Do you dare to go naked?

Wake up, stretch, turn on the kettle to boil water for tea or prepping some coffee, use the bathroom, eat breakfast, get ready and get out of the door. A morning routine. And for most of us, applying make-up falls somewhere into that routine. It’s an almost thoughtless procedure. Just like you wouldn’t forget to brush your hair, I’m not here to offer any solutions or advice on the topic. Rather, I’m using Amanda’s invitation to threw around some questions for discussion and then sit back and curiously await your takes on the topic.

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The big question when talking about make-up is the why behind using it. Does it still have that playful appeal it used to when we were little and in awe of our mum’s rouge, lipstick and nail polish?  Do you still go out without make-up occasionally? This is where I see huge differences in people.  Some people don’t bother using make-up or spending money on it at all. Others – and I’ve experienced this first hand with a friend of mine – spend hours a day making sure their make-up is flawless and feel naked without it.

Just like many of us [unfortunately] feel uncomfortable in their bodies and standing in front of a mirror undressed, not wearing make-up potentially has a similar effect. The huge curiosity around and praise for celebrities showing their bare faces made me wonder, too.   Do they really encourage women [or men?] to go out ‘naked’, too, or in reverse effect make it seem more daunting?

The amount of make-up I wear on a daily basis is minimal but yes, I will admit I’m feeling a smidgen less confident without it. I’m naturally very pale and missing the rouge on my cheeks makes me rival Caspar more than Wendy [does anybody remember that movie??].


I will admit I don’t see myself stopping to use make-up anytime soon. However, I will keep re-eavaluating how dependent I am on it. Once again, looking at children can teach us a lessson or two here.  Not only do they have Intuitive Eating down to a pat but have an admirable look at make-up in an easy-going and empowering way, too. It helps them turn into a courageous lion, a sparkly princess or whatever else they want to be for a day. For them, make-up is an enabling instrument, not part of their personality or something taking power of them.

Just like not everybody is allowed to see ourselves undressed, I think it’s okay to use some make-up when out and about with a crowd. But there should also be people we trust enough to show ourselves the way nature intended. People that see us ugly-cry, tears all over our faces and vulnerable. Don’t let make-up control you or take away any of your confidence. Confidence shouldn’t be applicable from the outside and easily wiped away with a cotton ball. True confidence comes from within.


Over to you: What are your thoughts and experiences on the topic?


Happiness-inducing today: Going on a long walk with a friend – walking and talking is the best combination.


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Dare to be the unpopular one.

The first Thursday of Fall … can you believe it? Get out all the boots, scarves, fluffy socks and … thick blankets. I didn’t want to leave my bed this morning because it’s cold! Then again, staying in bed is no option [and yes, it gets boring after a while] so while I’m up already I’m joining  Amanda in thinking out loud again. It’s another one of those hardly-edited posts where I let my mind lead me. Daring to follow this path for me as an overthinker but that’s what this post is all about.


I don’t like ketchup. Or mayonnaise [the smell alone makes me gag]. Or aioli. Or mustard [nasty!]. Actually, I can probably count the number of condiments I do eat on one hand.

I don’t drink alcohol. But if you do, that’s cool with me. Just like I won’t judge your diet.

My favourite beverage in the morning? Tea. No coffee in the AM. Actually, no coffee has been seen around here for months.

Pumpkin spice latte? I don’t think so. Which yes, means you won’t be seeing any of my money, Starbucks!

I don’t use Snapchat and don’t understand the hype about it, either. If you do, great, but I’ll pass.

Using Instagram? Sure. But taking pictures of all my meals, 4f4 or shoutouts? No. That’s not my style and I won’t change to please you.


These obviously aren’t any shocking revelations that would make anybody kick me out of their house. What they all have in common, though? Most people would disagree or feel differently on at least the majority of these. And you know what? That’s okay. We can’t ever be friends with everybody.

Growing up, I was shy about voicing my opinions or admitting I disagreed with people. It was much easier to ## not speak up at all ## or silently nod. Was it good, though? No. Keeping to yourself and swimming with the tide? Doesn’t allow you to actually grow and discover what you stand for.

ShoesLiterally not standing for it.

The actual reason I’m bringing up the topic is that surprisingly, my most popular posts [and the ones I put most passion into writing] are those where I just let my thoughts flow. No ‘but what if somebody thinks I’m weird?’ or ‘maybe I shouldn’t ….’s . That’s something I’m still learning but it’s seriously rewarding to dare and be different. Last week’s post? If I’d let it sit in my drafts folder for any longer – chances are you’d have never seen it. The feedback I got admittedly overwhelmed me [thank you so much again! Your comments mean the world to me]. And even if I hadn’t gotten as many comments just one or two people telling me how much it resonated with them would have been amazing.

The only hard rules about topics I post is: don’t be a jerk. Don’t hurt others [intentionally]. No political or religious topics [because those do have the tendency to hurt others].

When we dare to be different from the norm, we’ll more often than not discover we’re actually not alone in our ‘weirdness’. Somebody has to make a start to change something in the world or even just make people think, get a conversation started. Be different, be yourself – and be surprised by others’ response. You never know who might secretly share your unpopular opinions and appreciate you speaking up.


Happiness-inducing today: Making somebody else happy with good news I had for her.

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No specific questions today but I’m curious to hear your thoughts and experiences on the issue.