Sweet and cheesy. Cheesy. And sweet. [WIAW]

Alternative title: The three cheese edition. Cheese has been back in action lately. While I didn’t eat all of them in the same day there are three kinds of cheese in three meals today.  I’m writing the intro after finishing the remaining post – typical – so as I’ll get wordy enough below I’ll keep it short and sweet [not cheesy] here. It’s What I ate Wednesday so let’s talk food!


Sweet and cheesy [cream cheese at breakfast]

There’s a new sweet breakfast favourite in town. Pretty much the day after he posted it – but still sneakily including it in my good good links  – I tried Arman’s Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Pudding.  Unlike what the name suggests it’s prepared with oat branmy favourite. Not following Arman’s suggestion I’ve been eating this hot because that way it reminds me of the cinnamon-topped semolina pudding of my childhood. I -did- follow the original idea of using cream cheese for the topping instead of my vegan substitute this time, though. Wow. I never new how much I’d missed cream cheese before plus it perfectly complemented the hot cinnamon oat bran here.  Unfortunately, breakfast is the hardest to photograph meal for me. No high expectations here especially if you know my preferred way of eating it.

Cinnamon Roll Oat Bran

Something about not being hungry when I wake up but then suddenly feeling very much so once the scent of whatever I prepare fills the room. Trust me: you wouldn’t want to spend another minute waiting to eat if you smelled this. Not only does this scent heavenly – who doesn’t like cinnamon?! – but it also wins in the taste department. Granted, I’ve never had a Cinnamon Bun yet I can say it Maybe I should come up with a more elaborate rating system for recipes I tried?! Polkadots instead of stars to keep it unique? Kidding. Until then: two thumbs up.

Cheesy [Romadur at lunch]
Cheese and I have been on-off since I reintroduced it into my diet. Most lunches are still vegan but lately I’ve found myself craving cheese and after playing it down for a while caved. To stink spice things up I branched out of my safe and known – admittedly even pre-vegetarian very limited – cheese territory and bought a new-to-me kind.


Romadur is a more aromatic – some might say ‘stinky’– cheese typical in a certain area of Germany. Yesterday I threw together some favourites for an easy casserole using it. Caramelized onions, cauliflower, speltberries,  peas and fresh parsley topped with the Romadur. Hit the spot. A newfound cheese favourite and I’m tempted to go back to the fridge for another slice as a snack once I finish this sentence post. Hey, I need to get my calcium in after all.

Sweet [cottage cheese]

A sweet snack I actually tried weeks ago already for the first time was Amanda’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cheesecake Dip. In three words: Try it now! I’m usually not a fan of actual baked cheesecake and don’t think I ever was but I do like all kinds of dips. Most of that time they’re of the savoury variety so it was a welcome change to go the sweet route here. Especially since it’s summer and while eating plain fruit is delicious already pairing it with ‘cheesecake’ takes snack time up a notch.

July 2nd 029

Thumbs up for this recipe, too. Okay, don’t let the picture below fool you. I actually ate most of the dip straight up with a spoon. Another win for not having to share. A little more detailed: the combination of Greek yogurt and blended cottage cheese makes for a creamy, slightly tangy base which – once sweetened – is a perfect blank sheet for further flavor experimentation. But what more than Cookies & Cream could you want? So good. The perfect use for the mini Oreos I’d bought a while back an,  noticed I didn’t enjoy much on their own.

Oreo cheesecake dip

Talking about all of that cheese I’m hungy again so I’ll track down a snack and then settle for some What I ate Wednesday reading over at Jenn’sprocrastination at its finest. I’ll see you again tomorrow for Thinking out loud. Until then:

Happy Wednesday and happy [cheese] eating!

Happiness-inducing today: Talking to my grandma – even if just on the phone – in the morning.

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Do you eat ‘dessert for breakfast’-type oats? If yes: what are your favourites?

Have you ever eaten fruit with some kind of [sweet] dip – aside from peanut butter? Let me know any good recipes.

What are your favourite kinds of cheese? 

Breaking the [food] rules

We’re halfway through the [work] week already!

Eat this not that. Limit carbs after lunch. Don’t eat sugar. White flour is evil. Three meals, no snacks.

Food rules. We all know them, we [might] have followed them at some point – only to end up frustrated and deprived. In light of yesterday being International No Diet Day I decided I’d further the celebration and purpose of this day. Dedicating today’s What I ate Wednesday post to looking at some food rules*. These are either ones I followed or popular ones given by the so-called dieting experts out there. Let’s throw the rule book out of the window and celebrate delicious food!


Rule: Skip breakfast to save calories.

Going without breakfast was one of my worst habits during my ED. After my ED set in I used to skip breakfast for years and tried to make it to lunch with nothing or an apple if I couldn’t focus anymore. Eight hours of class fuelled by nothing but a piece of fruit? Not a smart idea. Nowadays I make sure to eat a satisfying breakfast and usually feel like eating again 2-3 hours later. Sometimes earlier.

oat bran_zucchini_peanut flour

Yes, I tried to be a good blogger actually getting out a bowl for the picture. However, after taking the picture I redecided, put the oats back into the pot, reheated them, added cocoa and topped everything with almond butter.

Snack time #1

Rule: Going without food for as long as possible. Hungry? Drink a glass of water.

A rumbling stomach only an hour after my last meal got me anxious. I ‘had’ to wait until the next time I was allowed to eat. The possibilty that I was actually hungry just an hour or two after my last meal? It scared me. Countless cups of tea were needed to fill my stomach. You could see me walk around clinging to a mug pretty much all day at times.

frozen yogurt_PB

As I took most of today’s pictures on a day off of work I had better snack choices than at the office. And what can I say? It might have gotten slightly chilly again over here [it’s meant to be spring, Germany!] but the frozen yogurt is still making a daily appearance. Back in the day I would have used the lowest-fat cottage cheese and probably skipped the jam altogether [sugar!] but I can tell the difference: creamy, sweet – perfect. And: satisfying.


Rule: The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead. – or: Cut out refined flour.

Aiming for whole grains whenever possible is a good plan and I find myself enjoying whole grain options more than white most of the time, too. However, this preference shouldn’t feel like a drill and if there’s no other option white grains once in a while won’t hurt. Case in point in my lunch? White tortilla wraps. I’d been curious to attempt creating a tortilla bake for a while but whole-wheat/ high-fiber/ brown rice/ you name it … ones aren’t available over here.

Tortilla bake 1

My options were a) not having tortillas at all or ) bite the bullet and get white ones. Simple as is: I wanted tortillas. So white it was. Did I feel awful eating them? No. Uncomfortable? No. I felt happy as a clam and satisfied. I’ll admit this was a first one for me last week because the ‘no white carbs’ rule had remained stubbornly. Now I can’t get enough tortillas, though, so I made sure to stock up while they were still on offer. Whole wheat or not the Enchilada Bake above was really good so if you’re curious about the recipe come back on Friday.

Snack #2

Rules: Snack on fruit and veggies only. No processed foods.

Fruit is still one of my favourite snacks and the amounts I eat every day could single-handedly keep a few farmers in business. But as delicious as it is fruit doesn’t replace dessert for me and sometimes I just want something different, too …

Apple_Pink Lady

It’s labeling foods as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ that ignites the dieting mentality and keeps us from giving us permission to fully enjoy eating. There are obviously foods that are more nutritious than others supplying us with vitamins, minerals and offering further health benefits. But limiting myself to just those doesn’t satisfy my soul’s cravings in the long term. Even if you strive on diet of green smoothies, sprouted bread and fruit for dessert external health can be deceiving.

Too good_chips

We’ll skip the dinner picture because I didn’t actually take one but I can let you know I went the lazy route and had oat bran again. It’s my go-to I-don’t-feel-like-cooking dinner and one of those meals I still need to work on [hello, repititiveness]. Let’s look at my bedtime snack, though.

Rule: Go to bed hungry.

Going to bed hungry? No added sugars? Forget it, Bob Harper! Try to take my daily chocolate away from me and you’ll be in trouble soon. I’ve mentioned my sweet tooth before so a small piece of chocolate just doesn’t do it for me. Three squares are my usual chocolate fix, sometimes more. You know those days when you just need that bit of extra sweetness…


Giving up the rules and recommendations was scary for me at first. But in the end, all these food rules do is limit ourselves in living life the way we want to. When eating is bound to certain rules, plans, macros it’s no longer a pleasurable experience. Trying to outsmart our intuition and not allowing ourselves to strain from them, clinging to diet plans isn’t realistic or desirable in the long term [or at all]. Because – just like a very good blend put it so well in a recent conversation:

Dieting isn’t actually living.

And life’s too short to not live it.

* Note that this isn’t a full day of eats. I ate more than pictured and yes, there were more fruit and veggies.

Happiness inducing today: ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams playing when I walked into the gym.

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Did or do you follow any food rules?

What are some of the most ridiculous food rules you’ve heard of?


Dishing up breakfast [Spill it Sunday]

It’s unusual for me to post twice in a day but I’m [breakfast-]rolling with it for Spill it Sunday. If it’s not too much to ask I wouldn’t mind our host Arman to send some sun over to Germany – please and thank you. Rain is the reason I got inspired to join in this week again. Okay, that and enjoying some breakfast talk.


1. What is your classic go to breakfast of choice?

Oats! Better yet: oat bran. Or to get even more specific: the oat bran/ wheat bran/ steel-cut oats/ chia seed mix I’ve been tweaking to my liking over months [can we say dedication?!] and now using for years. Wow, has it really been that long already?! I still remember my first time trying oat bran – and being hooked immediately. I like to change up the add-ins every once in a while but caramelized banana for sweetness is a must. As is topping with almond butter.

oat bran_breakfast

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast?
A classic bowl pot [because that’s how I roll] is cocoa banana oat bran topped with both coconut and almond butter. Comfort at its best.

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast?
This is tough because I hardly eat savoury breakfasts these days. But every once in a blue moon I plate up a mixed vegetable stir-fry for breakfast with some coconut butter for staying power. It’s more likely to happen on mornings when I don’t feel really hungry. Or my spin on the vegan classic scrambled tofu: vegan eggy casserole. Thinking about it I might actually need to have it for breakfast again soon.

Assembly - don't forget to make sure you get every drop of sauce ;).

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of – it can be your own or another bloggers!

The multitude of blogs dedicated to oatmeal makes it hard to pick. But remembering a similar baked rice pudding I want to try this one in the future. As well as Amanda’s baked apple cinnamon raisin oats. Because anything with oats and apples sounds good to me. I actually tried it a while back but forgot to take a picture.

5. Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?
Maybe not strangest but most unusual: Have you ever visited the breakfast buffet at IKEA?? It’s infamous to say the least. So much so, in fact, that I’ve read an article about groups of people regularly attending it – and I found it again in case any German readers are curious. We’ve only ever been there aaages ago because my sister’s and my begging my mum long enough was successful. It was a serious feast. Meatballs, croissants, mini omelettes, pancakes, fruit salad, … Granted, I don’t remember if it actually tasted that awesome or if it was just the once-in-a-lifetime feeling that made it special.


6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

Soothing tea to settle a wonky stomach.
Absolutely. On a weekday morning it’s craziness but on the weekends I leisurely bring my oats to a boil, make a cup of my favourite tea and grab a newspaper or magazine. Lovingly arranging oat bran toppings, sitting down and reading the newspaper or a magazine while eating. Saving the sudoku or crossword for the last bites and ending your meal sith an extra spoonful of almond butter straight from the jar. Bliss.

Happiness inducing today: Creating a new recipe.

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What is your go-to breakfast?

If you like oatmeal: Tell me your favourite add-ins and toppings! I need some inspiration.

What is the most unusual breakfast you’ve ever eaten? Maybe it was a buffet at IKEA, too?



Eating [on an] off schedule

Time for another round of playing the food show-off known as What I ate Wednesday via our lovely host Jenn. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if I’d tag along this time because I usually take pictures of my meals on the weekends only. Weekdays? Taking pictures in the morning would require extra time [that I don’t have – just imagine a headless chicken running around and yes, that’d be me]. However, yesterday was the perfect relaxed opportunity to take pictures and eat. Because for the record: I don’t enjoy eating at the office. Then again: does anybody?? Long story short: here’s [part of] what I ate yesterday with a side of some recovery chat.



One of the main points I still have to work on majorly in my recovery is straying from set meal times. Eating on different preset [by work or the likes] schedules. In short: not making time matter over hunger cues. A day off work and therefore sleeping in yesterday gave me the chance to test out the waters again on an off day. Sleeping for [too] long throws me and my appetite completely off my usual habits. Some pre-breakfast snackage happened.

Almond butter 006

Breakfast… happened a little later after waking up than usual because I could and because I wasn’t forced to eat in time before getting to work. Now here’s a little secret I never shared. The one reason why I hardly share pictures of my breakfasts or dinner is not just the lack of time and light. It’s also that – differently from other bloggers – I hardly ever transfer all of my oats to a bowl. Not that I hadn’t tried before but I’m honestly not a fan of how quickly the oats drop their warming temperature. Cold oat bran? Not for me. That’s why I serve it up in the pot and continue to eat it in smaller bowlfuls that I top with almond butter*.  Another bonus: I get to mix cocoa into just half of my oat bran so I have part banana oats/ part chocolatey oats. It’s the way I roll[ed] the oats 😉 .

oat bran_breakfast* In case you’re wondering: it’s not a die-hard habit. If I need to adapt and have breakfast at work I can just pack things up and go.

Snack #1 was a funny encounter that allowed me to tackle a fear food once again: avocado. I’d bought a package of shirataki pasta – yes, roll your eyes at me – out of curiosity when I saw they were on offer at a store. Knowing these wouldn’t satisfy me but making use of their low-calorie tag I stir-fried them with some garlic and odds and ends [read: leftover zucchini and tomatoes] and covered them in avocado sauce.


Not something that’d ever keep me satisfied as a real meal but that’s what lunch was meant for: savoury baked oats. Initially, I was feeling like having polenta but noticed I didn’t have any left so I simply cooked rolled oats and wheat bran in water, seasoned it. Stirred in a spoonful of nutritional yeast and added a mix of sauteed vegetables on top. Blame the grey skies at that point for the less-than-stellar picture but it didn’t lessen the meal’s quality. Or let’s say it was interesting and still needs some tinkering to get a full sign of approval.

baked oatmeal_polenta

In terms of recovery this was a good day because I tried new dishes, tried to strain from my usual meal times and not focus on the fact of how hungry I was compared to other days. It’s all a work in progress but I feel I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

Happy Wednesday! Now go and get inspired over at Jenn’s or the [past and future] Vegan Wednesday board(s)!


Happiness inducing today: A conversation with a friend overseas. Time difference be damned but still.

Stay in touch!

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Shirataki pasta: Have you ever tried it? What’s your take on the non-noodles?

Do you have any odd eating habits? My oat bran one might rank among those but I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.