Quality [time] not quantity

Manic Monday – that’s exactly what I expect today – or actually our first week back at the office – to be like. I wouldn’t mind another day off 😉 … But today’s post isn’t about the future [much less stressing about the latter], it’s a recap of what we did during the past week so let’s go on with that. Meg, thank you for starting this wonderful link-up again months ago and encouraging us to see the good in every week.

As the title might give away already I don’t have many accomplishments to talk about. Rather, I was lucky to spend quality time with my family, filling my second bucket and my heart with joy. I’m sure many of you noticed the missing cheer in my previous week in review and even disappointment. Looking back I see that I was even more appreciative of the past seven days’ happenings so the low I found myself was the rain I had to go through to see my rainbow. <- don’t ask where that came from. My mind goes places when I allow it to take the lead while writing. Moving on for real now!

Week in review

In the past week

Worked two days. That bit about the holidays? Still true. Only that my boss [for those who don’t know: a relative] called me to start again a bit earlier me smile that pretty much all of Wednesday and several hours of Sunday were spent working.

Published a week in review and some Good good links.

Did a second photo shoot of the recipe I mentioned in my recent post already. Sorry for the delay. I wasn’t entire happy with the outcome of my first batch of pictures, still hoped to publish the recipe on Thursday but then came the unexpected call into work and all plans dissolved. <- what I meant when talking about necessary changes  [better time management for after work to-dos]


Vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Ick. [Funny side note: auto correct suggests ‘Ickenham’ here. Where is that?]

The biggest chunk of the week revolved around the best thing possible: quality time with the family. Some of the happenings included:

Helping my sister bathe P. As if he wasn’t adorable enough this revealed a new level of cuteness to me. Maybe I do want to become a mum after all one day still. Minus the … ahem … backdoor shenanigans [shamelessly stealing borrowing Meg’s terminology here].

Baking baby cookies/banana oatmeal fingers [my sister practices baby led weaning hence the solids along with breastfeeding at six months already]. Vrdict:  not  as popular as fresh fruit. Which I, even being the baker [not my own recipe, though], actually found awesome. Fruit is definitely my favourite kind of candy, too. No worries about the oats in the ‘cookies’, though: I still plan on turning P. into an oatmeal [and nut butter] fiend later on. Just watch me on my mission ;).

Baby nephew

Lots of peek-a-boo playing, ‘conversations’ and cuddles with my nephew. Still obsessed with that boy and I’m afraid you might hear me talk about him a little longer still. Just until he hits those sassy teenage years, you know.

Having a spontaneous longer conversation with just my grandparents on Saturday night. It was lovely to talk about all kinds of things, past and future. We don’t get to see each other and share moments like that often enough.

Giving a little shutout to family members: my grandpa and dad took down our very old garden shed and started building a new bigger one. It looks promising.

Going for several walks with the family. These happen way more regularly now there’s a baby supposed to nap in the afternoons [because walking motion = falling asleep quickly].

Doing the final round of proofreading for my sister’s thesis. She’s about to hand it in.  Fingers crossed for her!

Sitting here on Sunday afternoon/early evening I’m a bit sad my sister and P. left again, not stoked about the prospect of work being more than just hectic for at least the first week – and wistful. Thinking of all the things I didn’t do – not entirely by my own choice – and wishing for some more time. Then again: don’t we all -always- do? It’s about living in the now and that’s something I need to practice a bit more again.

That’s enough about my life already. Tell me about yours and don’t forget to head over to Meg’s and everybody else’s blogs to find out about their recent achievements and fun happenings.

Happiness-inducing today:  Carrying my nephew around a bit more before he and my sister left. A nice walk home from the pffice.


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Tell me three [or more] achievements from your past week!

How have you been filling your second hunger bucket [hint if you didn’t read the post: emotional hunger]?










Week in review: Back in the kitchen and many smiles.

… and here we are on the last day of February (!) with another Week in Review. First things first, though: I’m not usually the kind of person to get all sappy but thank you for all of your feedback, opinions and link shares for Thursday’s post. It was a post dear to my heart and seeing how many of you could relate was overwhelming. Due to limited internet access once again I haven’t been able to reply to comments yet but I will.

If you belong to the large part of the population who has a fierce dislike for Mondays here’s a song to get your week started with a happy dance party. Actually, today as an extra day we’re only granted every four years necessitates a little cheerful dancing as is, don’t you think so? Anyway, let’s kick the week off in proper listing style with Meg again.  Here’s a glance into my past week:

Week in review

My favourite achievement/happening first: I spent time with my nephew. [Insert goofy smile and lots of oooohs and aaawwws <- even I as the language fiend am unable to keep up my whole sentences and can’t find the right words here.] My sister, her husband and the little bundle of joy stopped by for a short visit on Sunday – my mum’s birthday – and I forgot pretty much everything else. I know I promised to keep gushing to a minimum but he started smiling this week and -proud aunt moment – I was able to make him smile a lot. Forget about boys, I found my new crush ;).

Because I felt a bit guilty for the gushing – okay, no, just because I like you – I  baked no-baked you some treats that my whole family went crazy about [and they’re my biggest food critics]. Remember what I said about this recipe being the one you need to try if you make any of mine? I may or may not have fierce competition for it. Just take a look … Recipe coming on Thursday and yes, my hands got covered in chocolate in the making. Worse things have happened before – can you say broken plates?!

Raw brownie

The usual weekly: Ran errands for myself as well as some for my parents.Did the dishes by hand as well as loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. It’s nice to have one but I still try to be aware of how many dishes I use.

I wrote and published three blog posts including one for NEDA week. What’s funny is that I remembered NEDA week was coming up all January and then it somehow slipped my mind until the past Monday. I’m glad I still published the post.

Worked five days a week and it’s a busy time at the office so I’ve been stayin longer pretty much every day.

Taught German three times again. Two of those were quite successful – students looking forward to lessons and actively asking for tasks make every teacher happy – and one sub-par.

Cleaned my apartment including the floors. Not the fridge yet, though. Just one more saved for the next week in review, right?

Had a really nice conversation with one of the clients at work. Her positive outlook on life despite suffering from a deathly illness is inspiring.

Relaxed. That one’s hard for me. Lack of sleep meant I was tired to the max when returning home after work but actually allowing myself to accept this and just lie down is so.freaking. hard. Allowing myself some trashy TV – it’s a true guilty pleasure – for the first time in who knows how long. What is it about mindlessly watching TV – or in my case a live stream online – that is so relaxing?


Made my own cashew butter for the first time. Or in other words: finally starting to really use my Vitamix. I’ve somehow had/still have that fear of wrecking it when making nut butters though that ironically was my main reason to want one. I make myself laugh.

Walked after work every day. With it still getting dark fairly early that usually means a quick 15-minute lap only but fresh air nonetheless.

red shoes_walk

Braved the geese again. Not intentionally. If I could avoid them for the rest of my life you better believe I would. But heading out for my walk on Friday  it wasn’t long until I saw … geese! This time they were even further away from the path I was walking on but upon seeing me one of those beasts started hissing and running towards me. No screaming on my part this time but I –ran– and my heart was beating as fast as I feel it would if I met Adam Levine. Only Adam wouldn’t scare me ;). Either way, I waited for some time, watching the geese through the trees lining the path and then ran past them as fast asI could  [wearing a heavy winter coat and no running shoes, mind you]. Ridiculous? Maybe. But I won’t let those feathery friends foes steal my opportunity to get some fresh air in.
Whatever you’re calling me for this: stupid goose is not an option!

That was a little wrap-up of my recent going-ons that I’ll also share for MIMM. because despite some ups and downs it was a good week.

Whatever comes your way today: take it and see the silver lining. Happy Monday!


Happiness-inducing today: Read the first point on my list. Sorry not sorry.


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Tell me some achievements from your past week!
How well are you able to relax? What’s your favourite way to do it?