Inspired randomness [Thinking out loud]

We all know where our recipe inspiration comes from: the plethora of [food] blogs, Pinterest boards and – potentially still for at least some of us – cookbooks. But – at the risk of letting this introduction become too deep – do you ever wonder or know where your randomness inspiration comes from? It’s something that makes me smile because I usually think I didn’t know only to look back and find that some of it was inspired by a recent happening or something I read. Okay, if you read all of that: thanks. And the superior randomness inspiration obviously comes from Amanda right there! Thanks for motivating us to think out loud.


1. Keeping up with seeing the good – or in this case: funny – in the bad I found a trick to making my current leg pain better. It’s ridiculous but: standing one-legged. It gets my hip to balance itself out and least for the next metres of walking. Picture me looking like this. Yes, I’ve done that in the office and I share one with my boss and colleague. And yes, we can just picture myself looking equally as graceful, okay?


2. Following the title of this post the thought of yoga inspired me to think of this movie. Which then again made me reminiscene how much of an Olsen Twins fan I used to be. Any others? Due to the fact we didn’t have cable for most of my childhood I didn’t get to watch Full House at home but only at a friend’s house.

3. Don’t you get curious to find out what happened to your former childhood idols? Thanks to the internet it’s not hard to get the full report on post-Full House happenings these days.

4. Does this need any explanation?

Mug cake mix

Well, that would be a mug cake mix. Say what?! Any blogger will shake their head at the existence of mug cake mix in a bag, right? I didn’t take a closer look at what exactly it contained but the ingredient list was long. More than just a little ridiculous when you know it hardly takes more than for a delicious mug cake. Plus all the variations people are missing out on if they falsely believe storebought mixes were necessary and don’t start experimenting themselves.

5. If you find yourself in need for some reading inspiration:

Waris Dirie_book

I just finished this book in two days. Needless to say it’s a quick but not insignificant read. In case you haven’t heard of the author before: Waris Dirie’s a Somalian model turned author and female rights activist. More exactly she – being a victim herself –  is fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM). Still, the book’s not a heavy read but very personal. In case you’re interested in finding out more about Waris’ story I’d recommend starting with  ‘Desert Flower’, her initial autobiography. By now Dirie has written five books, four of which I’ve read. She might not be the most captivating writer but the story she has to tell is one that matters.

6. Last but not least I’m wishing you a happy Thursday with this sight of Spring.

2014-03-25 15.41.13

Happiness inducing today: Did I mention sunshine yet??!


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Do you ever wonder where some of your random thoughts stem from? Not counting these inspired by supermarket finds because they are self-explanatory.

Tell me a random thought that comes to your mind right now and what inspired it 🙂 !



Chocolate Gingerbread Mug Cake

Hi everybody! Did you have a good weekend and – most importantly – stay warm? Moving to the countryside for me also meant moving to an even colder climate [sorry but it’s true]. I guess you can’t [always] have a beautiful surrounding and warm temperatures but that’s okay – for now [ask me again once it gets really cold ;)]. Bringing on the marvelous again for a great start into the week with our lovely host Katie.


Our Sunday included a family walk that – unlike that previous one – was cut short because in the end even my dad [ha!] had to admit the wind was damn cold. Hence why I’m sorry to admit I didn’t take too many pictures because I was more concered with braving the wind and debating the right choice of topic for such a cold weather walk with my dad. Kidding. We weren’t talking just about that, but yes, I had to make it a point that the wind feels even colder if you keep saying it does. Don’t you agree?! [Yes, you do, in case you were seriously pondering ;).]


What could be more marvelous than returning to your place after a walk in the cold and enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Though … a piece of cake? How about a mug of cake? Waste not want not it’s a great single-serving way to have your cake and eat it, too. I figure I could have offered some to my parents yesterday, too. When my father was rummaging the pantry when he no

Gingerbread Chocolate Mug

You’ll notice that it’s a small serving size and that’s because a) I like to make small batches of anything when trying it for the first time and b) I never eat just a mug cake as a snack. Always topped with almond butter and a side of whatever else I feel like [fruit, chocolate, …].

Chocolate Gingerbread Mug Cake

  • 1/4 scoop (5 g) vanilla protein powder*
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp granulated sweetener (I used a German brand of vanilla stevia that comes in sticks equal to 1 tsp of sweetener)
  • 1/2 tsp of Gingerbread spice [Germans: I higly recommend this one!]
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tbsps of applesauce
  • 5 tbsps of non-dairy milk
  1. Mix dry ingredients in a mug.
  2. Add in applesauce and water. Stir to form a batter. It shouldn’t be too ‘dry’ but neither runny. Using SunWarrior protein powder I’ve found five to six tablespoons of milk to work best.
  3. Microwave on high for 1.5 minutes.
  4. Enjoy!


* I know 1/4 scoop is a tiny measurement but I’ve found I don’t tolerate larger amounts of protein powder well. You could always play around with the rations in the recipe but I like to go the save-for-me route.

Rumor has it that chocolate chips are a great addition to this. Not like I knew from experience …

Spoonful mug cake

Now go and bake microwave yourself a cake to celebrate … Monday?! Or yourself because you’re worth it no matter which day.

Happy Monday!


What is your favourite mug cake recipe? Please share it in the comments – I’m all up for trying new creations!

Favourite way to stay warm on cold days?

WIAW: The Use-up and Mug Cake Edition

Happy Wednesday!

The title says it all: I actually managed to make a dent into my huge vegetable stash. And – if I dare say so myself – in a not even too boring way. Yes, I was somehow expecting a lot of monotony seeing as I tried to limit if not stop my produce-buying habits and only work with what was on hand. Oh, and about that cake? Well, why not stop the introduction part and jump right into the food? Deal? Deal! Thanks to Jenn for hosting our weekly What I ate Wednesday celebration of all kinds of delicious food – and reminding us to work on our good habits for bountiful gift giving on Christmas Eve. Ssssh, not like I was following any such plans ;).

wiaw fall into good habits buttonOne last dentist blame after Monday’s rant: My lack of chewing ability has to stand in as an excuse for lack of cooking inspiration this past week . Anything not blended was out of imagination from Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon. Fun times. Only not. So I kept meals very simple like this Cauliflower Kabocha Soup. Starting the post out with one of the few good though quickly [because in state of hangryness] taken picture.

Cauliflower Pumpkin Soup

Remember how I asked you for help on how to use my overabundance cauliflower but explicitely factoring out anything roasted? Well, I felt an indefinite inkling when typing it already  and what can I say: I ate my words. Every delicious bit of them. You might have already guessed if you’ve seen my food prep picture in Monday’s post.

Food prep

On Sunday, I roasted up cauliflower, zucchini and chickpeas as well as one of the [also abundant] bell peppers I had on hand. Funny fact about the peppers: I’m lured into buying them almost every time I see them on sale only to be reminded I actually don’t really like them. Okay, to be fair: Unlike some other vegetables I don’t fully despise them. But I don’t enjoy bell peppers raw at all and would pass them up in a stir-fry, too. Roasted, however? Yes, please! With no actual plan in mind on how to turn these into a dish I just started working in the kitchen. Carrots turned into a delicious creamy puree that I topped with the roasted vegetables and an easy roasted red pepper sauce. Just because casseroles are my favourite dishes that’s what I ended up with. Don’t let the pictures fool you: yes it’s good and yes you want to try it :). Recipe to come right in time for Kierston’s Recipe Friday.

Roasted Vegetable Casserole

When Amanda mentioned mug cakes multiple times last week I noticed I hadn’t shown any of them for a while anymore myself. Though they’re still an almost daily happening over here. But to mix things up a little I decided to venture from my stand-by peanut chocolate version to a more seasonal treat: Gingerbread Chocolate Mug Cake.

Gingerbread Chocolate Mug

I’m ambivalent about sharing the recipe for this. Not to say it wasn’t truly delicious but it’s just not perfect. It doesn’t rise evenly or a lot at all and isn’t pretty. Yet I’m fine with taste alone and therefore won’t alter the recipe anymore – call me lazy, I call it favouring taste over appearance. And yes, it is delicious.

Gingerbread Mug Cake

Nothing like ending a post on a sweet note and I may or may not need to bake microwave another one of these as WIAW reading fuel. Because you’d better not click through the endless temptation over at Jenn’s on an empty stomach :).

Happiness inducing today: My sister and I lending each other a hand in a respective project on either side. Class work for her, applications for me.

Are there any foods you only like when prepared a certain way?

What are some of your favourite high-volume non-sandwich [I knoow but I’m really not a fan] office lunches? I’ll be joining the working forces again on Monday – woot, woot!

Mug cake recipe: Share despite imperfection in looks or not? I’m such a perfectionist about appearance though it tastes good already.

wiaw fall into good habits buttonYay me for keeping up with my promise of using up the produce on hand and not even in the most boring way if I dare say so myself.