Thinking out loud #13

Thursday came early for me this week. Not what I’d have expected after last week but I can’t say I was complaining. Or maybe I could because we have a huge presentation at work next week and time isn’t working in our favour. But is it ever, really? Thursdays, however, are working in my favour as usual with some good random Thinking out loud. Head over to Amanda’s to get ever-so-slightly jealous at the recap of her recent Hawaii adventures.


1. Some days I really make myself laugh and wonder what blogging did to me. Looking at the word count of yesterday’s post even I was amazed [perplexed?] by how quickly the words had added up within the blink of an eye. And this is coming from a girl who handed in essays that were a quarter in length compared to what most others wrote. But really, not only was the time to short back then but I wouldn’t have known how to fill 25+ pages … It was more like this:

2. Let’s talk about Spotify.  I’d only been using the free version to listen to music as I don’t own a radio anymore [annoying story about getting two fancy-looking ones none of which ended up working]. But I’m sure those of you who did that before, too, got a little annoyed by the constant commercial breaks, too. Imagine my delight when I noticed I could use my mum’s premium account. Using it for free? Win.

3. Not so much of a win: When I recently tried to download Spotify on my phone. Because apparently my memory card didn’t have enough room anymore. Considering I’ve hardly downloaded any apps at all I was more then surprised. Until it deemed to me to look into my photo albums 😯 … Did you know how much storage room they could take up???

4. I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting my choice on the Peanut Butter & Co. front. GiGi will be very disappointed with it but hear me out 😉 : I actually considered getting Mighty Maple – because it’s mightybut it was sold out by the time I stopped by the store to pick up a jar. Dark Chocolate Dreams had to stand in even though it’s merely a dream. A tasty one at that.

Dark chocolate dreams peanut butter

5. However, while I do like it I can’t say it won me over all the way. Nothing will top my long-time favourite ‘butter’ that soon.

6. What better way to empty the memory card than some random pictures in a post of randomness? Starting with …


 … a surprise find of lots of kabocha. Differently from what you might guess I walked away with … one. They didn’t look trust-worthy so I decided to test the waters – and was disappointed. At this price I won’t be buying more. Maybe I’m spoiled by the awesome taste of my mum’s homegrown kabocha or it’s simply not the season.

7. How can you tell you work in the same office building with some really kind people? Because they give you tea for free. Not just any tea, though, but one I’d had only once before at a cute café that closed down shortly afterwards. The tea’s manufactured by a small German company and not regularly sold in stores but only available online. We share the office space with the design agency working for that company so that’s how they got the tea. And as I’d mentioned liking this very flavour they thought of me when they got their hands on one last box. It’s the little things that make me smile.

8. If you were worried I’d forget about the quizzes [not that you did, though]. Here we go for further life-changing revelations. Or – in my case: a quiz that leaves you puzzled [pun possibly intended]? My result was way off.

9. After promising it way back already I’m hoping to finally post the recipe for my Chickpea Dumpling Bake tomorrow. Sorry?!

10. Happy Thursday!

Happiness inducing today: Good Friends.

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Thinking out loud #12

Is it just me or are Thursdays particularly long work days? The weekend is so close already yet – another whole day to tackle. Friday afternoon can’t come early enough for me. Maybe making this in-between day just a little nicer and worth looking forward to was Amanda‘s initial idea behind Thinking out loud?! Either way I’m glad to know there’ll be lots of fun randomness to catch up on.


1. In fact, I’m firmly convinced a little blog reading in between tasks at work makes me more productive. Aside from the much needed walking break which I don’t always get it’s a great way to relax my brain, get a reason to laugh or Now if only I didn’t have such a hard time to stop clicking on yet another link at times …

2. Look what I found when browsing the aisles at a department store recently …

Peanut Butter & Co.

Okay, name three excuses reasons why it’s absolutely necessary for me to splurge on one of those – and which flavour to try – and you’ll get a cookie. Alternatively just tell me that they’re completely overrated and really not worth buying at all [bonus points if you’re a convincing liar here].

3. It wasn’t until after I’d posted two weeks ago that I noticed I hadn’t shared a picture of the finished puzzle. I hope I’ll be forgiven by making up for my mistake now:

Disney puzzle

[Excuse the mess in the background: I was about to leave and tidying up clearly had last priority when everything was packed.]

4. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while already you know I’m far from a morning person and sleeping in is my definition of a perfect weekend morning. But for whichever reason I got up at sometime around 4.45 AM 😯 on Tuesday morning.

5. Humor me when I decided taking a shower right then and there was a great idea to be able to lie in later on. In fact, though, it was my only option if I wanted to take a shower in the morning. After that my roommate takes over the bathroom in the morning there’s no way to squeeze in more than ten minutes before I leave again. Not rambling on end here, though, as I feel we’ve worked out a pretty good compromise with me usually taking showers in the evening. Everything to avoid extra rush in my morning.

6. Getting out the measuring cups – something my family didn’t even own when I was growing up – for the protein cereal bars on Sunday was odd. No matter how long I’ve been trying recipes from US cookbooks and blogs I’ll still scribble down the amounts converted into metric measurements to help me during the preparation. Yes, I totally see it’s likely for the reason I grew up with it but using a scale seems such a lot more convenient than pulling out all measuring cups, guessing amounts at the supermarket [how many clamshells of blueberries am I supposed to buy if a recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups??] or not knowing how big exactly a big sweet potato is? Any help on how you organize your shopping without buying way too much or too little would be appreciated 🙂 .

measuring cup

7. Just like I can’t explain my unusually early wake-up time and shower above I have to laugh at myself cleaning my roommate’s pots and pans without her even asking. Ask my mum: According to her I’m the best ever at leaving dishes to soak in the sink for hours. But for some reason I find it oddly relaxing to do the dishes?! And I’m sure Kaila will approve of my Healthy Help. My mum would be so proud 😀 .

8. Granted, now that I think about it maybe it’s an [un]conscious way of making up for the fact I’ve been going for her granola box every so often? It’s the kind I’d never buy for myself because I either get bored before the package is empty or I go overboard resulting in a sugar rush. Oh the blessings of having a roommate who happily shares her food. No, she really does.


9. Because I apparently can’t end a random post without including a quiz here’s a recent favourite. Because you really need to know which cereal you are, right?! Oh, and yes: I got Raisin Bran.

10. I hope you’re having a happy Thursday! We’re so close to the weekend!!

Happiness inducing today: Birds chirping outside. Spring is going to be here so soon [hopefully].

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What’s your take on the peanut butter ponderings? Three good reasons?!

Do you have any fun roommate experiences to share?

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Measuring cups or scales when cooking and baking? Aside from the guesswork mentioned to me scales have the added bonus of less cups to wash afterwards.