’ claws and b) I don’t want my kabocha to grow on cat poop, thankyouverymuch.

I did the laundry several times, one of those including the best kind  …

PJ pants_striped_bed

Nothing like fresh sheets and linen, am I right?! Getting up and out of bed on Sunday morning might have been a little harder thanks to this.

Ran errands for the office after my shift was over on Friday. I must have been quite the sight pushing a cart with seven packages of toilet paper through the store.

Went on a walk with my dad again. Intense. That’s what it was and I don’t mean walking at an insane speed. We don’t dawdle along, either. but this is neither here nor there. Rather, what happened was one of the most intense conversatione I’ve had in a long while. I preach not bottling up feelings and this was really about letting them out.

Daily walks happened again, too. They’re even more enjoyable now that the weather’s getting nicer. Though April is not to be trusted …

March_April 025

Resumed with my little “workout” routine, I’m hoping to up it a smidgen and start running again some time this spring. Here’s to making a trip to Hamburg happen soon so I can get myself a much-needed new pair of running shoes. I miss running.

I feel I missed out on some bits and bobs – awakening the idea that it might be clever to keep track during the week already rather than Sunday afternoon – but c’est la vie, non? <- about as much as is left over from taking French in school. Priorities …


Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: A sunny morning walk. Starting the day right  matters.


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Week in review: Back in the kitchen and many smiles.

… and here we are on the last day of February (!) with another Week in Review. First things first, though: I’m not usually the kind of person to get all sappy but thank you for all of your feedback, opinions and link shares for Thursday’s post. It was a post dear to my heart and seeing how many of you could relate was overwhelming. Due to limited internet access once again I haven’t been able to reply to comments yet but I will.

If you belong to the large part of the population who has a fierce dislike for Mondays here’s a song to get your week started with a happy dance party. Actually, today as an extra day we’re only granted every four years necessitates a little cheerful dancing as is, don’t you think so? Anyway, let’s kick the week off in proper listing style with Meg again.  Here’s a glance into my past week:

Week in review

My favourite achievement/happening first: I spent time with my nephew. [Insert goofy smile and lots of oooohs and aaawwws <- even I as the language fiend am unable to keep up my whole sentences and can’t find the right words here.] My sister, her husband and the little bundle of joy stopped by for a short visit on Sunday – my mum’s birthday – and I forgot pretty much everything else. I know I promised to keep gushing to a minimum but he started smiling this week and -proud aunt moment – I was able to make him smile a lot. Forget about boys, I found my new crush ;).

Because I felt a bit guilty for the gushing – okay, no, just because I like you – I  baked no-baked you some treats that my whole family went crazy about [and they’re my biggest food critics]. Remember what I said about this recipe being the one you need to try if you make any of mine? I may or may not have fierce competition for it. Just take a look … Recipe coming on Thursday and yes, my hands got covered in chocolate in the making. Worse things have happened before – can you say broken plates?!

Raw brownie

The usual weekly: Ran errands for myself as well as some for my parents.Did the dishes by hand as well as loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. It’s nice to have one but I still try to be aware of how many dishes I use.

I wrote and published three blog posts including one for NEDA week. What’s funny is that I remembered NEDA week was coming up all January and then it somehow slipped my mind until the past Monday. I’m glad I still published the post.

Worked five days a week and it’s a busy time at the office so I’ve been stayin longer pretty much every day.

Taught German three times again. Two of those were quite successful – students looking forward to lessons and actively asking for tasks make every teacher happy – and one sub-par.

Cleaned my apartment including the floors. Not the fridge yet, though. Just one more saved for the next week in review, right?

Had a really nice conversation with one of the clients at work. Her positive outlook on life despite suffering from a deathly illness is inspiring.

Relaxed. That one’s hard for me. Lack of sleep meant I was tired to the max when returning home after work but actually allowing myself to accept this and just lie down is so.freaking. hard. Allowing myself some trashy TV – it’s a true guilty pleasure – for the first time in who knows how long. What is it about mindlessly watching TV – or in my case a live stream online – that is so relaxing?


Made my own cashew butter for the first time. Or in other words: finally starting to really use my Vitamix. I’ve somehow had/still have that fear of wrecking it when making nut butters though that ironically was my main reason to want one. I make myself laugh.

Walked after work every day. With it still getting dark fairly early that usually means a quick 15-minute lap only but fresh air nonetheless.

red shoes_walk

Braved the geese again. Not intentionally. If I could avoid them for the rest of my life you better believe I would. But heading out for my walk on Friday  it wasn’t long until I saw … geese! This time they were even further away from the path I was walking on but upon seeing me one of those beasts started hissing and running towards me. No screaming on my part this time but I –ran– and my heart was beating as fast as I feel it would if I met Adam Levine. Only Adam wouldn’t scare me ;). Either way, I waited for some time, watching the geese through the trees lining the path and then ran past them as fast asI could  [wearing a heavy winter coat and no running shoes, mind you]. Ridiculous? Maybe. But I won’t let those feathery friends foes steal my opportunity to get some fresh air in.
Whatever you’re calling me for this: stupid goose is not an option!

That was a little wrap-up of my recent going-ons that I’ll also share for MIMM. because despite some ups and downs it was a good week.

Whatever comes your way today: take it and see the silver lining. Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Read the first point on my list. Sorry not sorry.


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How well are you able to relax? What’s your favourite way to do it?


Week in review: Exciting news, blogging success and random tidbits

Just like that we’re kicking off the last week of January. While still in disbelief of that fact – and the one it’s my birthday on Friday – I couldn’t think of a better way to start it than by joining Meg once again. Her Week in Review is what inspired another post that will be going online later this week. No further hints on that now, though, as this post already ended up being on the wordier side. Here’s a little recap of the past seven days  in my life.

Week in review


  • The most exciting news first: I became an aunt! Eeee! As tempting as it is I’ll spare you the gushing about how adorable my little nephew is – especially as I didn’t get a chance to meet him in person yet. [insert break to look at the picture my sister sent me via Whatsapp] Fingers crossed that’ll happen next weekend. I. can’t. wait.
  • I published three posts yet again. It’s a good number despite being uneven. Not a fan of that last fact but this is a good blogging balance for me at the moment. While I can’t make any promises with the current internet and laptop situation I’ll try to stay consistent here. With this post published and another one drafted for Wednesday/Thursday plus the usual Sunday link lovin’ it looks like I’ll be able to keep it up this week.
  • Honesty time [nobody’s perfect]: Getting this post up and ready came at the expense of half a bar of chocolate and a few nerves plus swearing in the process. A fussy laptop crashing about 20+ times during editing the images and then importing them to WordPress made me want to cry. Instead, I broke out the Lindt and peanut butter. Ironically, all that fussing about with a sweet post left me craving kale like no other – so kale it was for lunch. That whole talk about finding balance intuitively is so true. Now I just need to remind myself of it in moments of doubt.

Date caramel truffles_1


  • The anxiety was worth it, though, as those sweet little morsels got accepted by Foodgawker. Maybe all those broken dishes were worth it in the end?
  • Because a lovely lady reminded me to include these tasks: replied to blog post comments mostly in time. Embarrassingly, this is an area I still need to work on but feel I’ve gotten better about lately. It’s not that I wouldn’t appreciate every single comment – I really do – but I’m usually at work when my posts go live so can’t reply until hours later and by the time I’m home the urge to multitask sets in and … you might guess how that ends. I’m working on it, promise.
  • I faced what must have been the most nerve-wracking/fear-of-failure-inducing moment of the week when my co-teacher for the German classes didn’t appear. She’s a trained teacher and knows all the tricks to successful lessons [and how to handle wild little boys]. Handling five children who speak your language? Possible when you give them work assignments and they actually understand what you want them to do. Five children with different degrees of German language skills all of whom would be best off in one-on-one lessons? By far not an easy feat. I managed for half an hour until my colleague appeared after all. Turns out she hadn’t heard her alarm and only woke up when I tried to call her. Keeping my fingers crossed this won’t happen again.


  • Not only kept my orchid alive over the past months but got it to bloom again. Heureka! Admittedly, I’m not the best plant mum so I doubt this is entirely due to my own doing but the fact is showing beautiful flowers again is all that counts, right?
  • Survived two appointments at the dentist’s though only the second one is worth mentioning. Anesthesia is a fine invention for the time you’re sitting in the chair of horror, yes. But walking around with half of your mouth numbed for four more hours afterwards and feeling you looked like Kermit lessens my appreciation if its power. Whew.
  • Watched a movie with my mum yesterday. Verdict: you don’t need to watch “Kiss the cook”. Trust me on this one.
  • With it being my birthday week I treated myself to this delightful Coconut Almond Spread the German vegan scene is going crazy about. It’s sweet and akin to those Raffello truffles but coming along with an ingredient list that – while not deserving of the “healthy” claim – reads a lot nicer than those of the formers’. Pictured alongside here is the sweet belated Christmas card my long-time pen pal from the US mailed me.

Coconut almond spread_Christmas card


  • Stopped being lazy and did a through clean-up of my apartment. Meaning I didn’t just clean it but mopped the floors, too. I know, I know. But sometimes I just do everything else and leave the floors aside if they’re not super sticky.
  • Speaking of lazy or rather not: I kept up my daily workout video routine. Compared to what everbody else in the blogging world does this is ridiculous little but better than nothing to me. If I could I’d opt for more intense and interesting workouts, too, but for now this is a nice way of keeping up a routine.



That’s a wrap week in review for me and I’d better make a  beeline for my bed after scheduling this post. The upcoming week won’t be any easier with a lack of sleep [oops].

Happiness-inducing today: The weather allowing for a nice long-ish walk. No fear of slipping or freezing my fingers off while outside.


Stay in touch!

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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!
What was a recent exciting happening in your life?