Let’s get randoMay!

Did you catch my seriously [not] inventive take on a May joke [because I missed the ‘It’s gonna be May’ chance at the beginning of the month. Yes, I’m a broken record here but how in the world is it almost June already??? Time for the last Thinking  out loud in May with Amanda. My head is filled with lots of more serious thoughts but I decided to counteract it by not posting about any of those but a collection of randomness instead. Fake it till you make it, right?


1. Did you catch my last link post? I’ve been resorting to Mondays instead of Sundays lately but hope I’ll be able to change that again soon. Either way, there have been lots of great posts worth reading again.

2. We might be this close to the start of summer but the weather isn’t giving it away in the least at the moment. 16 °C and rain? Hurry up, summer! At least the rain had its positives, though, because wandering through my parents’ garden is offering the most beautiful sights. Instead of spamming you with 384775856 pictures [right now] I’ll just feature these beautiful flowers: Bleeding Heart. They’ve been a favourite of mine since childhood.

Flowers_tränendes Herz

3. Green smoothies have been happening in this house! No, my opinion on them hasn’t changed. However, my dad visited a lecture a few weeks ago that was all about healthy living – note: he wouldn’t usually attend any of those so this one was business-related – and he immediately decided to incorporate a few healthier habits into his life. And that led to a scandalous crossing of lines/invading my territory. Given I’m usually the only one eating bananas daily I buy them myself and obviously store them in my apartment.


As my dad insisted on having a smoothie and hadn’t wanted to listen to me when I told him he’d better stock up on bananas then my mum just grabbed one of my last ones Sunday night. Not cool. And isn’t it meant to be me mooching off food from my parents and not the other way around? !

4. Thinking about it I actually do. All the time. Don’t say you didnt! Here’s to hoping all that green smoothie business won’t result in my parents ditching their snacking habits anytime soon. I’d dearly miss the bags of Erdnussflips in their snack aisle. Luckily, we’re keeping things balanced around here with flips and greens.


5. Help a girl out! I’ve been meaning to paint my nails for weeks but can’t settle on a colour. That’s pretty unusual for me because previously I wasn’t able to go without colouring my nails for more than a few days. Maybe not the healthiest choice but the current weather just calls for bright colours to bring in some fun. So …These are the runner-ups. Any votes?

Essie nail polish

6. Do you ever buy yourself random gifts? I hardly ever do so I’d been holding out forever but caved last week and bought the Gilore Girls DVD collection. Oh my. I completely forgot what it’s like to watch a show and look forward to every new episode. I can’t even remember the last time I regularily watched any kind of show – likely because I haven’t owned a TV for the past ~ 5 years  and still don’t – but it’s amazing. The current weather is an excuse to start watching a little earlier than I usually would. And would you believe I actually never watched all seasons of Gilmore Girls before? We didn’t have cable when the first seasons were aired and I only caught random episodes until the final season but was hooked either way. Now I have a major catch-up and I can’t say I was hating it.


… and with that I’m off to a hopefully sunny day. Happy Thursday!

Happiness-inducing today: Sunshine amidst the rainy gray days.

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No questions today. Just tell me your ranom[ay] thoughts!

Whisks, words and weird encounters [Thinking out loud]

Hey hey, it’s Thursday! It’s time to let our thoughts do happy dances again because we’re this close to the weekend. Or – in other words: to think out loud with our [hopefully] happy host Amanda!


1. Do you ever get to the point where you’ve read or written a certain word so often that you doubt your own spelling abilities? As in: that you grab a dictionary look the word up online to make sure it’s spelled properly? Case in point: Tuesday’s post. Traditions. A simple word but after reading it what felt like several dozen times I started getting puzzled and double-checked. And you can take that literally because I’m the habitual double-checker in our family. Yes, I’m the kind of person who double or triple-checks to see if the front door is locked or the stove turned off. Better safe than sorry.

2. I think everybody has a most-used kitchen gadget. Aside from spoons – because we all know those are essential and work well for many many tasks. But my real #1 is this one:

wire whisk

3. Sadly, I apparently have a pretty vigorous way of whisking and had to kiss goodbye to a number of them that will keep unveiled.

4. A heart racing like I’d just tried to beat Haile Gebrselassie on a run and jello legs – that was me yesterday night. And no, not because I’d actually been running [I wish!]. The real reason? I’d meant to just quickly take out the trash when I noticed a rather heavily built guy standing on the corner of the street. That alone was enough for me to try and make it a very quick trip outside. Cue panic when he approached me asking if I spoke French – in French, obviously. I just quickly stammered “non, pas bien” and dashed for the house entrance as quickly as I could. Moral of the story: Don’t go outside after dark! Or at least avoid strange men. No matter which language they talk.

5. Can we talk about sales on Easter candy for a minute? You might remember my mum didn’t get me any and the chocolate hens found another purpose. My plan was to stay cool and resist any and all of it. The result?


I blame Sam for getting this box of chocolates. Because she asked for the amounts of leftover Easter candy in her last post and when I mentioned I hadn’t gotten any suggested I could still get some. Clearly it was her fault I  found myself in the candy aisle of a huge store that hadn’t sold out all Easter candy yet yesterday, right ;)?!

6. Not to make my mum look like a bad mother, though, she did get me an Easter gift. More or less unintentionally. The story: I had some time to kill in between my train ride and waiting for my bus home on Thursday. That means just one thing: browsing the aisles of the drug store next to the station. Which just so gappens to carry Essie polishes. Which I have a hard time resisting so I decided my mum wanted to gift me a new bottle.


7.  Thinking about it: Am I supposed to store my nail polishes in the fridge??? I remember seeing or reading it somewhere but I don’t know the reasoning behind it. It seems … weird.

8.Once more there’s just one thing left for me to say: Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: I will never tire of saying this one: sunshine! That and good music playing.

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What is your most used kitchen gadget?

Tell me your favourite Easter candy from those you got this year!


Currently … July

Hi! What would be more fitting right in the middle of the month than a little update on what’s been going on for me? I’ve been seeing this survey on many blogs and decided to jump on the train, too.

Current Book: : Gold by Chris Cleave. Deeming Little Bee one of the best books I read last year I can’t tell why I didn’t find out about this one any earlier. Once again Cleeve delivered an absorbing read written with a great eye for the fine details that I had a hard time putting down.  I may or may not have saved the last few pages just so I could include it as my “current” one here [okay, and because I have a hard time letting a good book end]. Let me know if you’re interested in a review though I can promise you it’s a great one.

Read on my Kindle while on the train.

Read on my Kindle while on the train.

Current Music: Belle & Sebastian  – Another sunny day

… because isn’t that what everybody hopes for at the moment? A whole-hearted musical yes to Summer!

Current Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in. Truly sleeping in. No 8.30 AM wake-ups for this girl … Hey, I have to make use of it while I can, right?!

Current Nail Color: Essie’s Cute as a button. What’s not to like about coral?

Why does my hand look that creepy?

 Current Drink: Tea. Yes, I did notice it’s actually Summer but I still won’t give up on my daily cups of Sweet Chili tea.

Current Food: Slow-roasted tomatoes. A first-timer from this past weekend and while they take way too long for my impatient personality they are SO good. Slow-roasted – fast-eaten :D.


Also, all the fresh strawberries I can get my hands on. Making the most of Summer’s bounty.


Current Favorite Show:  None. Though the second season of “New Girl” has finally started being aired last week and I might get into that again.

Current Wish List: I’d really appreciate a built-in thought recorder for my brain. It’s infuriating to notice how easily I can draft whole letters or posts in my head while out on walks or runs. Yet when I’m sitting down at my laptop everything’s gone, gone, gone. Somebody please invent such a recorder!?

Current Needs: More time. To work on my to-do list(s) but also spend with friends before we all drift apart

Current Triumphs:

Finishing my last class in university. Ever. It’s a bittersweet triumph, though, seeing as this means saying goodbye to many friends soon.

Current Bane of My Existence: See current guilty pleasure. Sleeping in is great but it bring out the night owl in me even more which in turn throws my days’ structure totally off. Something to work on … One day, yes, one day, I’ll be a morning person ;).

Current Indulgence:

Current indulgence

Frozen dark chocolate dessert  ice cream with hazelnut butter. Lots of hazelnut butter. Seriously: if you never tried freezing Alpro Soya desserts – do it now!

Current Blessing: Aside from a  wonderful family always being there for me I’m feeling incredibly blessed for all the friends blends I made through blogging the past months. Without getting all sappy here I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you!

Current Slang: Call me boring but: none. Or at least none I could think of. Can I blame English not being my mother tongue?

Current Outfit: 

Current outfit July

Polkadots, actually. And yes, I swear that’s accidental and I DO wear other clothes, too. And these new shoes – in coral no less. Usually, I prefer shoes with at least a little heel to feel taller but these were great for a city trip with lots of walking.

Current Excitement(s): With my sister’s wedding at the beginning of August, me graduating from university and starting an internship there’s so much to be excited about.

Current Mood: 

Happy. Nervous. Excited. A mixed bag of feelings in this transition period. If we’re talking this very moment, though: happy and thankful.

Looking at all of the above I’d say July has overall been quite marvelous for me so far. Thanks to Katie for reminding us to focus on the marvelousness in life at all times.


Happiness inducing today: Meeting one of my cousins and catching up over ice cream.

What are you currently reading? Recommendations on which book to pick up next are welcome.

What are current excitements in your life?

Are you a night owl or an early bird?