110 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi there, Monday! Once again, you came faster than expected.

As bloggers we open our lives up to an indefinably large audience. We share what’s going on in our world. Food. Fun. Maybe fitness. The good and the bad. I’m not a Negative Nancy so while authenticity is a key priority for me on- and offline, I don’t always tell everything – and I fell most bloggers will follow the same approach. Life isn’t unicorns and rainbows 24/7 and the past weeks have been more rain than rainbows for me. There, I said it. However, like I said, negativity isn’t my style so I’m trying to keep my head up. Coincidentially, Kathy inspired me to do some thinking about all the good things in life. It’s the little things that make us happy after all. Without further ado, here are 100 things that make me happy and bring joy to my life. Because photography is one of those things, I added some pictures bringing my list to the marvelous number of 110 things [and counting because once you start looking there are countless things making you happy in life].

  1. Being with people I love.
  2. The sound in my ears when riding my bike.
  3. My bed. The comfiest place on earth.
  4. Riding my bike.
  5. Especially riding my bike in the sunset.
  6. Flowers of any kind – as evidenced by the bazillion of pictures of them on my blog. You’ve got to share the love, right?!
  7. Walks through the woods. Just taking in nature, forgetting about the time and everything else.
  8. Seeing people smile. Especially people I love. I’m happy when others around me are happy. Smiles are indeed contagious.
  9. Silence and rest after loud and long days or nights.
  10. Stopping to smell the flowers. Literally.
  11. Writing letters
  12. Receiving letters.
  13. The sun.
  14. Curling up in bed pulling the blankets up until under my nose.
  15. PJ pants_striped_bed
  16. Reminiscing in childhood memories.
  17. Taking showers.
  18. The scent of my shampoo.
  19. Those rare days when the scent of said shampoo actually sticks in my hair for longer than a few minutes. Just me?
  20. Hand-knitted wool socks by my grandma. ‘tis the season.
  21. Freshly washed sheets.
  22. Fresh fruit. All the fruit.
  23. Ice cream.
  24. Nut butter. I don’t discriminate here.
  25. All the kabocha. At best home-grown from my mum’s garden.
  26. Sleeping in on the weekends.
  27. Talking with friends for so long we forget all about the time. And food.
  28. Buying new writing utensils.
  29. That’s an obvious one: Blogging.
  30. Family walks – on the beach or elsewhere.
  31. Reading thought-provoking articles.
  32. Sunday walk_October
  33. Taking pictures.
  34. Long dresses. Short dresses. All kinds of dresses, really.
  35. Getting dressed up for special occasions.
  36. Watching one of my favourite movies. Like How to steal a million. Mad Hot Ballroom.
  37. When I’m sad and others find just the right words to cheer me up.
  38. Painting my nails. Even if  picking a colour can be tough.
  39. The sound of leaves crushing beyond my feet on walks in autumn.
  40. Things children say in awe of things they don’t yet understand. Yes, it sure is possible to raise a foal in a three-bedroom city apartment. You just have to believe it.
  41. Saying that, I think I should re-read some of my old favourites.
  42. Tongue twisters.
  43. Running. It clears my mind, lets me breathe and fuels my creativity. I can’t wait to lace up my shoes and get back into it again one day. Hopefully soon.
  44. Colouring books. Because you’re never too old for them and it’s important to keep the inner child alive. Adult life can be rough.
  45. Winter sun
  46. Being silly with friends because we should keep our inner child alive forever.
  47. Insider jokes. Oh that one created on our class trip to the Netherlands …
  48. Gilmore Girls.Rory and Lorelai have saved many a boring night for me.
  49. Working out. Those endorphines produced while exercise are amazing.
  50. My favourite magazines.
  51. Listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. To all Germans: Rufus Beck is brilliant.
  52. Laughing.
  53. While I’m neither a huge cake nor cookie person eating the dough is my favourite part.
  54. Scented candles. I just started lighting one on my table in the morning again. It didn’t feel right in summer but now that it’s getting colder again …
  55. Driving, turning the music up loud and jamming along. There’s a reason I prefer driving alone.
  56. Breaking out into spontaneous kitchen dance parties.
  57. Candles_December
  58. Random conversations with strangers.
  59. Libraries. Going into them with no idea on what to get and browsing endlessly.
  60. Reading. Duh.
  61. Writing lists. Like this one.
  62. Checking things off of my to-do list.
  63. Receiving a new issue of the magazine I subscribe to.
  64. Watching the clouds and looking for cloud animals. Did anybody else do that as a child?
  65. Watching the sunrise.
  66. Watching the sunset. Is it apparent I like the sun just a smidgen?
  67. Surprising other people.
  68. Asking my grandparents about their lives and listening to their stories. If yours are still alive and you haven’t asked them about ‘earlier’ yet: do it.
  69. Exploring cities or new places by simply walking around with no set goal.
  70. houses_Berlin
  71. Finding/buying/collecting beautiful dishes. I have way too many a lot.
  72. Early mornings. On those occasions I wake up early enough to enjoy them …
  73. Watching the stars.
  74. Beach walks with the whole family including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.
  75. Wearing boots that make me a little taller. Any other short people that can relate?
  76. Unplugging. Some of the best memories are made when there’s no technology around to capture them.
  77. Eating nut butter straight from the jar. The joy of not having to share.
  78. Getting compliments. Not just for appearance but things I wrote or created, too.
  79. Making new friends.
  80. Hearing birds sing.
  81. When somebody unexpectedly calls, texts or mails to simply ask how I’m doing. That’s something to pay forward.
  82.  Finding things I thought I’d lost again.
  83. Baking cookies. Or cakes. Or anything, really.
  84. What's not to love about freshly baked cookies? Tasting the dough might be my favourite part of baking, though.
  85. Figuring out how to do things I had yet to understand.
  86. Rainbows.
  87. Trying something for the first time and immediately getting the hang of it.
  88. Playing board games. Unfortunately not one of my family’s favourite activies so we hardly do it anymore these days. That has to change!
  89. My mum’s laugh. Trust me, it’s the most contagious [and one of the loudest] ever.
  90. Creating new recipes.
  91. Candied peanuts_2
  92. Going to the movies.
  93. When my apartment looks neat and organized. Why does a thorough clean-up never last long??
  94. Crafting. It’s something I really enjoyed as a child but – thanks to many arts teacher telling me I had no talent – lost over the years. With Christmas in mind I started searching Pinterest for ideas and can’t wait to get started.
  95. Speaking English. I’m currently teaching German to an American exchange student and while I’m getting paid the best part is being able to practice my English, too. I’ve always loved learning languages.
  96. When the kids I’m tutoring are successful in school.
  97. Having a sudden flash of inspiration.
  98. Hot showers. Even more now that it’s getting colder outside they’re a real treat.
  99. No matter what’s going on in my life I will always appreciate a hug.
  100. There’s nothing like changing into your pajamas, watching some movie or reading a good book.
  101. Singing [when nobody’s listening].
  102. Listening to my favourite songs on repeat.
  103. Kitten. I guess we can agree baby animals are cute – but so are grown up ones.
  104. Scarves.
  105. Traveling and seeing new places.
  106. Doing puzzzles – even if they take me forever to finish.
  107. Learning something new.
  108. Living in the moment and not worrying about the future. I’m still practicing …
  109. Every comment on here. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself but the blogging community – you. Thank you for stopping by, commenting and making blogging all the better.


Happiness-inducing today: Taking a walk outside before the rain set in. Thoughts flowing, feet moving – it was wonderful


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MIMM: Berlin-ating weekend with my mum

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start into the week. Thanks to Katie for hosting the weekly Marvelous in my Monday link-up! Did you see the new logo already? It’s so cute!



Mine was – you guessed it – marvelous and this time especially so. Why?  For once, I got to visit Berlin again and second with my best friend: My mum. She’s my favourite travel companion – or favourite person in general  J. Going to Berlin had been on our agenda for a while now and we finally worked out a weekend  to put our plan into action. While we only had about one and a half days we made the most of our time.

The sky’s the limit – or the train connections ;)

The sky’s the limit – or the train connections 😉

Arriving on Saturday afternoon we quickly settled in my aunt’s place who generously allows us to stay at hers whenever we visit Berlin. After that we spent the remainder of the afternoon doing the natural girly thing: Shopping :)! Some vegan food shopping at Veganz, Berlin’s vegan supermarket, was included – more on that in this week’s What I ate Wednesday post!

Ready, steady, go – the typical Berliner Ampelmännchen.

Ready, steady, go – the typical Berliner Ampelmännchen.

I’m sorry to admit there aren’t too many pictures from that day. First, because I didn’t feel like lugging around my heavy DSLR and second – and more importantly – my mum isn’t too keen on me taking pictures of everything. How does your family take your blogging photography “duties” ;)?

When our stomaches started rumbling we headed for the first lunch spot I’d looked up: Emma Pea, a vegetarian and vegan bar/café located on a former railroad property. Berlin’s full or interesting places like that.


(Picture taken from here where you can also find a more detailed review.)

As for the food part you’ll have to wait until Wednesday ;). Just to let you know already there’s just one way to describe it: Incredibly delicious! But we obviously did much more than eat so let’s get going!

“Nice weather" – not exactly what Berlin greeted us with but they sky’s only as gray as you see it :).

“Nice weather” – not exactly what Berlin offered but the sky’s only as gray as you see it :).

Unfortunately, we didn’t score any tickets for the Berlinale – a huge annual film festival with many international stars taking place right when we visited. Therefore, Saturday evening was spent chilling at my aunt’s with mum, my aunt and her boyfriend. Chatting about their projects, catching up and snacking on salted peanuts and crackers –we didn’t feel like we were missing out :).

Museum of Communication

Outside the Museum of Communication which we visited on Sunday.

Sunday started off with a leisurely breakfast and then it was flea market time! While I’m not the hugest fan of them in general my mum could easily spent hours rummaging around the stalls. We met my aunt and her boyfriend at the “Mauerpark-Flohmarkt” (flea market located at Berlin’s “Wall Park”).

Despite chilly temperatures we – yes, even me, the non-flea market person 😉 – had a blast foraging the many stalls. Mauerpark flea market vendors offer anything from random bits and bobs like ornated door knobs

 Flea market 1

… handmade soaps in a variety of interesting scents

Which one to choose?!

Which one to choose?!

and many more of the cutest handmade items – and no, I don’t care they’re meant to be for babies! I was this close to buying one of the cushions.

No, I don't care they're supposed to be for babies.

Never too old for this cutesy!

Fast forward to the afternoon we visited two museums and ate at my favourite place in Berlin which I’ll talk about in another post as this one’s getting too long already :D.

Berlin is one of the cities that fascinate – or in this case: Berlin-ate – me each time anew. It’s an international city brimming with a plethora of museums, theatres, restaurants and many interesting people. There’s so much to see and do it’s impossible to fit everything into a weekend. Needless to say the days rushed by and my mum and I had a great time. Plans for a future visit were made already – fingers crossed it’s going to be soon!

Which is one of your favourite cities to visit and why?

Flea markets: Yay or nay?

What’s your favourite activity to do with your mum? While I enjoy any time spent with my mum our weekend getaways to Berlin or other cities sure rank high among my favourites.